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Dr. J. L. Smith and S. E. Peeples, Exchange Shots Saturday Morning

Saturday morning about 8 o´clock a regular battle occurred in Hendrix and Son´s store
between Dr. J. L. Smith and S. E. Peeples. A few words were passed before the battle
opened, and Peeples drew his gun on Smith, who the latter rushed across the street and
came back with a double-barrel shotgun, and finding Peeples had gone upstairs into the
furniture department, started up the stairs in the rear of the store, (but facing the front.)

Dr. J.R. smith was with him trying to prevent him from going up stairs, when about four
or five steps up the stairway, two shots rang out from the front end of the store, one of
them striking J.R. Smith in the back of the head and shoulders. Dr. J. L. Smith was by
his side and spying Peeples near a front window, quickly emptied at his gun at his head as
it appeared above a heavy davenport which he used as a barricade. A second shot was
fired into the back of the davenport did not go through the back. Then the Smiths left
there, and soon after Peeples escaped with his gun out the back way and made his way up
the railroad a short distance and flagged a freight train on which he went to Jackson.

Sheriff Gray went up Saturday with a warrant for his arrest. He was in a hospital and not
able to be brought back. It is presumed he will be permitted to escape, and the matter will
drop if he will remain away from Selmer.

Bad blood has existed fro some time on account of domestic difficulties. Peeples married
the youngest daughter of Dr. Smith, and it is charged has not treated her as a dutiful
husband should. She, with her two children, have been at her fathers for some time.

The entire community regrets the occurrence, and trusts it will end a long suspense. Dr.
J.R. Smith is not seriously wounded and will be out in a few days.
-------------------end of article.

Notes: S.E. Peeples is St. Elmo " Elmer" Peeples, the son of Martin Van Buren Peeples.
The daughter of Dr. Smith, is Mary Ann Smith b. 12/10/1891 Selmer, McNairy County TN
d. 12/05/1985 Pine Bluff, Ar.

Transcribed by Mary Hudson from old newspaper clipping sent by
Murrell Peeples


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