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Elijah Knight obituary

Elijah Knight was born and reared in McNairy County, Tennessee, and in 1861, when the call for volunteers was made, he was one of the first to offer his body and life as a target for the enemy. He served under Major Sharp, of Corinth, for a long time and then under others during that great struggle of the sixties.

Major Sharp told the writer recently that Elijah was the first to open fire on the enemy in the Corinth engagement, and on the 29th of May, 1906, death came and called for its victim, the old soldier. Just after the close of the war he joined the M.E. Church and settled 25 years ago, near Acton, Tennesee, where he lived, and his neighbors were proud of him. He was a good companion, a loving father and loyal to his country, and will be greatly missed.

He peaceably passed away to his eternal home and, no doubt, safely landed on the sunny banks of sweet deliverance; free from battles, free from all the turmoil that man has to encounter here. No more will we hear him tell of the bloody October battle of Corinth; no more will we hear him tell of the frightful scenes at Brice’s Crossroads and the fearful battle of Harrisburg; no more will we hear him tell of his clothes being riddled with bullets three times during one battle; no more will we hear him tell of living a certain length of time on just brown sugar; no more will we hear him tell of paying $25.00 for one hog’s head and having to eat it without salt. He is done telling the old frightful war stories.

After all that loving hands and good medical aid could do, he calmly passed away and was laid to rest in the White House Cemetery near Acton, by the side of his mother, who 19 years ago preceded him, and was, no doubt, one of the first to meet him at the Pearly Gates of the New Jersalem. Cheer up, loved ones, and be prepared to meet him where parting is no more.

Rev. Simson, of Corinth, conducted the funeral services. Farewell Elijah, until we meet again.

His brother,

W.M. Knight

(This article was submitted by Steve Knight.)
Courtesy of Vicki Roach

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