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Selmer News 1903
(Taken from the Daily Corinthian Newspaper, Corinth, Mississippi)

Mrs. L.A. Beaty of Corinth spent Wed. in the city as the guest of Mrs. W.J. Olive.

Mr. and Mrs. J.R. Thrasher and their little son, J.R., Jr., were visitors in Selmer a part of this week.

United States Marshal Frank S. Elgin was here last Friday in attendance upon the town election.

Mr. and Mrs. J.R. Hurley were the guests of relatives in Selmer Sat. They left Sat. evening for Corinth for a few days, and thence to the Indian Territory.

H.P. Wood was re-elected Mayor of Selmer last Friday. The New Aldermen elect are: Albert Gillespie, C.B. Steadman and J.C. Houston. Rube Braden still serves as Marshal. Beaty (at Corinth 5:30 p.m., Friday April 17th): “Hello Selmer.” Party at Selmer: “Well, this is Selmer, what is it?” Beaty: “Why, tell the boys there to not be uneasy about Jim Paschal. We are entertaining him here.

McNairy Independent 1903

As we go to press it is reported by telephone that Millard Fraley shot Oscar Hagy in the latter’s store at Hamburg at about 9:00 this morning. It is said that two shots were fired, both taking effect in the arm. No further particulars are known here. Mr. Hagy is a son-in-law of N.A. Erwin, of this city.

On Friday night of last week Mr. R.B. Braden, the popular and efficient Town Marshal of Selmer, and Miss Lula Carroll, the pretty and only daughter of Sheriff R.M. Carroll, were united in marriage. Owing to an evident predisposition to romance and a rather persistent parental objection the young
couple did not marry in Selmer. They drove over to Bethel Springs by the lovely and sympathetic light of the stars and had the nupitals consumated there. From Bethel Springs they went to Henderson for a day or two and thence returned home under a happy and complete reconciliation all the way
around. In justice to the groom it is proper to say that the only ground of objection was the tender years of the bride.

Teacher’s Institute, Gravelhill, Tenn., Nov. 14, 1903 10:30 a.m.
Welcome address-J. Jordan
Response-Terry Abernathy
What is successful teaching?-G.G. Butler, Dalton Gooch
Country schools-J.W. Stewart, C.B. Ijams, Wm. Littlejohn
Relation of parents to teachers-Robert Burns, J.G. Howell,
J.D. Mullens
School government-S.B. Littlejohn, J.W. Stewart, L. Ellis
Oration-J.W. Williams
Recitation-Misses Zelma Carter, Ella Gooch
Smart Alex-C.B. Ijams
The power of man-J.A. Moore
A true education-H. Hodges
Who is educated?-Terry Abernathy
Everybody invited to be present both day and night.
Terry Abernathy

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