The Geneva Swain Collection

Notes from Nancy Effie Shuff . . . 1967

Isabelle Powers, sister to A. A. Powers
Isabelle Powers married George Shuff
1.  James Powers, md. Catherine Lyle
2.  Charles Powers, single
3.  Henry Powers, md. Ada McCollum
4.  Tennessee Powers md. John Moore
5.  Elizabeth Powers md. John Hyott
6.  Mary Powers md. Bratton Boone.

William Powers md. Sallie Smith
Lurton Shuff
George Shurr
Vita Shuff md. Joe Monday
Effie Shuff did not marry
Arter A. Powers of Grice's Creek, Buried in Downey Bdg. on Grice's Creek Hill
Adam Dowdy place:  main rd. 2 miles from Cumberland City, left on top of hill past John Hill Thomas  (Fieldstone markers.  Think one grave was that of great Uncle Chalres Powers, brother of William Powers.)
Mother's Uncle:  Henry Powers
Great Aunts:  Mary, Martha, Clara (wo md. William Dowdy)
Singing Tom Powers, cousin to Isabelle.
Arthur A. Powers, Uncle to  Isabelle.
Singing Tom had a daughter, Nancy who md. William Cole
William Powers, b. Nov. 8, 1797
Henriett Powers, b. Oct 1800
William Powers b. July 27, 1827
Mary Powers b. March 17, 1830
Henry Powers b. October 14, 1836
Golda Powers b. August 20, 1839
Martha Powers b. 1845
Barnaby Powers b. March 1, 1842

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