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Asa C. Hurley, Sowell's, Wilson's Regiment, Tennessee Cavalry, Confederate, Private
Appears on a register of Prisoners of War belonging to the Rebel Army, in custody of Provost Marshal, Memphis, Tennessee
Where captured: Shiloal Church from Corinth
When: Sept. 4, 1863
Disposition of prisoner: Released on oath and bond Oct. 3, 1863
Memphis, Tenn., Register No. 2; page 84

Asa C. Hurley
Appears on a semi-monthly report of prisoners of war captured within the District of Corinth, Miss., for the first half of the month of Sept., 1863.
Report dated: Corinth, Miss., Sept. 17, 1863
Captured when: Sept. 2nd, by Col. Marrill or Morrill?
Residence: McNairy Co., TN
Disposition: forwarded to Memphis for exchange

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