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File number D-418253
State of Tennessee
Department of Public Health
Nashville 3
Name at birth: Georgia Ellen Eaker
Date of birth: Sept. 24, 1890
birthplace: McNairy Rural
race: White
sex: female
father: Christopher Columbus Eaker, birthplace: Tennessee
mother: Tempia Elizabeth Hendrix, birthplace: Tennessee
I hereby certify, on oath, that the above statements are true.  (To be signed by parent or legal guardian if registrant is under 12 years of age.)
Signature of registrant: Georgia Eaker Hurley
present address: Chewalla, Tennessee
subscribed and sworn to before me on June 3, 1953
Abstract of supporting evidence:
1.  Facts of birth established by McNairy Court order on July 8, 1953.
2.  Affidavit of Aunt, Fannie Derryberry on June 29, 1953.
3.  Affidavit of non-relative, T.A. Ledbetter on June 29, 1953
4.  Copy of court order on file with state registrar, File no. C-10297
Issued August 3, 1953.

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