Old Madisonville High School
Old Madisonville High School
The first Madisonville High School
Built in 1937-1938.

This was the Madisonville High School until a new building
was constructed in 1967. The old school then became the
Madisonville Middle School. In 1995, a new high school
was built, but this time with a new name...Sequoyah High School.
The new Sequoyah High was built to join together the Madisonville
High School and the Vonore High School.

After the creation of Sequoyah High School, the Madisonville Middle
School relocated to the newly vacated Madisonville High School. After the
relocation of the Middle School, the Madisonville Intermediate School was
formed in the old Madisonville High School.

In 2002, a new Intermediate School was built leaving the Old Madisonville High
School empty. It was demolished in 2003.

Photo Submitted by: The Madisonville City Hall

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