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GUARDIANS BONDS for McNairy County, Tennessee dated Jan. term 1891
J.R. Hurley guardian of Dola Hurley
We, J.R. Hurley, J.C. Hurley and J.W. McDaniel are bound to the State of Tennessee in the penalty of 188.00.  Witness our hands and seals, this 5th day of Jan. 1891.  The condition of this obligation is such, That, whereas, the above bound J.R. Hurley has been appointed guardian of Dola Hurley, minor child of Ace Hurley.
Now, if the said John R. Hurley shall well and truly perform and discharge all the duties and obligations which are or may be required of him by law, to be performed and discharged, as such Guardian, then this obligation shall be void, otherwise to be and remain in full force and virtue.
Witness, J.R. Adams, Clerk.  Approved by the Court Feb. term 1891.
Jno. B. Jopling, Chairman
J.R. Hurley
J.C. Hurley
J.W. McDaniel

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