Advocate Democrat Obituaries Indexed
1991 - 1999

Our Special Appreciation and Thanks to Glenn Teffeteller
for All his Hard work and Sharing this With Us For Your Use.

This Index was made from the Obituaries Published in the Advocate Democrat Newspaper. This Index Includes Name of person, Age of person, (some list birth dates) Death Date and Where buried. NOT All Cemeteries listed are Located In Monroe County.

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B - Bil

Bin - Brak

Bran - By

C - Cl

Co - Cy

D - Dot

Dou - Ez


G - Gray

Grays - Han

Har - Hend

Hend - Hol

Hoo - Hy

I - J


La - Le

Li - Ly

Ma - May


Me - Mi

Mo - My

N - O

Pa - Pe

Ph - Q

Ra - Rid

Rig - Ry

Sa - Sk

Sl - Stan

Stap - Sy

Ta - Thomas

Thomp - Ta

U - Watk

Wats - West

Westb - Willia

Willis - Z

1999 Glenn Teffeteller The following Index Can not be copied, transmitted, reproduced or published in any form without prior written consent.

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