Jackson died Aug 13 1917  Martin/Three Points Cem

Rachel first married Alexander Lindsey June 4, 1860 Monroe

Rachel died Jan 14 1885 Lindsey/Moser Cem.


Note:  we do not know what happen to the 2 Lindsey children after being on the Monroe Census

 in 1870 living w/ Jackson.  We think that the Lindsey Researchers have some of their info mixed

 up - in some of the court documents Mary and David are listed as minors with Tennessee and

 Martha Lindsey.   We believe this Mary and David belonged to Alexander. 


William Nelson Maynard m. Sarah Lue Yates Dec 8 1894 Monroe.  William d.

   Sept 2 1936 Niota Cemetery/McMinn Co

John H. Maynard according to Bible died  Sept 10 ------.  We do not know

   when or where he is buried.  But, we do have a pic of him around 1884         

   before Rachel died.

Joseph C. Maynard m. Lillie Jennings Sept 3 1912 Lauderdale Co., TN

   d.  Feb 22 1949 Fairview Cem., Dyer Co, TN

Louisa Josephine Maynard m. Newton C. Townsend Dec 28 1895 Monroe

   d.  1911 Dyer Co. Cemetery unknown.

Matilda Caldonia (Dona Mae) Maynard m. Isaac LaFayette Burchfiel (No "D")

   Feb 22 1893 Monroe.  d.  Jan 11, 1952 Fairview Cem, Dyer Co, TN

Thomas Newton Maynard m. Lyda Elizabeth Evans April 15, 1903 Dyer Co, TN

   d.  July 11, 1940 Fairview Cem., Dyer Co., TN

Isaac M. Maynard m. Darcus Jane Strickland Dec 19, 1900 Monroe

   d.  April 18, 1921 mt. Hope Cem., Dyer Co, TN

Ella S. Maynard m. William Millsaps Feb 15, 1897 Monroe

   d.  Oct 19, 1951 Fairview Cem., Dyer Co, TN

Henry Dugan Maynard m. Bertie L. Jennings May 9 1912 Lauderdale CO., TN

   d.  Aug 5, 1947 Mt. Hope Cem., Dyer Co., TN


Jackson and Margaret Yates (2nd wife) and Children


Jackson m. Margaret Yates June 2, 1885 Monroe.  Margaret b. March 26,

   1854 Monroe.  d.  Jan 14, 1885 Martin/Three Point Cem. Monroe


Samuel Edgar/Edward Maynard d. March 17, 1888 Monroe Martin/Three Point


Charles H. Maynard m. Sallie Ann McLemore Sept 12 1917Monroe( Only one

   month after Jackson died).  Charles d. April 15, 1966 Hopewell Cem. Monroe

Margaret (Maggie) E. or Virginia Maynard m. James Walter Humphreys Feb 16

   1913 Monroe.  d.  Aug 28, 1980 York Co., SC.  burial Steekee Cem. Loudon

   Co., TN



Jackson and Julia Yates (3rd wife)


m.  Nov. 24, 1899 MonroeJulia b.  July 1 1875 Monroe d.  May 25, 1961
   Martin/Three Points Cem. Monroe.  Julia was one of the last 25 people that

   received pension from Civil War.  Julia and Sarah (wife of William N.) were

   sisters.  Margaret Yates (Jacksons 2nd wife) was Julia's aunt.



James Howard Maynard b.  Jan 19 1901 d.  Feb 3, 1923 Martin/Three Point

   Cem., Monroe  m.  Hollia (Holly) McLemore Apr 10 1919 Monroe

Lucy Willis Maynard b.  Aug 30 1902 Monroe d.  Dec 26 1902 martin/Three

   Point Cem.

Eva Lee Maynard b.  Jan 12 1904 Monroe d. Jan 29, 1994 Oldsmar, FL.  burial

   Sylvan-Abbey memorial park, St. Petersburg, FL  m. Richard Emory Houston

   Dec 21 1929 Monroe

Frederick William Maynard b.  July 25, 1913 Monroe  d.  Feb 5 1984 Oldsmar,

   FL., Burial Westview cem. Monroe co., TN  m.  Frances Gertrude Raper

Mary Louise Maynard b.  Dec. 25, 1915 Monroe d.  Jan 1980 Edgewater,

   Maryland.  Burial Sluvan-Abbey memorial Park, St. Petersburg, FL

   m.  Oscar Earman Brady July 26, 1930 McMinn Co., TN


Jackson had a total of 17 children.   Most of the first set moved to Dyer Co., TN

 in the early 1900s. 




William Jackson Maynard  bJuly 7 1918 d.  Sept 30 1994 Hopewell Cem -

   Monroe  m. Mary Faye Millsaps July 26 1946

Margaret Lucille Maynard b.  Dec. 14 1920 d.  Oct 24 1984 Hopewell Cem

   never married

Charlsie Lea Maynard b.  Jan 27 1922  never married

Ralph Tiller Maynard b. Oct 1, 1923 d.  July 28 1993 Hopewell Cem

   m.  Freida Gene Bivens Nov 11, 1956 Monroe

Glen Junior Maynard b. Oct. 9 1925 d.  April 12, 2008 Hopewell Cem

   m.  Clara Belle Anthony July 6, 1950 Chattsworth, GA

Phoebe Louise Maynard b. May 27, 1928  dMar 8, 1888 Hopewell Cem.

   never Married

Clarence Maynard b.  May 28, 1931  d.  Nov 9 1990 Hopewell Cem

   Never Married

Bobbie Ruth Maynard  b.  Mar 28, 1933 d. Jan 19, 1988 Hopewell cem

  M. John Anderson McKee Jr. Nov 22, 1967 Monroe