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Know all men by these presents that I, G.L. Hendrix, Sr.., being of sound mind and disposing memory do hereby make and publish this my last will and testament hereby revoking and making void all other instruments of the same kind at any time heretofore made.

First, I direct that my funeral expenses and all my debts be paid as soon as possible after my death out of my moneys that I may die possessed of or that may first come into the hands of my executor.

Secondly, I desire that the 160 acres of land upon which I now live shall be run off by a survoyor employed by my executor as follows, "viz" run off into 8 tracts or block of the width of 20 poles each reaching from the south boundary line of the Moris tract of the north boundary line of same and after said blocks or tracts are thus run off I desire that they shall each be numbered and the numbers placed in a hat, and after they are thoroughly shaken up that each of the following named children shall proceed to draw out of said hat a number, Nicy Ann Dixon, wife of J.M. Dixon, Cyrena Smith, wife of Jeff Smith, the heirs of George Hendrix, deceased, G.L. Hendrix, Jr., Margaret Stein, wife of Thomas Stein, Rebecca L. Hawkins, wife of J.T. Hawkins, Tempy E. Eaker, wife of C.C. Eaker, Robert L. Hendrix, and that each child of their legal representatives shall be entitled to the lot of tract corresponding to the number drawn and my executor is hereby authorized to make each of said children or their legal representatives a deed to the tract drawn respectively.

Thirdly, I desire that my executor shall take charge of all my personal property and sell the same to the highest bidder for cash and after all expenses, debts and legal demands shall have been fully satisfied that whatever may be left in the hands of said executor shall divid among the 8 children named above share and share alike, equally without regard to what I may have done for any of said children heretofore.

Lastly, I do hereby appoint J.M. Guess to be my executor in witness whereof I do this day set my hand and seal this the 10th day of November 1887.

Green Lee Hendrix

J.T. Barnhill
T.R. Wesson

This day the last will and testament of Green Lee Hendrix deceased was presented in open court and at same time came J.T. Barnhill one of the subscribing witnesses, and after being sworn proved the same in common form of law.
Witness my hand this 1st July 1889
John B. Jopling

Courtesy of Vicki Burress Roach

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