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Gravel Hill for March 1903 taken from the Corinth Daily Corinthian Newspaper


Mrs. McHughes, who fell recently and broke her shoulder, is improving.

J.H. Williams, who has been teaching at Britonís school house has returned home.

D.E. Carter, who has been living in Selmer, moved back to his farm last week.

March, 1903 from the Corinth Daily Corinthian Newspaper

Independent: Mrs. Terry Abernathy has spent the week in Corinth with relatives.

Clem Lea has a case of small pox at his home three miles from here. He has been quite sick. He has been quarantined by the health board.

Mrs. M.M. Dickey has a slight spell of small pox. While the doctors say it is the genuine article, we are glad to note it is in the mild form. She is strictly guarantined and no danger of the spread of the disease.

Some wicked incendiary set fire to and burned about one hundred barrels of corn for Lee Richard near Ramer last week.

The side tracks along here all full of new coal cars for the Southern road. There is no room for them in Corinth.

Christmas was greatly enjoyed in this vicinity.

G.F. Littlejohn, of Reeds, Texas, is visiting relatives here.

Prof. C. Hamm and Miss Della Yancey were married at the home of the bride, near Morris Chapel, Wednesday of last week.

Misses Julia and Ludy Young and Maude Huff, of Corinth, visited relatives at this place Christmas.

A.P. Olive, of Bonham, Texas, was here last week visiting relatives.


Miss Cretia Meeks, of Corinth, was in Selmer Saturday on her return to Stantonville, where she is teaching.

Miss Millie Hurley, of Stantonville was in the city Saturday morning on her way home from Corinth, where she had been visiting for several days.

Miss Frankie Wade, of Corinth, spent several days in Selmer last week as the guest of Miss Bulah Locke.

L.A. Beaty, the Corinth photographers, spent Sunday in Selmer.


Mrs. L.A. Beaty of Corinth spent Wednesday in the city as the guest of Mrs. W.J. Olive.

Mr. and Mrs. J.R. Thrasher and their little son, J.R., Jr., were visitors in Selmer, Tennessee a part of this week.

United States Marshal Frank S. Elgin was here last Friday in attendance upon the town election.

Mr. and Mrs. J.R. Hurley were the guests of relatives in Selmer, Tennessee Saturday. They left Saturday evening for Corinth for a few days and thence to the Indian Territory.

H.P. Wood was re-elected Mayor of Selmer last Friday. The new aldermen elect are:

Albert Gillespie

C.B. Steadman

J.C. Houston

Rube Braden still serves as Marshal.

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