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Settlements with J.R. Hurley as Guardian for James F. Hurley and Dolie Hurley, minor heirs of A.C. Hurley, deceased
Made Dec. 16, 1890
submitted and approved January term 1891
To amt. shown due James F. Hurley as of record page 211 this book 11/9/1888 67.55
To amt. interest on same to date       3.40
To Amt. part rents collected since J.F. death      1.00
TOTAL 71.95
By Amt. clerk for this settlement       1.00
By Amt. J.F. Hurley's receipt       70.95
TOTAL 71.95
Guardian reports same rents due J.F., but will distribute same among
younger heirs        
To Amt. due Dolie as shown from last settlement page 211    67.55
To Amt. 3 years interest on above      12.15
To Amt. net amt. 1/4 received on land for 1888 after paying taxes and expenses  7.62
Interest on same          .90
To Amt. net 1/4 received on land for 1889 after paying taxes and expenses   1.02
To Amt. 1/4 received on land for 1890 after paying taxes and all expenses   5.91
TOTAL 95.15
By Amt. clerk for renewing bond       1.00
By Amt. clerk for this settlement and for recording same     1.00
TOTAL 2.00
TOTAL 93.15

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