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Selmer Newspaper Clippings for 1922
Taken from Daily Corinthian newspaper of Corinth, Mississippi

Burgess Hamm was a recent visitor in Selmer.

The Ramer School baseball team defeated Shady Grove in a tight game Friday afternoon here, the scores bring 2 to 1 in favor of the visiting team. Several good players go with each one of these teams and a return game is expected soon.

Robert Prather of Ramer is visiting his sister, Mrs. Charley Wyatt.

We regret to learn that Mrs. J.T. Williams of this place, who is visiting her daughter, Mrs. E.G. Sanders at Stantonville, is very low. We hope she will soon recover and can return to her home here.

We are sorry to learn of the serious illness of J.J. Swaim, the aged father of J.R. Swaim, county court clerk. He is reported to be improving, but on account of his advanced age, his condition has been alarming. He is at the home of his daughter, Mrs. J.E. Hodges, at McNairy.


Claud Turner was a visitor to Selmer Sunday afternoon.

Miss Mattie Mitchell returned Sunday from a visit to Corinth and Guys.

Mrs. Cynthia Ann Hamm is here from Guys to visit her daughter, Mrs. J.W. Robinson.

Mrs. J.R. Hamm and son, Eugene, were at Corinth Wednesday of last week.

Walstine Carman, of Memphis, spent Wednesday here, the guest of his sister, Mrs. L.G. Huggins.

J.A. Houston was in Corinth Friday.

Jno. Erwin, Tully Hamilton, and H.C. Gooch, of Selmer, were business visitors here Tuesday.

Mesdames G.A. Blasingame, M.C. Key and little daughter, Frances, and A.B. Hamm were attending Madison Presbytery at Jackson last week.

Miss Vera Reams, accompanied by Olivia Hamm, spent the weekend at Henderson.

Mrs. L.G. Huggins and little sons and sister, Miss Thelda Carman, left Tuesday night for their homes in Alexandria, LA.

G.A. Geisler of Corinth, is here finishing up the interior of J.A. Houston’s handsome residence.

Phillip Hamm left Tuesday night for Springfield, Ill., where he has a position.

G.A. Prather has been at Corinth for several days helping to repair the damage done by the recent tornado.

Miss Clara Mae Prather spend Saturday and Sunday at Selmer.

A.B. Hamm was at Chewalla Friday to visit his brother-in-law, T.J. Hurley, who recently suffered a stroke of paralysis and is in serious condition.

A check for $215.00 was sent the Corinth Chamber of Commerce last week, the donation of Ramer citizens to storm sufferers of that place.

An enjoyable program was given by the two societies of the High School Friday night. Debate, readings, pantomine, and cantatas were features.

Memorial Occasion.
The memorial services will be held at Tulu the 3rd Sunday in this month. For many years Elder J.A. Houston, prominent minister of the Christian church of this county, has preached the annual sermon in the morning. In the afternoon it has been the custom to have speakers with statewide reputation to make addresses, among the speakers who have graced these occasions with their eloquence are Gov. James B. Frazier, Col. Harvey Hannah, and Hon. A. Grant Matthews. Capt. G.T. Fitzhugh will deliver the annual address in the afternoon on this occasion. The exercises of the day have been and will be featured this time by an old fashioned basket dinner.

Another Old Citizen Gone.
In the death of G.W. Hurley, Sr., at his home in Chewalla, the county suffered the loss of another of its old and most highly respected citizens. The deceased had been in failing health for a number of years. He was for a long time active in the development of his section of the county, and was connected in many ways with the business life of the community. His family connections were numerous and influential, and the family from which he came is one of the oldest in the county. Surviving him are many relatives including his twin brother, T.J. Hurley.

Hal Hockaday and wife spend Saturday in Selmer visiting relatives.

J.F. Burress was in Selmer Sunday morning and was accompanied home by his children, Evangeline and James, who had been visiting their aunt, Mrs. Lain.

The little daughters of M/M George Houston have been sick for several days.

F.M. Crocker, who is railroading on the Southern, with headquarters at Sheffield, spent the weekend with his family here.

Roy Johnson and Elmer Petree went to St. Louis on Saturday night’s excursion.

Rev. T.N. Hays and A.B. Hamm went to Gravelhill Monday where the former held funeral services for the little child of M/M R.L. Huggins.

E.W. Mitchell was notified Tuesday of the serious illness of his mother at her home in Corinth.

Lester Hamm spent Thursday at Corinth.

The Ramer team played ball at Iuka and Corinth Monday and Tuesday, losing to Iuka and defeating Corinth.

Cypress Dots.

Earl Kennedy was injured last Saturday night by a log wagon, which ran over him.

We are sorry to report the death of Mrs. Lillie Reed, who died recently.

George Hurley, Sr., of Chewalla, died last week.

Hurley’s schoolhouse, located near the Hurley bridge, was burned last week.

M/M Joe Kirk made a business trip to Ramer Friday.

A large crowd spent the afternoon at J.V. Howell’s Sunday.

The services at Union Chapel last Sunday were attended by a large crowd.

Miss Ota Mae Meeks has returned to her home at Corinth.

Rev. Ledbetter preached at Union Chapel Sunday. Next appointment second Saturday night and Sunday in July.

Scott Combs, aged 48, died at his home in Adamsville Saturday, June 10th. He was merchant there for several years, a member of the Christian church, and the Woodmen of the World. He is survived by his widow and an adopted child. Rev. F. O. Howell of Jackson, Tennessee, conducted the funeral services.

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