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D. W. (Daniel Wesley) Eaker, 3rd Cavalry with Forrest's

Archibald B. Hamm, B Company with Capt. W.F. Barnhill, 19th Tennessee Co. J-Forrest's

Green Lee Hendrix, Private with G Company in the 31st Infantry

Asa C. Hurley, Sowell's-Wilson's Cavalry

George W. Hurley, 19th and 20th Russell's Cavalry in C Company

Henry Hurley, Private in F Company, 18th Cavalry

John R. Hurley (He is not any of the John R.'s from McNairy County.  This one was killed during the war), Tobin's Light Arty.

James Hurley, Private with I Company in the 11th Infantry

T. J. Hurley, 20th Russell's Cavalry with A Company

George Washington Smith, 8th Infantry

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