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  <>This Bible was given to me by my grandmother, Annie Elizabeth (Davis) Parker, in the late 1970’s.  She said it belonged to her father’s sister, Rebecca Lagenia (Davis) Fowlkes, wife of Joseph M. Fowlkes (Henry A. and Emma M. Chilton Fowlkes) of Clarksville, Montgomery, TN.  The front sheet is inscribed   – “Presented to Rebecca Fowlkes by her Mother”


Rebecca Davis Fowlkes was the daughter of Ann Sophia (Herring) and

Henry Jefferson Davis of Montgomery Co., TN.  This Bible was published in 1851; but according to the inscription, was apparently not presented to Rebecca until after her marriage to Joseph Fowlkes in July of 1873, some 22 years after the publication date.  Some of the handwriting in the Family Records section is very similar to that of Ann Sophia (Herring) Davis, so this Bible may have originally belonged to her, and then  presented to her daughter at or after her marriage.  


Bible presently in possession of:

Jeanetta Parker Sharp

2504 Wexford Drive

Albany, GA  31721

June 2009


Front Matter:




containing the


together with

The Apocrypha:

translated out of the original tongues,

and with

the former translations diligently compared and revised.


Canne’s Marginal Notes and References.

to which are added

An Index:

An Alphabetical Table

of all the names in the Old and New Testaments, with their significations; tables of scripture weights, measures, and coins, &c



Published by Alden, Beardsley & Co.

Rochester:  Wanzer, Beardsley & Co.




The Family Record pages were found loose from the Bible’s binding between the Apocrypha and the New Testament, which is immediately preceded by page 578, “Account of the dates or time of writing the books of the New Testament…”  This Bible is in very fragile condition, and was repaired at some point in time by adding a cloth spine attached to the front and back with heavy string.  This appears to have been done many years ago. Photocopies of the loose Family Record pages are in my files, but I am unwilling to attempt to photocopy the front matter because of the book’s fragility.  Entries transcribed as written: 





H. J. Davis was born September the 20 1813

Ann S. Davis was born January the 24 1818

Inez Elizabeth Davis was born October the 25, 1839

Mildred Jain was born October the 13 1841

Ann Bryant Davis was born April the 5 1843

Henry Washington Davis was born Jan the 21 1845

Infant Daughter was born Feb. the 2, 1847

Rebecca L. Davis was born the 11 June 1848

Hardy B Davis was born April the 7 1850

Oran Oen [Owen] was born May the 4 1852

Isaac E. Davis &

James B. Davis were born June the 13 1854

Duncan E. Davis was born April 7 1858

Luther E. Davis was born Feb 14th 1860

I _______born Oct. __ 1839 {birth month and year same as Inez Elizabeth, above)

M______born Oct 13 1841 (same birth date as Mildred [Mary] Jane Davis, above)

Joseph M. Fowlkes was born July 2nd 1846



H. J. Davis and A. S. Herring Nov. the 6 1838

Hardy B. Davis and Mandaville Hismith [Highsmith] were married Dec. 31st 1871

J. B. Williams and Mildred J. Davis were married Jan. 1st ,1872

J. M. Fowlkes and Rebecca L. Davis were married July 2nd , 1873

Henry W. Davis and Mary E. Maddox were married Jan. 21st 1875

J. B. Davis and Ella Shearon were married Sep 2nd 1877

I. C. Davis and Ophelia Edwards were married on Nov. 20th 1877

*Owen O. Davis and Laura Stonestreet were married June 6th 1878

Inez E. Davis and S. G. Barnett were married July 31st 1878


*After the deaths of his brother, Isaac Cantrell Davis, and his wife, Laura Stonestreet, Owen O. Davis married his brother’s widow, Ophelia Edwards Davis on 22 Jul 1883. 


The death certificate for “Owen Oran Davis” shows he was born May 4, 1851 and died Nov. 22, 1936 at 85 years, 6 months and 18 days.  Father: Jefferson Davis.  Maiden Name of Mother:  Miss Ann S. Herring.


The death certificate for “Mrs. Ophelia Davis” shows she was born March 17, 1858 and died August 3, 1935 at 77 years of age.  Father:  “S. W. Edwards” [Should read W. (William) W. Edwards].  Mother:  Miss Elizabeth Lanier [full maiden name, Lamiza Elizabeth Lanier]




H. J. Davis died Dec. 24th 1868

Ann S. Davis died Sept 26th 1890

Ann B. Davis died Sept the 23 1865

And died Feb. 2 1847 (ref:  Infant Daughter was born Feb. the 2, 1847).

I. C. Davis died June 20th 1881

J. B. Davis died Oct the 19 1887

Luther E. Davis died April 21st 1890.



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