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State of Tennessee McNairy County
We, T.T. Smith principal S. Martin and D.D. Bennett are bound to the State of Tennessee in the penalty of $2,000.00 witness our hands, this 14th day of January 1929.  The condition of this obligation is such, that, whereas, the above bound T.T. Smith has been appointed executor of the will of J.H. Cotton, deceased.
Now, if the said T.T. Smith shall well and truly as such executor perform all the duties which are or may be required by law, this obligation shall be void, otherwise to remain in full force and virtue.
T.T. Smith
S. Martin
D.D. Bennett
State of Tennessee McNairy County
To: T.T. Smith
It appearing to the County Court, now in session, that J.H. Cotton has died, leaving no will, and the court being satisifed as to your claim to the administration, and you having given bond and qualified as directed by law, and the Court having ordered that LETTERS OF ADMINISTRATION be issued to you: These are, therefore, to authorize and empower you to take into your possession and control all the goods and chattels, claims and papers of the said intestate and return to our next County Court a true and perfect inventory thereof; to collect and pay all debts, and to transact all the business in relation to the said estate which lawfully devolves on you as administrator.  And after having settled up said estate, to deliver the balance which may remain in your hands to those who are by law entitled to receive the same.
Witness, John R. Swain, Clerk of our said Court, at his office in Selmer, this 14th day of January 1929.

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