This is the unedited research and genealogical collection of Geneva Suggs Swain donated by Carroll Ray Ellis.

Items from the collection are listed below. Click on the underlined word to access a picture of the document.

Obituary of Clara Corlew Coke 11-25-1983 Obituary of Claude Corlew Coke 4-19-1981 Obituary of Floyd Coke
Obituary of Hattie Tally Coke 6-27-1974 Obituary of Juliet Hodges Coke 9-16-1982 Obituary of Mrs. R. Clarence Coke6-23-1979
Obituary of Newell C. Coke 10-31-1975 Obituary of Nora Scott Coke 8-17-1971
Obituary of Robert Clarence Coke 10-25-1971 Obituary of Sarah Dunlavy 10-24-1981

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