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Selmer newspaper clippings for 1932


Mrs. Maggie Coffman and son, John Wesley, accompanied by Misses Sallie and D. Coffman, spent Friday in Henderson.

Hon. John A. Shelton spent a few days last week in Nashville.

Misses Addie Lee Phillips is visiting in Henderson this week the guest of Mr. and Mrs. Monroe Jean.

A.H. Jopling of Selmer spent Monday night with his daughter, Mrs. R. G. Stanley and family.

Dr. and Mrs. Glenn Abernathy of Morris Chapel were weekend visitors with his father, Dr. H. Abernathy, and family.

Miss Fay Jerkins left Monday afternoon for Memphis to attend the bedside of her cousin, Mrs. Arnold Doss, in Baptist hospital.

Miss Mary Frances Abernathy is the guest of relatives in Memphis this week.

Miss Lula Alexander of Selmer spent Tuesday with her aunt, Mrs. Millie Williams.

Mrs. Ruth Pyron of Memphis and little daughters, Marie and Peggy Joyce, spent the weekend with homefolks here. Her friends, Mrs. Miller and Mrs. Brady of that city, accompanied her, and were guests in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Russell Carter.

Mr. and Mrs. Roscoe Brown of Lexington were Sunday visitors here with his sisters, Mrs. Grover Gilchrist and Mrs. Ora Harris.

Rev. Raymond Council of Union City came Friday to take charge of the Methodist churches of the Adamsville circuit. He is a young man of pleasing personality, a good speaker and is anxious to be helpful to the town and community in all activities for good.

Members of the Epworth League of Selmer were guests of the Adamsville League Sunday evening, and presented a helpful and enjoyable program under the direction of their splendid leader, Miss Pauline Whittington. A large number were present to give these young people a welcome.

As Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Doss and their daughter, Miss Geraldine, of Memphis were enroute to Adamville Sunday, they were victims of a serious wreck near Bolivar. A young man, Mr. Moore, from near Selmer attempted to pass a wagon on a hillside and ran into the Doss car, completely demolishing it, and probably fatally injuring Mrs. Doss. Arnold and Geraldine are badly cut and bruised. They were taken back to Memphis where Mrs. Doss underwent an operation from which she has not yet regained consciousness. Her mother, Mrs. Minnie Scott, and sisters, Mrs. Millard Perkins, and Mrs. Henry Crowe, were called at midnight Sunday night. Mr. Will Doss and wife, Mrs. Clyde Doss, with Mr. and Mrs. Grady Doss of Atlanta, who were visiting here, left Monday morning to attend her bedside.

New Salem

Mr. and Mrs. Buford Rogers, who have been visiting relatives and friends here for several days, have returned to their home in Memphis.

W.W. Taylor and family of Bethel Springs visited in the home of Mr. and Mrs. John Tacker one day this week.

Lanie Sanders, wife and baby visited Mrs. Sanders’ sister, Mrs. Frank Robinson, and attended the ice cream supper at Masseyville Saturday night.

Mrs. Willie Woods was shopping at Bethel Springs recently.

Maynard Basham and sisters, Misses Mildred and Sarah Elizabeth, attended the ice cream supper at Masseyville.

A bunch of young people enjoyed making and eating ice cream in the home of Willie Woods Saturday night.

Herman Robinson spent a night recently in the home of his sister, Mrs. Maynard Murray.

Mrs. Ovie Young and baby and Miss Artie Mae Robinson were the guests of Mesdames Gilbert and Loyce Moore Friday afternoon.

Ernest Williams and wife and baby spent Friday night with M/M Willie Woods.

Maynard Murray and family and Mrs. Allie Murray and daughter visited Mrs. Murray’s parents, M/M Billie Wilson, Sunday.

Miss Elsie Tacker was the recent guest of her friend, Miss Eunice Moore, at Robinson’s Store.

Mr. and Mrs. P.A. Williams and Mr. and Mrs. Buford Rogers motored to Shiloh and the Savannah bridge recently. They were accompanied by Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Williams and baby. A most delightful time was had by the party.

John Hendrix and family were the Sunday guests of George Basham and family.

Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Baker had as their guests the former’s parents, sister and brothers from Centerville. This was their first visit to Mr. Baker since he has been living in this community.

Mr. John Robinson, wife and son, Loyal, visited Mr. and Mrs. F.M. Hester, Sunday afternoon.

Messrs. Maynard Basham, Daniel and Howard Moore, Herman Robinson and J.R. Johnson motored to Mars Hill Sunday afternoon to the singing.

Misses Elsie Tacker and Jewel B. Chesier were the guests of Miss Sylvia Robinson Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Willie Woods, Miss Eunice Mae Murry, Mrs. Lono Wilson and Miss Artie Mae Robison attended the singing at Mars Hill Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Cobb had as their guests Sunday, the latter’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. Amos Wilson, and Mr. Ellsworth Smith and wife of Masseyville.

Bledsoe Wilson, wife and children, spent Saturday night and Sunday with F.M. Hester and family.

We are glad to notice the increase in attendance in our Sunday School. Come every Sunday you can and bring someone with you. You will be rewarded and blessed and so will the ones you bring with you.

John Tacker spent Sunday in the home of Gilbert Moore.

Miss Eunice Hester, who is attending school at Jackson, spent the weekend with relatives in this community.

We had a splendid children’s band program and Christian Endeavor Sunday night. Those that had parts rendered them so well and much interest was manifested.

Next Sunday there will be all day services at this place at 11 o’clock. Rev. Willie Chesier of Bethel Springs will preach. Then in the afternoon there will be singing which will be conducted by John Swaim of Selmer and others. All singers are invited to come. At the noon hour a delicious dinner will be spread. We hope a large crowd will attend and a welcome is extended to all. Come, bring someone with you and let us make it a day to be long remembered by all present.

Oak Grove

Mrs. Carlie Cox and baby, Johnnie Marie, were the guests of her father, J?.L. King, Saturday.

Mrs. L.A. King and Mrs. F?.R. King were visiting Mrs. Lonnie Borden, Monday afternoon.

Smith Grantham and W. Floyd were pleasant callers in the M.O. Trimble home Wednesday. On their return they were accompanied by Mr. and Mrs. M.O. Trimble.

Gould Mullins was the guest of his cousin, Carlie D. Cox, Monday afternoon.

Mrs. F.R. King is on the sick list this week.

Lonnie Borden and J.O. Cox and son, Carlie, were visiting friends and relatives near Toone, Thursday night.

Willie Cox and Phillips Mullins were pleasant callers in the J.O. Cox home Wednesday.

Vernice Taylor was the recent guest of his aunt, Mrs. L.A. King.

Mrs. J.O. Cox and daughter, Miss Lillie, spent Friday afternoon with Mr. and Mrs. F.R. King.

Willie and Carlie Cox were visitors to Selmer Saturday.

Mr. and Mrs. Carlie Cox were the guests of Mrs. Cox’s father, J.L. King, Tuesday night.

Mr. and Mrs. M.O. Trimble were visiting Mr. and Mrs. L.A. King one day last week.

Carlie Cox visited E.J. Locke Sunday afternoon.

Neely King of the Sulphur Springs neighborhood spent Sunday visiting in the home of J.O. Cox.

Hugh Sanders was the guest of Mr. and Mrs. M.O. Trimble Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Carlie Cox and their daughter, Johnnie Marie, spent Sunday with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.O. Cox.


Everybody is busy with their crops.

The hail that came last Thursday badly damaged the gardens.

Mrs. Annie Clayton and cute little daughters, Margeline and Shirley, spent Saturday night and Sunday with her brother, Mr. and Mrs. Luther Kirk, near Cypress.

Large crowds from here attended the singing at Oak Grove Saturday night.

Mr. and Mrs. A.T. Carlin and children spent Saturday night and Sunday with the latter’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. F.J. Taylor.

Bill Bizzell of Middleton has come to make his home with his sister, Mr. and Mrs. W.T. Prince.

Miss Thelma Lacefield and little sisters were in the home of Mrs. Minnie Nixon Sunday.

Miss Minnie Taylor and Jesse Taylor spent Sunday afternoon in the home of Miss Ruby Clayton.

Everybody seemed to enjoy the nice sermon preached at Gooch schoolhouse Sunday night by Bro. McAlister.

Richard Taylor, little son of Mr. and Mrs. V.L. Taylor, who accidentally fell off a mule and broke his right arm, is improving.

Don’t forget preaching at Shiloh Saturday night and Sunday. You are welcome to attend.

White Oak

We are proud to see this pretty weather.

Hail did a great damage to cotton and tomatoes here last week.

Ralph Parmley and family visited his father, J.A. Parmley, Sunday.

Levi Horton was visiting Alfred King Sunday.

Charlie King made a business trip to Ramer Saturday.

Mrs. Alice King, sons and daughters, Charlie and Alfred, Ethilda and Zelma Ruth King, spent the weekend with her brother and sister, Elda Foster and Mrs. Sallie Freeman near Hunter’s store.

The Misses Ruby Sheffield and Birdie Wilbanks, Odell Moore, Harney Sipes and Sam Wilbanks from the Otterville community spent a while in the home of the Misses Idell and Virdie King Sunday night.

F.L. Blankenship and Tom Lawson visited our Sunday school at its last meeting.

Mr. and Mrs. Carl Kirkman visited her parents M/M Ben Goolsby, in the Oak Grove community a while Sunday.

Allen Foster visited his sister, Mrs. Alice King, Sunday.

Miss Lena Nixon spent the weekend with her sister, Mrs. Zelma Wilmeth.


Mr. and Mrs. R.M. Mitchell were among the guests of Mrs. Mitchell’s father, J.B. Gee, near McNairy, who celebrated his sixtieth birthday dinner served in the honor of Mr. Gee. There were a number of friends besides the children and grandchildren of Mr. Gee. Among these was J.E. Hodges, one of the leading merchants of McNairy, who was known as the "big-eater of the day," but this was after he had eaten one whole chicken and other food in proportion. Mr. Gee has nine children living and one dead, with all the living being present at the dinner. There were several grandchildren who were also present. Mrs. J.B. Gee must also be remembered for the preparation of the delicious foods. Mr. Mitchell is very glad that he was lucky enough that he married one of their beautiful daughters.

Mr. and Mrs. Farlie Drewry of Cordell, Oklahoma, and former residents here, are spending a two week’s vacation with friends and relatives here. Mr. Drewry is an employee of a chain store in Cordell, and has been since leaving here almost three years ago. Their son, Hugh, is also here, and he plays baseball with the local team.


Carlos Hendrix and family of near Bethel Springs were guests in the homes of J.O. and H.J. Hoover Sunday.

Mrs. Cynthia Kendrick who, since the death of her husband, G.W. Kendrick has been making her home at Corinth, is among her many friends here this week.

W.R. Phillips and family were the guests of Dr. J.G. Howell and family at Enville Sunday, friends of Dr. Howell will regret to learn that he is still not able to walk after a fall, hurting his knee.

Dr. and Mrs. E.G. Sanders spent Sunday afternoon with his aunt near Savannah.

James O. Elam of Memphis spent a few days with his parents, W.C. Elam, and wife.

Several from this place went to Mars Hill Sunday to attend the singing.

R.L. Houston and wife made a business trip to Memphis one day last week.

Nellie Lynn Marshall of Memphis returned home Saturday after spending two weeks with her sister, Ruth.

Boss McCullar and wife were here Sunday, guests of Mrs. Artie Hurst and boys.

Mrs. Mollie Boshart and Jewell Phillips spent last week with Mrs. R.A. Phillips at Crump.

Vera Hoover, who for several years has been a teacher in Memphis came Monday to spend a while with her parents, J.A. Hoover and wife.


W.W. Horton has been on the sick list for several days with an attack of malaria.

Dr. H.C. Sanders spent the weekend in Lawton.

Mr. and Mrs. Jno. C. Inman, of the Goodhope community, were recently visiting their daughter, Mrs. Euthal Clark.

Jim Crabtree and family, Mrs. Mattie Cole, Misses Ella Gillis and Mattie Sue East motored to Bolivar recently.

Miss Verlyn Wyatt and brother, Lewis, were the guests of their aunt, Mrs. W.W. Horton, last Saturday night.

Miss Alice Clark was the Sunday guest of Miss Mattie Sue East.

Horry Carman and family of Memphis are visiting relatives here.

The many friends of Esq. J.P. Sipes will regret to learn that he is not any better.

A large crowd attended the baseball game here last Saturday afternoon.

Miss Faye Barnes and Miss Ella Gillis were visiting the latter’s uncle, W.W. Horton, last Sunday afternoon.

Several attended the Sunbeam Band Sunday evening and a nice program was rendered under the management of Miss Edna Wagoner.

Mr. and Mrs. B.J. Hawkins were visiting their son, J.C. Hawkins, last Sunday.

Henry Sipes of Memphis was recently visiting his father, J.P. Sipes.

Mrs. W. W. Jopling and grandaughter, Virginia Milford, were visiting Elmer Jopling and wife, Saturday night.

Sunday school at this place every Sunday morning at 9:30 o’clock and prayer meeting Sunday night. You are welcome to attend each service.

Mt. Pleasant

Miss Elizabeth May of Bolivar and Misses Ruth and Minnie Joe Moore of near here were visitors of Miss Marge Ann Hunter Sunday.

Miss Lillie Moore and daughter, Minnie Joe, spent Saturday afternoon with Mrs. Bettie Flatt and two daughters, Ettie and Dorothy Flatt.

Miss Bertha Sanders, Messrs. Hubert Moore, John Huston King and Fred Sanders were visitors of Miss Erby and Dock Smith Sunday.

Misses Ettie and Dorothy Flatt spent a short while Sunday afternoon with M/M J.R. Knight.

Mrs. Lilly Moore, and pretty daughter spent a while Friday afternoon with Mrs. Pearl and Miss Erby Smith.

Mr. and Mrs. W.M. Smith spent a day or two recently with Mr. and Mrs. S.O. Flatt.

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Roten and sons, Grady Wade and Billie Bruce, spent Sunday with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Roten.

Mr. and Mrs. Aubra Smith spent Sunday with Mrs. Tom Estes.

Mildred Hunter visited Mrs. J.R. Knight Sunday.

Misses Amy Knight, Mildred Hunter and Darothy Hines were the recent guests of Mr. and Mrs. James R. Knight.

Several from around here attended Decoration at Sulphur Springs Sunday a week ago.

Leonard Flatt of Milledgeville was the recent guest of his sister, Mrs. Dee Smith.

Mrs. Zettie King and children recently spent a day with her mother, Mrs. Jim Goodrum, near Oak Grove.

Personal Mention and Local Happenings

C.L. Majors made a business trip to Jackson Tuesday.

Mrs. Maggie Farris of Purdy was a visitor to Selmer Tuesday.

Rev. and Mrs. Chas. N. Ralston of Purdy were recent visitors to Selmer

Jim Barnes, a good citizen of Ramer, was a business visitor to Selmer Tuesday.

I have some Chinchilla rabbits for sale. Does $1.50 each, bucks $1.00 each, young rabbits 50 cents each.—Arnold K. Hockaday, Selmer, Tennessee.

Mansell Kendrick of Clarksdale, Mississippi, spent the first of the week in Selmer with his father, Dr. R.M. Kendrick.

C.N. McCurdy, the hustling manager of the local Kroger Store, made a business trip to Whitesville, Monday.

J.T. Nickles, Charlie Graham and Troy Coleman left Sunday night for Ft. Oglothorpe for a month’s training in a military camp.

Mrs. G.W. McCullar is offering some wonderful bargains at her store for 33 cents, 66 cents, and 99 cents for Friday, Saturday and Monday.

Jno. R. Harris, one of Finger’s leading merchants and bankers, was a business visitor to Selmer Tuesday afternoon.

Thos. B. Collier of Memphis stopped in Selmer Sunday on his way to Brice’s Cross Roads, the scene of a bloody battle in the Civil War. His father, Col. W.A. Collier, was in that battle.

Horry S. Carman and family of Memphis are visiting in Selmer and community. Horry is an old McNairy county boy, the son of the late John Carman.

Mrs. Bessie Bigger is spending the week at Oxford, Mississippi, where she is the guest of Mrs. Joe White, Mrs. White is the sister of Mrs. Bigger’s husband, the late J.H. Bigger.

Mr. and Mrs. Jno. W. Hamilton and M/M Aubrey English of Adamsville were recent visitors to Selmer, and Mr. Hamilton was a pleasant caller at the Independent office.

Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Huggins and children spent Sunday at Ramer with his brother, Leo Huggins, who is critically ill at the home of his sister, Mrs. J.R. Hamm.

M/M Hallie Hamm have been recent visitors to relatives here and at Ramer. Hallie is the division chief of the highway patrolmen and has his headquarters at Memphis.

Hon. And Mrs. Larry Hughes of Memphis were in Selmer Monday enroute to Belleville where their son is in school. Mr. Hughes is a popular member of the lower House of the Tennessee Legislature from Shelby.

Mrs. W.C. Moore is recovering from a recent illness.

Dr. and Mrs. W.W. Wallace were visitors here Sunday.

S.L. Fowlkes and Van Wardlow were business visitors here Saturday.

Mrs. J.H. Ammons has been quite sick at her home on Pharr avenue. Her condition is reported as improved.

Miss Thelma Cude of Bethel Springs, was the weekend guest of Miss Verneal Robinson.

Mrs. John J. Abernathy and son, J.R., were visiting here Sunday, guests of her daughter, Mrs. Troy Smith.

Dr. E.M. Smith is in Chicago, a delegate to the National Republican Convention.

R.M. Houston of Guys, Tennessee was a business caller at the Independent office Tuesday.

Mr. and Mrs. Lee McDaniel attended the decoration day exercises at Sulphur Springs Sunday.

Mrs. L.A. King and Mr. and Mrs. Felix King, who live about ten miles west of Selmer, were shopping in town Saturday.

Mr. and Mrs. Jewell Lancaster and little daughter, Tommie Jean, are visiting relatives at Milledgeville this week.

Dr. R.M. Kendrick was able to go to his office Monday and his presence there was a delight to his many friends. He has been sick for several weeks.

O.?. Abernathy and little daughter, Lenora Mills, spent Sunday in Trenton, with his sister, Mrs. J.E. Lett?. Little Rachel Abernathy has been on a visit there for several days.

W.H. Rankin of Corinth spent Tuesday with friends in Selmer. Mr. Rankin is a true type of the old Southern gentleman, the kind that makes one feel better every time you meet them.

Henry Sharp of Corinth was a pleasant visitor to the Independent Saturday. Mr. Sharp is a son of the late T.J. and Julia Latta Sharp who were of the oldest and most prominent families in the south part of the county. Mr. Sharp went to Corinth in 1901 and is a successful business man there. We are glad to have him pay us a visit.

Jake Reeder was a recent visitor to Selmer. For many years Mr. Reeder has been a section foreman for the Mobile & Ohio railroad and is held in high esteem by both the officials and employees of the company.

Mrs. E.G. Sanders of Stantonville was a recent visitor to Selmer Mrs. Sanders is a daughter of our good old friends, M/M Jim Williams, and was reared in the old Mt. Vernon community.

R.B. Gooch, one of the most popular and efficient undertakers in the State, was called to Hickory Flat, Mississippi, Saturday night to take charge of all the funeral arrangements of Mr. Bolding, a prominent citizen of that place. He had died suddenly. Mr. Bolding was the father-in-law of Mrs. Lena Gooch Bolding, who was visiting here at the time.

J.L. Alexander has been on a recent visit to Selmer. He is one of the oldest merchants of the county but has retired. He belongs to that old class of business men whose merchandising experience goes back to the olden times, when conveniences were few and hardships many. He pursued methods that made him both popular and prosperous.

Mr. and Mrs. Wendell Cude from Greensboro, North Carolina, accompanied by their mother, Mrs. Cox, of Hillsboro, NC, were visiting in the home of Mr. and Mrs. A.P. Robinson last week.

Homer Warren, one of the best known traveling salesmen in this section, was in Selmer Monday enroute to call on his customers down in Mississippi. Mr. Warren lives in Savannah and is a frequent visitor to Selmer.

Mr. and Mrs. J.M. Smith left this week for a visit to Hot Springs, Arkansas. They were accompanied by their children, Miss Mary Alice, and Junior and Lowen. They expect to stay at this famous resort a couple of weeks or more.

Mr. and Mrs. Aubrey Green and baby left this week for Brownsville, where he has been made manager of a Shinault grocery store. He was in the employ of the same company in Selmer before going to Brownsville. Aubrey is a good boy and his many friends in this section wish him success in his new location.

Mr. and Mrs. Chas. B. Steadman and son, Hunter Moore, accompanied by Mr. Steadman’s sisters, Miss Jessie Steadman of Paris and Mrs. Harry Simpson of Jacksonville, Florida, motored to Pikeville, in East Tennessee and spent the weekend with their sister, Mrs. Lonas Payne, and family. They came back by way of Nashville.

Mr. and Mrs. Garfield King and two sweet little daughters, Marjorie and Roberta, of Corinth, were visiting in the home of his brother, John King, in east Selmer Tuesday. Garfield was reared in Selmer. He taught in the rural schools of McNairy county for several years before going to Corinth a quarter of a century ago. He has been an employee of the post office there during all the time he has lived at Corinth. When he lived here, he was a member of the crack baseball team Selmer had in those days, and he was one of the best pitchers in the whole county at that time. We were all glad to welcome him to our midst again, and hope that he will find time to make his visits to his old hometown more frequent.

Mr. and Mrs. Joe Downing of Mandeyville, Arkansas, are now residents of McNairy county, having recently moved to the home of Mrs. Downing’s brother, Bill Lee, two miles out south of Selmer on the Selmer-Corinth paved highway. Mr. Downing was an official of the Standard Oil Company for many years, and was only recently retired.

Dr. and Mrs. E.W. Cocke and son, and Mr. Hugh Williams, were in Selmer Saturday on their way back home from a long motor trip. The former visited NewYork City, Philadelphia and Washington, and Mr. Williams visited his relatives in Raleigh, North Carolina. They reported a great time. Dr. Cocke attended the American Medical Association at Philadelphia and delivered a splendid address at the meeting.

Mr. and Mrs. Bill Browder were in Memphis Monday night where they attended the graduation exercises of the class in pharmacy at the University of Tennessee. Edward Lee Browder, their son, was in the graduating class. He was born and reared in Selmer and was graduated from the Selmer High School three years ago. Edward Lee is a fine boy, and his many friends everywhere congratulate him on his recent achievement at the University.

Rev. and Mrs. G.J. Carman came over from Memphis and spent Monday with relatives at Bethel Springs and Selmer. Rev. Carman is one of the strong preachers of the Memphis Conference of the Methodist church. He is a son of the late Rev. Billie Carman, one of the pioneer preachers of McNairy county, and Mrs. Carman is a daughter of the late Lawson Lockman, one of the county’s most prominent and substantial citizens in his day.

Center Hill

Sunday is the all-day singing at Mark Hill.

The following visited in the J.N. Robison home Sunday morning. M/M Bill Burkeens and son, Willie; Mr. and Mrs. Egbert Booker, and son, Roy; and Mr. and Mrs. L.P. Sharpe and son, Joe.

Mrs. Jim Bishop was the Sunday guest of Mrs. Mary O’Neal.

Miss Mary Nell Lott spent the weekend with her grandparents, Dr. and Mrs. Eason.

Mr. and Mrs. Joe Sharpe and children visited his son, Lawrence, Saturday night and Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Marlie Moore and son, Ward, visited with Mr. and Mrs. Guy Burkeens, Sunday.

Miss Mildred Goodwin entertained some young folks Sunday afternoon.

Dora Barton visited Kathleen Etheridge Sunday.

E. Etheridge spent Sunday with Mars Godwin.

Miss Artie Mae Pickett spent a while Saturday afternoon with Miss Rosa Black.

Mrs. Ann Messer of Enville is on an extended visit with her sister, Mrs. Dee Williams.

Jim Bishop visited R.R. Burrow and Mildred Lott Sunday.

Johnnie O’Neal was a caller in the Oscar McCoy home Sunday.

Best wishes to the Independent and its host of readers.

White Oak

Several from around here attended the clearing off of the Nethery graveyard Saturday morning.

James King, Arl Jones, Frank Tate and Earl Jones visited Jack King Sunday morning.

Charlie King spent a while in the home of Marcus Jones Saturday night.

George N. Foster of Cypress was visiting his sister, Mrs. Alice King, Wednesday.

Mr. and Mrs. Archie Jones are the happy parents of a fine little daughter.

Several from here attended the Decoration at Sulphur Springs Sunday.

Mrs. Margaret Foster has returned from a week’s visit in the Ferguson community.

Ethelda and Zelma Ruth King spent Sunday with Virginia and Evelyn Blankenship.

Mr. and Mrs. Burton Lawson were visiting his parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.B. Lawson Sunday.

Bro. DePoyster preached at White Oak Sunday to a large audience.


Houston Meeks and little sons of Corinth visited in the home of Mrs. Daisy Hamm Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. A.L. Bishop were here a short time last week. Mr. Bishop filled his regular appointment at Olive Hill Sunday.

Misses Grace and Willie Greene were shopping in Corinth one afternoon recently.

A very delightful affair was the family reunion and dinner at the home of Mr. and Mrs. B.B. Bass on last Sunday. All of their children and grandchildren were present, there being five children and twelve grandchildren. In addition to this, a number of friends attended, making the total present at the dinner about 33 persons. This couple enjoyed the occasion immensely as did all the guests. We have no better citizens than Mr. and Mrs. Bass.

Mrs. George Houston and daughter, Inez, of Danville, Kentucky, and Mr. Noah Prince, Mrs. Houston’s father and formerly County Court Clerk of this county, now living at Greenwood, Mississippi, are visiting in the home of Mr. and Mrs. J.L. Meeks.

R.L. Burns and family visited their son, George, in Memphis recently. John William, a younger son, who has been attending Tech. High School returned with them.

Mr. and Mrs. J.C. Houston of Selmer spent a day or two with relatives here recently.

W.E. Sharp and children, Richard and Mildred and Sam Sharp and Zilpha Hamm went to Memphis one day not long ago and while there took a short trip through a part of Eastern Arkansas. They reported a very nice time.

Oak Ridge

Lots and lots of cotton is being chopped while the sun is shining.

Mrs. Eillie Bullman and beautiful little daughter, Murna, visited her sister, Mrs. A.B. Davis, near the Dixie Swimming Pool.

Mrs. Vandie Patterson and son, James Francis, visited her mother, Mrs. T.M. Smith, Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Fay Vires and son, Dewayne, and Mrs. Maggie Hysmith visited there also.

Miss Margie Bullman spent Sunday night and attended the singing at New Church.

Mrs. Mary Cones visited Mrs. E. Stewart Sunday afternoon.

Mrs. J.H. Pusser and Mrs. T.M. Smith visited Mrs. Francis Brewer, who is suffering with a broken leg, Tuesday.

Misses Margie Bullman and Dona Smith were the guests of Ada Chandler Sunday night.

Gooch Community

Several from here attended the preaching at Sulphur Springs Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Henry Jacobs and family spent the weekend with his mother, Mrs. S.F. Jacobs.

Mrs. C.W. Waldrop spent Sunday afternoon with Mrs. Grover Vaughn.

We are all glad to know that Mr. and Mrs. Henry Sanders, who moved from here to Blue Mountain in the spring, have moved back with us again.

Miss Beatrice Waldrop spent Sunday afternoon with Miss Essie Vaughn.

Mrs. Ellen Vaughn and her daughters, Blanche and Ruby Jean, spent a while Saturday in the home of Mrs. Daisy Waldrop.

There will be a Childrens’ Day program at Powell’s Chapel, the fourth Sunday in this month. Come and bring someone with you.

Mr. and Mrs. Walter Cofer of Holly Grove spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. George Cofer.

Mr. and Mrs. Henry Sanders, Mr. and Mrs. John Carlin and Mr. and Mrs. Walter Thompson spent Saturday night in the home of A.J. Clampette of near Somerville.

There will be preaching here Saturday night and Sunday and Sunday night. Everyone is invited to attend.

Mr. and Mrs. Otto Carlin spent the weekend with relatives near Powell’s Chapel.

Olive Hill

Everybody was more than glad to see the rain that fell here last Thursday night.

Bro. A.L. Bishop filled his regular appointment here Saturday and Sunday. A large crowd was present.

Rev. J.G. Gooch was accompanied Bro. Riley Farris to Tulu Sunday.

Cleo Neal and wife were in the home of his mother last Sunday, Mrs. Mattie Davis.

Mrs. Elmer Baker was visiting in the home of Mrs. Author Baker last Sunday afternoon.

I noticed in the paper that Teddy Abernathy had some experience with poison ivy, but he failed to mention his remedy.

Mrs. Velma Roach is spending a few days in the home of her mother near Corinth.

Mrs. Herbert Putt and Miss Lorena Vanderford, Mr. Ewell Mitchell and Miss Beulah J. Vanderford, all from Corinth attended church at Olive Hill Saturday night.

Those in the home of Mrs. R.W. Haynes Sunday were Mrs. Lizzie Kemp and Mrs. Bettie Dame of Corinth.

G.L. and J.P. Gooch and Irwin Baker went swimming in the big Turner lake Sunday.

Beauty Hill

Mr. and Mrs. Loyce Holland spent Sunday afternoon in the home of the latter’s parents, W.C. Ellis and wife.

Mrs. Rebecca Garner and Granville McCann were the Sunday night guests of W.T. Barnes and wife.

Willie Burney and wife are visiting in the Goodhope vicinity recently.

A number of young folks from the Liberty and Rosehill communities attended prayer meeting at this place Sunday night.

Robert Croskery returned to Memphis Saturday of last week where he will re-enter the hospital.

Mrs. Tom Haggerty has been visiting her grandaughter, Mrs. Musette Hill, last week.

Eubert Plunk was a business caller in this community a day last week.

Mr. and Mrs. Troy Lipford were recent callers in the home of the latter’s sister, Mrs. Leonard Sheffield.

Mrs. Minnie Wolverton and children were recently visiting relatives here.

Sherman and Tab Hill were business callers in the Liberty community recently.

O.L. Plunk was a recent caller in the home of his sister, Mrs. E.C. Holland.

Mr. and Mrs. Hillard Griswell were the Saturday night guests of S.C. Hill and family.

Miss Helen Combs spent the weekend with her grandfather, Will Combs, in the Union Grove community.

Mrs. Pearl Lipford was recently calling in the home of Mrs. Lula Holland.

Mrs. Ollie Sipes was the Sunday guest of Mrs. Oma Hill.

Tom Garner and family of Purdy were Sunday visitors in the home of J.A. Hill and family.

Misses Jewel and Opal Plunk were the Saturday night and Sunday guests of their sister, Mrs. E.C. Holland.

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Garner spent Sunday night with the latter’s parents.

George Hill returned home Sunday night from Booneville, where he has been in a revival meeting.

Little Miss Rose Wolverton is spending this week with her aunt, Mrs. Lena Barnes.


Mrs. May Derryberry and sons, James Benton Derryberry and Joe Smith, of Bethel Springs, visited Mr. and Mrs. L.G. Huggins Monday.

Miss Allene Key has been in Corinth this week, the guest of Miss Doris Klyce.

Mrs. A.E. Lawson and daughter and son, Miss Lida May and Ray, of Henderson, were here Sunday to see the former’s brother, L.G. Huggins, who has been sick for some time.

Mrs. Lou Shelton and daughters, Misses Erin and Christine, and son, Robert, were here from Memphis last weekend. Mrs. Shelton and Miss Erin returned home Monday and Robert left for Ft. Oglethorpe, Georgia, to spend a month in Citizens’ Military Training Camp. Miss Christine remained for a visit with her brother, Thetus Shelton and family.

Mr. R.I. Mullins, of Humboldt, is a business visitor this week. Mr. Mullins, who bought tomatoes here last year, will handle the crop this season. The crop is earlier than usual and shipments will likely be made the first of next week.

Mrs. J.R. Hamm and Miss Olivia Hamm were in Jackson Thursday.

Miss Icy Jones of Baldwyn, Illinois, is visiting relatives in Ramer and vicinity.

Misses Adrine Hendrix and Hessie Johnson, of Jackson, and Tolbert McCoy, of Gravelhill, visited friends here Sunday afternoon.

Mr. and Mr D.W. Ramer of Jackson were visiting Mrs. Rosa Hamm Friday. Junior, the little son of Mr. and Mrs. Philip Hamm, came with them and will visit in the home of his grandmother for a while.

Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Hamm and children, Joe and Betty, and Mrs. W.L. McAlpin, were visitors to Bolivar Sunday afternoon.

Misses Pauline Farris, Durelle Curry and Icie Wicker of Adamsville, were visiting Mr. and Mrs. Vaughan one afternoon last week.

Miss Merle Key is at home after a visit with Biggersville relatives, and has as her guest her cousin, Miss Katherine Key.

Dr. and Mrs. Wallace of Bolivar were recent guests in the home of Mr. and Mrs. J.R. Hamm.

L.C. Key and family of Biggersville, Mississippi, were guests of Dr. Key and family Sunday.

Bethel Springs

Mrs. Jim Lambert returned home Sunday afternoon from Memphis, where she had been at the bedside of her brother, Prof. A.H. Grantham, at the Baptist hospital. She said the doctors seemed to think he was better than he had been in two weeks, but is still in a very critical condition. We all hope Mr. Grantham will soon be better.

Mr. and Mrs. J.C. Moore, M/M Joe Harris and Mr. and Mrs. Charles Mitchell Wilson left Tuesday morning for a two weeks’ automobile tour in the north. They will visit Mr. and Mrs. Wilson Lee, Mrs. Moore’s sister, in Ft. Wayne, Indiana; then they will go to Detroit, Michigan, where they will visit Mr. and Mrs. Claud Harris. They will also stop in Chicago and other cities of interest.

Rev. and Mrs. Carman of Memphis were the guests of Mr. and Mrs. W.D. Hendrix the first of the week.

Miss Virginia Campbell is spending the week with Mrs. Alice King of Selmer.

Mr. and Mrs. Will White and daughters spent Saturday and Sunday in Saulsbury, with Mr. and Mrs. B.O. Weeks.

Mr. and Mrs. Buel Kiser and baby, of Ramer, were here Sunday. Mr. Kiser preached at the Presbyterian church Sunday night.

Miss Dell Fisackerly of Bolivar spent the weekend with her parents here.

Mrs. Mae Derryberry and sons, Joe Smith and James Benton, spent Monday afternoon at Ramer with Mr. and Mrs. Leo Huggins.

Mrs. Ella Ross Smith, accompanied by Miss Mary Eleanor Ross, of Jackson, left Friday to visit Mrs. Smith’s sister, Mrs. J.N. Hawes, of Lincolnton, North Carolina.

Dr. E.M. Smith is in Chicago attending the Republican National Convention.

Prof. and Mrs. S.A. Barrix returned Friday from Middle Tennessee, where they have been in camp attending summer school. Mr. Barrix reported this as the best school he ever attended.


Mr. and Mrs. Ben Archer spent Sunday with Mrs. Archer’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. Harmon Harris.

Mr. and Mrs. Joel Henry of Jackson were visiting relatives here Sunday and were accompanied home by Mrs. Henry’s sister, Mrs. Leona Smith.

Mrs. Roxie Jackson and children and Mrs. Rubye Gee and daughter, of near Pinson, were called to the bedside of their mother, Mrs. Mollie Harris, Sunday.

Miss Annie Lee Gray came through here Sunday afternoon enroute home. She has been staying with her sister, Mrs. P.L. Basinger, Jr.

Miss Edna Bell spent Sunday afternoon in the home of Mrs. Mandy Shoffield.

Mrs. Nola Bullner and Annie Sullivan were the Sunday afternoon guests of Mrs. J.L. Boyd.

Misses Jewel Davidson and Wyonna Hooper visited Misses Hazel and Ozell Smith Sunday.

Messrs. Simp and Horace Plunk were business visitors here a day last week.

Mrs. Mollie Harris is not any better at this writing.

Miss Alice McNell spent Friday night near Masseyville with her sister, Mrs. Aldry Ferguson.

Elmo Smith made a business trip to Memphis Sunday.

All the farmers are busy at work and cotton chopping and corn thinning is the main occupation.

Personal Mention and Local Happenings

Sheriff J.?. Graham was a visitor to Memphis Saturday.

J.M. Crocker of Cypress was here Monday.

W.D. Hogan and Ab Robinson of Gravelhill were here Tuesday.

J. Galbraith, a prominent lawyer of Henderson, was in Selmer Tuesday.

Jewell Lancaster made a business trip to Memphis the first of the week.

Mrs. Edgar Darby of the Pleasant Grove community was a recent visitor to Selmer

C.L. Majors and W.K. Abernathy attended the funeral of Prof. A.H. Grantham at Henderson Monday.

Harry Simpson of Jacksonville, Florida, came to attend the funeral of his brother-in-law, Chas. B. Steadman.

Miss Vera O’Neal is spending a few days here with her aunt, Mrs. M.E. Lee.

Eber Greer is making up plans for the construction of the concrete retaining wall on the College campus.

Emmett Kendrick, cashier of the People’s Bank at Stantonville, was a business visitor here this week.

Mrs. Will Forsythe of the Pleasant Grove community was shopping in Selmer Saturday.

Mrs. Jude Counce of Savannah is spending a few days with her niece, Mrs. R.M. Kendrick.

R.B. Gooch and Bowers Tackett made a business trip to Masseyville Tuesday.

Neely Boatman, one of our many readers in the Sulphur Springs community, was in Selmer this week.

Herbert Kendrick of Humboldt was in Selmer Sunday enroute to Corinth to visit his father-in-law, John Horner, who is critically ill at his home there.

Miss Elizabeth Ammons, the pretty young daughter of M/M Jno. B. Ammons, of Bethel Springs, spent the weekend here with Miss Robbie McNatt.

Mrs. L.J. Kerr of Millington was here this week visiting her parents, Judge and Mrs. H.P. Wood. She was accompanied by the mother of Mr. Kerr, who had been on a visit with them at Millington.

J.C. Milstead, a substantial and highly respected citizen of Ramer, recently visited old friends in Selmer. For many years Mr. Milstead owned and operated a big mercantile business at Otterville.

J.H. Ferguson, one of the oldest men in the county, and the only living ex-Federal soldier in McNairy county, was in town Tuesday. He is 88 years old, and is enjoying splendid health.

W.S. Combs and son, Hayes, of Snakecreek spent Saturday in Selmer. Mr. Combs brought a bushel of great big Triumph potatoes to the Independent office and left them with us for our use. He is the kind of a farmer who raises nearly everything for home use and always has some to spare.

Frank Crocker of Cypress was in Selmer the first of the week.

Frank Shelton of Adamsville was a recent visitor to Selmer.

Mrs. Tatum of Memphis is visiting M/M Claude Pirtie this week.

Dr. J.H. Curry of Adamsville was here to attend the funeral of Chas. B. Steadman last Saturday.

Sheriff Bert Coleman of Corinth was transacting business here Saturday.

C.N. McCurdy and William Hailey, of the local Kroger Store, spent Sunday in Memphis.

Mr. and Mrs. J.D. Moore of the old Sandy Flatt community, were shopping in Selmer Saturday.

Mr. and Mrs. Boss Hockaday of Oxford creek were shopping in Selmer one day this week.

Tom Hunter, a prosperous farmer and merchant of the 2nd district, was in Selmer this week.

L.R. Kirk, who operates a sawmill near Ferguson’s store, was a recent visitor to Selmer.

Mrs. Victoria Gooch of Michie and Miss Dorothy Lee Lain of Corinth have been visiting in the home of Mr. and Mrs. J.H. Latta this week.

Bynum Kemp, the popular and efficient track supervisor of the M.&O. on this division, was in Selmer this week.

Reed Phillips, the popular rural carrier of Stantonville, was a liberal patron of our job department this week.

Rev. and Mrs. J.T. Bagby and sons, Steadman and Charles, of Obion, attended the funeral of Mrs. Bagby’s brother, Chas. B. Steadman, last Saturday.

Arvie Wooten of the U.S. Engineers’ force at Memphis, has been on a visit to his parents, Mr. and Mrs. A.O. Wooten. While here he took a little fishing trip to Tuscumbia.

Rev. and Mrs. Tony Steadman of Columbus, Kentucky, spent the weekend here. They came in response to the message which informed them of the death of his brother, Chas. B. Steadman.

Mr. and Mrs. Marcus Powell of Corinth were visiting her sister, Mrs. J.N. Lovelace, in west Selmer Sunday. Mrs. Powell and Mrs. Lovelace are the daughters of the late J.H. Lumpkins and wife.

Jack Emmons of Shiloh National Park spent Saturday in Selmer. For many years Mr. Emmons has been a member and chief of the Shiloh police force, and he is very popular with the thousands who visit this historic battlefield every year.

Jake and Rufus Reeder attended a meeting of the employees of the M.&O. maintainence department held at Jackson Sunday. Jake is the foreman of the Ramer section and Rufus has charge of the Selmer section. Both are veteran foreman, and are two of the most efficient and popular men in that department.

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