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Last Will of Henry R. Sharp

I, Henry R. Sharp, of the State of Tennessee and county of McNairy do make and publish this my last will and testament hereby revoking and making void all other wills by me made at any time: 1st, I direct that funeral expenses and all debts that I owe by paid out of any money that I may died possessed of or that may first come unto the hands of my executor.

2nd, I direct that all debts owing to me be collected as soon as practical and the sum of $200.00 each be given to my son, Danid H. Sharp and to my daughter Sarah E. Sharp in the soom(?) of a horse saddle and c. to make them equal with my other children.

3rd, I direct that the sum of $1500.00 each be paid to my daughter Nancy now the wife of J.E. Fulghum and to my daughter Mary W. now the wife of T.J. Hurley as soon as practical to make them equal with my other children in the soom(?) of lands, I direct-that my wif(sic) Mary Sharp remain on and have a support off of the place where I now reside and at her death the place be equally divided between my son David H. Sharp and Sarah E. Sharp my daughter.

4th, I direct the tract of land I bought known as the Ezell land be paid for and a deed taken in the name of Samuel Sharp as my executor to be disposed of as my other lands.

5th, I direct that my other lands not herein mentioned both in Tennessee and Mississippi be sold by my executor at such time and on such terms as he make think proper and to the best interest of my heirs, so that he can make settlement in three years after my death.

4th (sic), I direct that such personal property as my wife Mary Sharp desires to retain be retained by her and the balance if any be sold at public sale to highest bidder on credit of twelve months with note and good security.

6th, After the above disposition of my property shall been made I direct that the balance of the money if any remain be divided equally between all my children so that no one shall have more than another; my wife Mary Sharp to have her portion of the personal effects of my estate.

7th I appoint Samuel Sharp my executor.

This 15th of May 1874

H.R. Sharp (seal)


R.S. Houston

C.L. Chambers

This will was presented in open court and proven in common form of law by the subscribing witness this 7th June 1875.

J.G.(?) Gooch, Chairman

Courtesy of Vicki Roach

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