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Will of William Swain Sr.
This day the will of William Swain Sen. was presented in open court and sworn by the subscribing witnesses in common form of law which was examined and ordered (illegible 2 words) which was done in the words & figures following.

To wit

In the Name of God Amen

I William Swain Sen. of the county of McNairy & state of Tennessee being of sound mind and disposing memory do make & publish this my last will and testament hereby revoking & making void all other & former wills by me at any time heretofore made.

First I direct that my funeral expenses and all my just debts be paid as soon as possible out of any monies that I may be possessed of as which may first come into the hands of my executor hereinafter named.

Secondly I will & bequeath to my daughters Patsy Melton Lucinda Brown Sylvania Page & Vernetta Brown & Matilda Graves for their sole and separate use free from the debts of their husbands all the real estate of which I may be possessed of to be equally divided between them to have and to hold said lands for and during their natural lives and at their deaths to go to their children.

Thirdly I will and direct that all the personal property which I may be possessed of shall be sold and the proceeds divided as follows. To each of my said daughters named in the 2nd clause of this will I give the sum of two hundred dollars if living or if any of them are dead then the children of such as are dead to have the share to which their mother would have been entitled if living. The balance to be divided amongst all my children except that the share of my son E. C. Swain shall be chargeable with the sum of fifty dollars (which sum I have already paid as security for him) and the share of my son Wm W Swain shall be chargeable with the sum of forty dollars for a wagon which sums shall be deducted from the respective shares of said E C and W W Swain and the fifty dollars to go to Patsy Melton and the forty dollars to be divided amongst all my said daughters.

Fourthly ---- I have heretofore given to my sons W W Swain E C Swain & R P Swain in land and other property what I considered an equal share of my estate and direct that they have nothing more except as above. In the 3Rd clause of this will & considering what they have already acquired an equal share with my said daughters.


I hereby nominate and appoint my sons Wm W & R P Swain executors of this my last will & testament given under my hand & seal the 19th September 1871.


William Swain


Signed sealed & published in our presence and we have hereunto set our hands as witnesses in the presence of the Testator and at his bequest day (illegible) above written

Witnesses names __________

Transcribed by: Jeff Kemp

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