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Geo. W. Arnold to: Lien: G.G. Adams & B.B. Adams
Registered May 24, 1845
McNairy Co., TN
I, Geo. W. Arnold, have this day bargained and sold and do hereby convey to Jas. Kerr Jr. for the sum of $1.00 to me paid and the other consideration herein after mentioned one ball face sorrel mare bridle and saddle twelve head cattle 15 head sheep and 20 pork hogs in the State of Tennesee McNairy County and District No. 11 to have and to hold the same to the said Jas. Kerr his heirs and assigns forever I do covenant with the said Kerr that I am lawfully seized of said property have a good rite to convey it and that the same is unincumbered I do further covenant and bind myself my heirs and representatives to warrent and forever defend the title to the said property and every part thereof to the said Kerr his heirs and assigns against the lawful claim of all present whatever.  But this made for the following trust and for no other purpose that is to say I am indebted to one Geo. G. Adams in the sum of $60.00 by note under seal of this date due on this the first day of November next and one other note executed on this day to B.B. Adams due the same time for $21.00 and desirous to secure and make certain the payment of the same now if I should pay the said debts at the time aforesaid then this to be void but if I should not then the said Jas. Kerr as trustee after giving 10 days notice in writing at the court house door of said county and at the election ground of the 11th District and three others placed in the neighborhood may expose of the said property to public sale and sell it to the highest bider for cash and appropriate the proceeds first to the payment of the necessary expenses and cost secondly to the satisfaction of said debts of $60.00 and thirdly to pay the balance if any there be to me this 21st day May 1845.
Signed: George W. Arnold
Test.: H.C. Riggs
James Reid
Registered May 24, 1845 at 12 o'clock a.m.

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