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Selmer Newspaper Clippings for 1906

Col. J. H. Duke was among his old friends in Selmer.

Esq. H.C. Gooch spent Wednesday in Jackson on business.

"Uncle Eph" Wyatt was among his friends in Selmer Monday.

J.W. Hodges was a contributor Monday for next yearís reading.

Dr. J. Hugh Carter, of Memphis, has been among homefolks this week.

R.B. Lain entered as a new subscriber his sister, Mrs. Cheshier, this week.

Chanceller ?G. Hawkins convened the regular session of chancery court Monday.

Wm. Pigott was a caller Monday and advanced a dollar for continued good reading.

Mrs. J.H. Bigger and son Matthew are visiting relatives in and near Adamsville this week.

Dr. Whittaker spent Sunday with his family at Jackson, returning to Selmer Monday morning.

James McNatt, after residing in Selmer for several months, has moved back to his farm near town.

P.F. Springer called Monday and directed his paper to Gravelhill where he has moved to from Ramer.

The local freight trains carry passengers now which is quite a convenience to the traveling public.

Miss Lillie Prather and Mamie Smith have returned from Jackson after a pleasant visit to relatives.

J.C. Milstead, the merchant from the first district, called Monday and placed a nice order for job work with us.

Hagy Bros., are still in Selmer with a full line of the great American woven wire fencing-strong as an ox.

Dick Dillon, one of the Independentís good friends, living at Jackson, was among his McNairy friends here Monday.

J.W.P. Kerr left last Friday for his home in Illinois after spending a few days in Selmer with relatives and friends.

Our old friend, Casper Kinchen, of near Ramer, was a pleasant caller Monday and extended his relations with our thrifty family.

Frank Freeman who has been down with grip, called on us Saturday on his way to Memphis for treatment. He is the same old jolly Frank sick or well.


In Memoriam:
Nancy Valentine Hurley, died at the home of her grandfather, G.W. Hurley, on Jan. 9, 1906. Little Vallie, as we called her, was the image of her mother, who preceded her to realms above on March 10, 1905. Little Vallie was in the care of her grandmother for about two months, and the writer learned to love her. She was almost eleven months old.
Her cousin.

Pebble Hill:

Our school is doing well under the management of Prof. Dallas.

We regret to note the death of our friend, D.B. Green, who died last week and was buried in the Williams graveyard.

Services were held at this place last Sunday by Rev. Jones, of Corinth.

We are glad to report J.A. Reid much improved after an illness of several days.

We know some men who have a frown on their face a yard long because it rained last week.

The people around here are getting along nicely farming.

J.S. Honeycutt has started farming on a pretty big scale.

W.W. Robison visited his sister in Corinth last week.

Bird hunting is over and we are sorry.

There will be a large crowd at Pebble Hill the 4th Sunday. Come, and bring well filled baskets. We are always glad to receive the Independent for we like to get all the news.

Land Sale:
Anna Sanders Lamb et al No. 1167
Artimesia Sanders et al.
In Chancery Court at Selmer, Tenn.

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