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A List of Cemeteries in McNairy County
Feature Name USGS 7.5' Map
Adamsville Cemetery 351407N 0882347W Stantonville
Alexander Cemetery 351810N 0883042W Mount Peter
Baucum Cemetery 351949N 0882937W Leapwood
Beaty Cemetery 351726N 0883404W Mount Peter
Beauty Hill Cemetery 351544N 0883232W Mount Peter
Bethel Springs Cemetery 351359N 0883624W Purdy
Bethesda Cemetery 351157N 0883415W Purdy
Blakeley Cemetery 351856N 0882847W Leapwood
Brackin Cemetery 351358N 0882842W Stantonville
Breast Works Cemetery UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Purdy
Brooks Cemetery 351229N 0883158W Purdy
Brooks Cemetery UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Michie
Buena Vista Cemetery 351421N 0883906W Rose Creek
Calvary Cemetery 351821N 0882338W Leapwood
Carr Cemetery 350547N 0884130W Chewalla
Carter Cemetery 350358N 0882401W Michie
Center Ridge Cemetery 351458N 0884245W Rose Creek
Chambers Cemetery 350607N 0882343W Michie
Chambers Cemetery 350443N 0882250W Michie
Chapel Hill Cemetery 351414N 0883358W Purdy
Clear Creek Cemetery 351220N 0882820W Stantonville
Clear Creek Cemetery 350940N 0882423W Stantonville
Cobb Cemetery UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Stantonville
Coleman Cemetery 350542N 0884114W Chewalla
Coln Cemetery UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Michie
Combs Cemetery 351457N 0882819W Stantonville
Confederate Cemetery UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Michie
Curtis Hill Cemetery 351333N 0884141W Rose Creek
Damron Cemetery 350402N 0883305W Guys
Dunn Cemetery 351600N 0883209W Mount Peter
Eastview Cemetery UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Guys
Ebenezer Cemetery 351532N 0882428W Leapwood
Emmanuel Tabernacle Cemetery UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Stantonville
Erwin Cemetery UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Stantonville
Eureka Cemetery 350557N 0884620W Pocahontas
Falcon Cemetery 350830N 0883525W Purdy
Faulkner Cemetery UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Guys
Finger Cemetery 352130N 0883640W Mount Peter
Fink Cemetery UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Stantonville
Floyd Cemetery UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Mount Peter
Friendship Cemetery 350559N 0883747W Chewalla
Gilchrist Cemetery 351239N 0882519W Stantonville
Good Hope Cemetery 351519N 0882920W Leapwood
Gravel Hill Cemetery 350512N 0883132W Guys
Guys Cemetery UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Guys
Hardin Cemetery 351923N 0882543W Leapwood
Helbert Cemetery UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Stantonville
Henderson Cemetery UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Purdy
Hendrix Cemetery 351908N 0883203W Mount Peter
Hicks Cemetery UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Rose Creek
Hopewell Cemetery 352233N 0883113W Jacks Creek
Houston Cemetery 350152N 0883315W Guys
Houston Cemetery 350330N 0883332W Guys
Huggins Cemetery UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Guys
Indian Creek Cemetery 350135N 0883803W Chewalla
Ingle Cemetery UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Rose Creek
Ingraham Cemetery UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Mount Peter
Ingram Cemetery UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Pocahontas
Jones Cemetery 351945N 0883059W Mount Peter
Kirk Cemetery 350415N 0884524W Pocahontas
Kirkman Cemetery UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Rose Creek
Lake Hill Memorial Garden UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Purdy
Lanes Chapel Cemetery 351955N 0883352W Mount Peter
Lawrence Cemetery UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Rose Creek
Lebanon Cemetery 350555N 0882329W Michie
Liberty Cemetery 350113N 0882515W Michie
Liberty Cemetery 351637N 0883450W Mount Peter
Lock Cemetery UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Rose Creek
Lorraine Cemetery 350110N 0883012W Guys
Malone Cemetery 352136N 0883329W Mount Peter
Mars Hill Cemetery 351742N 0882739W Leapwood
Mathis Cemetery 350229N 0884637W Pocahontas
McAlpin Cemetery UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Chewalla
McCalips Chapel Cemetery 350932N 0884527W Hornsby
McCrary Cemetery UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Pocahontas
McCullar Cemetery 350951N 0883417W Purdy
McIntire Cemetery UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Rose Creek
McKenzie Cemetery 351043N 0882624W Stantonville
McWhirter Cemetery 351301N 0882251W Stantonville
Meeks Grove Cemetery 351107N 0882440W Stantonville
Milledgeville Cemetery 352221N 0882215W Milledgeville
Moores Cemetery 351228N 0884036W Rose Creek
Morphis Cemetery UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Chewalla
Mosses Creek Cemetery 350631N 0884531W Pocahontas
Mount Carmel Cemetery 352033N 0883601W Mount Peter
Mount Gilead Cemetery 351350N 0884447W Rose Creek
Mount Olive Cemetery 350242N 0882358W Michie
Mount Pleasant Cemetery 351103N 0884345W Rose Creek
Mount Vernon Cemetery 350414N 0883416W Guys
Mount Vinson Cemetery 351120N 0882348W Stantonville
Mount Zion Cemetery 352127N 0882413W Leapwood
Mount Zion Cemetery 351850N 0883725W Mount Peter
Mount Zion Cemetery 350859N 0882841W Stantonville
Neatherly Cemetery 350552N 0884147W Chewalla
New Hope Cemetery 350254N 0882945W Michie
New Salem Cemetery 351539N 0883820W Masseyville
Newell Cemetery UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Leapwood
O'Neil Cemetery 352202N 0882720W Leapwood
Oak Grove Cemetery 345948N 0884013W Kossuth North
Oak Hill Cemetery 351043N 0883602W Purdy
Old Purdy New Cemetery UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Purdy
Olive Hill Cemetery 350104N 0883549W Guys
Pebble Hill Cemetery 350558N 0882522W Michie
Pettis Cemetery UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Purdy
Pitts Cemetery 352159N 0882046W Milledgeville
Pleasant Grove Cemetery 350641N 0883337W Guys
Pleasant Site Cemetery 350730N 0882943W Michie
Plunk Cemetery 352018N 0883200W Mount Peter
Poor Farm Cemetery UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Purdy
Pounds Cemetery 351120N 0882835W Stantonville
Prather Cemetery UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Purdy
Prospect Cemetery 350843N 0883018W Purdy
Purdy Cemetery 351352N 0883225W Purdy
Ramer Cemetery 350439N 0883706W Guys
Refuge Cemetery 351720N 0883942W Masseyville
Rocky Knob Cemetery 352115N 0882842W Leapwood
Rose Hill Cemetery 351602N 0883444W Mount Peter
Sand Hill Cemetery 350537N 0882850W Michie
Sanders Cemetery 350257N 0882617W Michie
Sanders Cemetery 351222N 0882519W Stantonville
Sanders Cemetery UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Stantonville
Sanders Cemetery 351251N 0882821W Stantonville
Shaw Cemetery UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Michie
Smith Cemetery 351900N 0884037W Masseyville
Smith Cemetery UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Stantonville
Stantonville Cemetery UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Stantonville
Stephens Cemetery UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Leapwood
Sulphur Springs Cemetery 350800N 0884044W Rose Creek
Sweat Cemetery UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Purdy
Thacker Cemetery UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Stantonville
Treece Cemetery UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Mount Peter
Tulu Cemetery UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Michie
Turner Cemetery 350107N 0884040W Chewalla
Union Grove Cemetery 350846N 0883025W Purdy
Wallace Cemetery UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Rose Creek
Warren Cemetery 351039N 0883338W Purdy
West Shiloh Cemetery 350857N 0882303W Stantonville
Wharton Cemetery UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Mount Peter
White Oak Cemetery 350323N 0884109W Chewalla
White Plains Cemetery UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Mount Peter
Williams Cemetery 351403N 0882553W Stantonville
Winding Ridge Cemetery 351722N 0882508W Leapwood
Wolverton Cemetery 351606N 0882441W Leapwood
Woodville Cemetery UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Masseyville
Wooten Cemetery 350144N 0884440W Chewalla
Wren Cemetery UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Chewalla

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