The Cherokee Nation will be having a Gathering/reunion the entire month of April, 1999, From Touqua all along the Tellico River into Tellico Plains.

The Cherokee Indian

The Cherokee Nation was the more advanced types in North America and was the largest Indian tribe. It's population is estimated to have been about 22 thousand. They built 50-80 towns throughout the Southern Appalachian Mountains.

The Cherokee Nation was divided into three regions. The Middle Settlements were in the Western North Carolina and were the heart of the Nation. The lower towns were in South Carolina and Georgia. The Overhill towns were located across the Mountains along the Little Tennessee River, in what is now Tennessee. There were other settlements among the Tennessee and Hiwassee.

A long time ago Tellico Plains was just a small Cherokee Indian Village. It's original name was Telliquah. The Indians were agriculturally minded. They planted corn, beans, potatoes and other things for food. They hunted dear and other animals for meat and got water from the Tellico River and other small creeks around here. The Indians used flint rock to make arrowheads and tools and built small villages all over what is now Stokley's bottom.

(the above was taken from a present history book in the local school system) Attend the April 1999 Gathering and get the Cherokee story.

April, 1999 Cherokee Nation Gathering

The plan for a Cherokee reunion/gathering is for the month of April, 1999. The entire Cherokee Nation across this great land is invited to attend and participate in the reunion longed for, for so long. From the Birthplace Museum of Sequoyah in Touqua all along the Tellico River to Tellico Plains is the location of this gathering.
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