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Samuel Chambers, Jr. deed to trust to Wm. H. Barnhill
McNairy Co., TN
Registered March 16, 1841
State of Tenn., McNairy Co.
I, Samuel Chambers, Jr., have this day bargained and sold and do hereby convey to William H. Barnhill for the sum of one hundred dollars to me paid the following property viz 17 head of hogs marked with a cross off the right ear and 53 head of hogs marked with a underbit in the right ear and a split in the left and one crib of corn containing 40 barrels to have and to hold the same to said Wm. H. Barnhill his heirs and assigns I do covenant with the said Barnhill that I am lawfully seized of the above named property but this deed is made for the following uses and trust that is to say I am indebted to the said Barnhill in the aforesaid sum of $100.00 by notes one for $57.00 due Dec. 25, 1841 and one for $43.00 due Dec. 25, 1841 and I am desirous to make sure and secure the payment of the same now if I should pay the said debts at the time they become due then this to be void but if I should not this said Barnhill as trustee after 20 days notice at the court house door of said county and at the election ground in the 5th district may empose to public sale the aforesaid property to the highest bidder for cash and appropriate the proceeds first to the payment of the necessary expenses and costs secondly to the satisfaction of the aforesaid debts of $100.00 and thirdly to pay the balance if any there be to me the 10th day of March 1841.
Witness: John C. Thompson
Witness: William Barnhill
Signed: Samuel Chambers, Jr.

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