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Thomas Turner Smith and family - Bible Records

Gladys Davis, daughter of Zach and Martha, has their family Bible.  She photocopied the family record pages and sent them to me.  It states:
T.T. Smith born AL
M.L. Smith born AL
Willie Smith born Florence AL
Bryon Smith born Guys, TN
Lyman Smith born Guys, TN
Pearl Smith born Chewalla TN
Prentis Smith born Chewalla TN
Ollie Smith born Chewalla TN
Jewel Smith born Chewalla TN
Z.P. Davis Apr. 17, 1863 born TN
M.L. Davis July 17, 1873 born AL
Henry Davis Sept. 9, 1894 born Florence AL
Minnie Davis July 17, 1896 born Guys, TN
Maude Davis Sept. 17, 1898 born Guys, TN
May Davis Dec. 17, 1900 born Guys, TN
Velma Davis Mar. 12, 1905 born Chewalla TN
Bruce Davis May 24, 1908 born Chewalla TN
Helen Davis Mar. 24, 1911 born Chewalla TN
Gladys Davis Jan. 30, 1914 born Chewalla TN

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