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Selmer Newspaper Clippings for 1914

Will Hockaday is in the race for Register.

A.G. Kirk was in Wednesday and renewed for such reading as the Independent and Globe-Democrat furnish.

W.T. Gooch, of Michie, was here Saturday and paid his annual dues for good literature.

Mrs. Florence Hockady was the organist at the singing convention.

M/M Nick Wolf, from Crooked Creek, came Saturday to attend the singing convention.

Will Hockaday is a candidate for Register, subject to the choice of the Executive Committee next Monday.

A.J. Jernigan, of Fruitland, spent the last weekend in McNairy. He made us a pleasant call Thursday.

G.A. Hagy, of Stantonville, was a town visitor Saturday.

Artie Dancer, of Stantonville, was here with his many friends Friday and Saturday.

Eugene Surratt called Saturday and extended his subscription to Independent and Globe-Democrat.

Gib Sipes, of Adamsville, was here Saturday taking the examination under the civil service for the postoffice at Adamsville.

With Will Hockaday, C.A. Scott, Carl Ferguson and Lum Alexander in the race for Register, the committee will have a good crowd to select from.

P.M. Hamilton, of Adamsville, took the civil service examination Saturday. Of course he can make the best grade, but that does not settle it after all. There is always a political string which is pulled.

D.C. Griswell was a town visitor Tuesday.

M/M H.L. Hodges, of McNairy, were at the singing Sunday.

Misses Beulah and Lelah Allen, of Union City, are the guests of Mrs. E.F. Hendrix.

Miss Maggie Hodges was here Sunday augmenting the throng of "sweet singers".

Mrs. William Greer, who has been sick for several weeks, is improving and is now able to be up at her home on Adams street.

Mrs. Buford Hendrix left Monday for Memphis to meet her husband, who is in the postoffice department there.

Arbor Day Postponed.
On account of the severe weather, the Arbor Day exercises at the Selmer City School grounds are postponed until Friday, March 6th.
Respectfully, J.T. Robison.

Our Country’s Father Honored.
Washington’s birthday was celebrated at College Hall Friday night be members of the City School. The program was quite elaborate and appropriate to the occasion. The hatchet drill by the young men was splendid, as also the scarf drill by the young ladies. The hall was packed by an appreciative audience. Quite a nice sum was realized to go to the improvement fund for improving the campus.

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