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Selmer Newspaper Clippings for 1923

Mrs. Nancy Derryberry

The above is a picture of Mrs. Nancy Derryberry, widow of N.L.C. Derryberry, one of the sturdy citizens of this county, who died many years ago.

Mrs. Derryberry is in her 93rd year and lives with one of her sons, J. Mansel, on the old home place, near Chewalla, within 150 yards of where she was born, March 5, 1831. She is the oldest daughter of John M. Barnhill, a prominent citizen of the county for 50 years. She is a sister of J.T. (Taylor) Barnhill, an eminent lawyer and a beloved citizen of
Selmer at the time of his death many years ago.

Mrs. Derryberry is the mother of seven children, six of whom are living, as follows:

W.W., J.C., A.D., and J.M. all prosperous farmers of this county; Cynthia, wife of J.W. Ledbetter, of Chewalla; and Bettie, wife of Thos. J. Hurley of Memphis.

She has 31 grandchildren, 21 of whom are living; 29 great grandchildren, of whom 19 are living.

She recently celebrated her 93rd birthday. A large crowd of her friends, besides her children, grandchildren, great grandchildren and other relatives were present. Rev. A.H. Lamon, of Rutherford, preached a sermon appropriate to the occasion.

The Independent rejoices that these good old mothers are permitted through Godís providence, to dwell so long among us "wearing the rich, full honors of their early toils and tears." Their presence is a benediction and their absence will be to us a sacred memory. God bless them.

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