This is the unedited research and genealogical collection of Geneva Suggs Swain donated by Carroll Ray Ellis.

Items from the collection are listed below. Click on the underlined word to access a picture of the document. The original document is on file at the Montgomery County Archives and is available to be viewed.

Obituary of Benjamin Wesly Lee 1982 Obituary of Betty Lea Lee 1-3-1981
Obituary of Bobby Lee 9-20-1984 Obituaries of Brooksie Dean Wallace Lee 1-1-1984
Obituary of Cecil Lee 1982 Obituary of Dava Johnson Lee 3-2-1983
Obituary of Dr. Jerome Lee 2-23-1973 Obituaries of Ed Walker Lee 4-13-1981
Obituary of Edward Henry "Eddie" Lee 9-17-1981 Obituary of Effie Mae Story Lee 1983
Obituary of Elmer Lee 1-21-1983 Obituaries of James H. Lee 9-9-1984
Obituary of James Henry Lee Obituary of James Walter Lee 4-19-1970
Obituary of James William Lee 2-13-1982 Obituaries of Leonora Elgee Lee 10-21-1978
Obituary of Lila Fair William Lee 7-23-1979 Obituary of Mark Allen Lee, Sr. 7-13-1985
Obituary of Minnie Ida Smith Lee 9-24-1976 Obituaries of Mrs. Clyde D. Lee 10-23-1975
Obituary of Nell Irene Justice Lee 9-21-1984 Obituary of Pinkie Alice Jones Lee 8-18-1979
Obituary of Richard Braxton Lee "Baby Face" 12-27-1983 Obituaries of Robert Cleo Lee 2-28-1977
Obituary of Ronnie Lynn Lee 1979 Obituary of Russell Vernon Lee 8-15-1982
Obituary of Ruth Houser Lee 3-11-1982 Obituaries of Tammy Lynn Lee 4-21-1977
Obituary of Tula White Lee 2-10-1982 Obituary of William Dalton Lee 1-28-1981
Obituary of William Jasper Lee 10-27-1978

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