1860 McNairy County, TN Mortality Schedule - Proofreader - Alta Amagliani - Altaam02@comcast.net
1 1 1 McCurry Andrew Johnson 5 M Tennessee March Overdose Morphine 10hours District 1 & 2 Enumerator:W.A. Hallmark
2 Davis Infant 1/12 M Tennessee October Croup 3days
3 Eves Henry S. 3 M Tennessee October Croup 2days
4 Maxwell Elizabeth 2 F Tennessee June Flux 3weeks
5 Barnet Joseph 1 M Tennessee September Typhoid Fever 2weeks
6 Shelton Salom 69 M M North Carolina October Farmer Pneumony 5weeks
7 Thornton Augustus 32 M M North Carolina February Farmer Pneumony 15weeks
8 Coleman Marany J. 23 F M Tennessee July Domestic Congestive Chill 3days
9 Julin Ervin 67 M W North Carolina December Farmer Consumption 7months
10 Gooch Marsha A. 5 F Tennessee June Bronketus 11days
11 Woolf Evans 2 M Tennessee March Scarlet Fever 9days
12 Gibson Sarah A. 20 F North Carolina August Domestic Congestive Chill 8days
13 King Luticia A. 3 F Tennessee September Scarlet Fever 5days
14 Lock Surah F. 3 F Tennessee August Scarlet Fever 7days
15 Lock Martha 6 F B S Tennessee October Croup 7days
16 Leaford Jane 26 F M Tennessee October Domestic Typhoid Fever 2weeks
17 McCora Cinth G. 1 F Tennessee August Unknown 5days
18 Pipkins Dolly M. 24 F M Tennessee July Pneumony 3weeks
19 Outlaw Mary A. 17 F Tennessee December Domestic Pneumony 2weeks
20 Leaford A.H. 68 F M North Carolina March Dropsy 5months
21 Lock Marsha 4 F Tennessee September Scarlet Fever 9days
22 Moore Mary M. 7/12 F Tennessee July Congestive Chill 2days
23 Genes Jessee 49 M M South Carolina June Farmer Congestion of Brain 2days
24 Genes Infant 2days M Tennessee January Unknown 2days
25 Bell J.T. 36 M M Unknown September Farmer Congestive Chill 1week
26 Moore MaryJane 1 F Tennessee February Accidental Choking Instantly
27 Bell Phe 11/12 F B S Tennessee May Croup 1day
28 Lane Cintha 3days F Tennessee April Unknown 3hours
29 Russam George 4days M B S Tennessee September Unknown 1day
30 Sanders Daniel 9/12 M Tennessee November Inflamation of Brain 2weeks
31 Sparks Mary A. 1 F Tennessee May Flux 5days
32 Johnson M. Martin P. 36 M M North Carolina August Farmer Bilious Intermitting Fever 2weeks
33 Oruke Calvin 1 M Tennessee February Unknown 4months
34 Campbell George W. 1 M Tennessee July Disease of Liver 2months
35 Thompson Mary E. 23 F M North Carolina October Domestic Pneumony/consumption 22months
2 2 1 Marrison Elijah F. 20 M Tennessee July Farmer Stabed 10months District 3 & 4 Enumerator:W.A. Hallmark
2 Kidd George 88 M M South Carolina August Farmer Old Age or Cold 4days
3 Cheries Mary A. 1/12 F Tennessee September Hives 2days
4 Shepfield Catherine 80 F W North Carolina October Domestic Old Age 9days
5 Cox Sarah 3 F Tennessee September Typhoid Fever 8days
6 * Sarah Jane 2 F B S Tennessee July Effection of Lungs 1year no last name given
7 Boraugh Mary 77 M M North Carolina July Farmer Unknown 6days think this might be female
8 Smith Aaron E. 1 M Tennessee September Scarlet Fever 7days
9 Maness Marshal P. 1 M Tennessee September Flux 1week
10 Clark William 60 M M North Carolina June Farmer Liver Disease 1year
11 Roland James M. 3 M Tennessee December Drunk 1day
12 Barrat Martha M. 5/12 F Tennessee August Scarlet Fever 3weeks
13 Wilson J.D. 1/12 M Tennessee October Scarlet Fever 5days
14 Richards James 40 M North Carolina August Farmer Daness in well Instantly
15 Barkwell Dorcas 9/12 F B S Tennessee February Influed Brain 2weeks
16 Stewart H.J. 4 M Tennessee April Scarlet Fever 4w
17 Stewart Jinny 7/12 F B S Tennessee October Teething 4days
18 Fry Joseph T. 1/12 M Tennessee September Croup 1day
19 Burchehench Henry 5/12 M B S Tennessee December Croup 1day
20 Wovels Rebecca 1 F Tennessee February Cholera Infantum 5days
21 Clement Sarah 51 F M Virginia May Domestic Inflamation Liver 10days
22 Hearn Robert N. 1/12 M Tennessee March Croup 1week
23 Johnson Edmon 65 M B S North Carolina July Farm Hand Consumption 3years
24 Johnson Jane 9/12 F B S Tennessee December Congestion of Brain 3months
25 Johnson Ceila 26 F Tennessee October Dropsy 4weeks
26 Fry Malbina 14 M S Tennessee February Farm Hand Disease of Hart 3days
27 Barnet Jackson 43 M M North Carolina December Farmer Abcess on Bowels 4months
28 Walker Martha 45 F M Virginia July Congestion of Brain 5days
29 Springer Dennis 53 M M South Carolina September Farmer Congestion of Brain 2days
30 Holoway Infant 3/12 F Tennessee April Croup 3days
31 McCew Elizabeth 24 F M Tennessee January Consumption 6months
3 3 1 McCew John A. 1 M Tennessee February Inflamation of Bowels 4months District 3 & 4 Enumerator:W.A. Hallmark
2 Moser Henry C. 22 M Kentucky August Farmer Consumption 12months
3 Harris H.A. 1 F Tennessee April Unknown 2weeks
4 Smith Flora 2/12 F M S Tennessee November Smothered Instantly
5 Chambers M.F. 29 F M North Carolina August Consumption 12months
6 Chambers Servant 1 F B S Tennessee December Quinzy 1month
7 Adams Susan F B S Georgia February Field Hand Disease of Lungs 3days
8 Brown Parilee 31 F Tennessee August Domestic Consumption 6months
9 Wright David W. 32 M M Tennessee August Farmer Stabed Instantly
10 Roberson J.W. 5 M Tennessee September Congestion of Brain 2days
11 Rogers Mary 46 F M Tennessee April Neuralgia 6days
12 Sanders Dinah 73 F B S South Carolina December Field Hand Dropsy 12months
13 McHughs E. 23 F M Tennessee January Consumption 3years
14 Lawson Thomas J. 1/12 M Tennessee March Hives 1day
15 Smith Infant 1/12 F Tennessee December Worms 4days
16 Cooper Elbert T. 5 M Tennessee August Croup 1day
17 Kinchin Nancy 20 F M Tennessee July Bilious Fever 3weeks
18 MCColor Winfield 6 M Tennessee September Quinzy 7days
19 Gant Usly 79 F W North Carolina May Phthisic 5days
20 Besil Thomas F. 1 M Tennessee September Croup 1day
21 Styles William 5/12 M Tennessee September Inflamation of Brain 4days
22 Simpson Susannah 1 F Tennessee October Quinzy 5days
23 Reynolds Susan 95 F W North Carolina October Old Age Lingering
24 McColor Eliza E. 1/12 F Tennessee November Croup 4days
25 Young Sarah L. 1 F Tennessee April Whooping Cough 3months
26 Thomas Elizabeth 85 F W North Carolina March Chronic 3years
27 Sanders William 25 M W Tennessee September WheelWright Accidental Instantly
28 Anderson Mary E. 1/12 F Tennessee September Cholic 1day
29 Rimmes Eliza 46 F M North Carolina September Consumption 2years
30 Sweat Lorry S. 1 F Tennessee September Worms 2months
31 Shull John 86 M M Virginia May Farmer Old Age 5months
32 Wilson George 55 M M North Carolina March Farmer Pneumony 2months
33 Cimons James M. 19 M Tennessee May Farmer Liver Disease 7months
34 Pickles Luby A. 26 F M North Carolina March Consumption 2months
35 Pickles Infant 9/12 F Tennessee May Hives 3days
4 344 1 Sayer George W. 2/12 M Tennessee July Inflamation of Brain 4days Districts 5&6-6&7 Enumerator:W.A. Hallmark
2 Lipford Booker 42 M Virginia September Farm Hand Phthisic 6months
3 Treece William 21 M Tennessee December Farm Laborer Murdered 8days
4 Halbrook Caty 8/12 F Tennessee August Inflamation of Brain 8days
5 Yarbrough Sarah 40 F M Tennessee March Liver Disease 3years
6 Randolph Margaret E. 1/12 F Tennessee February Whooping Cough 7days
7 Joplin Nancy 49 F B S North Carolina February Field Hand Fitts 3days
8 Johnson America 42 F M Tennessee February Consumption 3months
9 Johnson W.A. 21 M Tennessee November Deputy Sherriff Consumption 4years
10 Johnson Milton H. 1 M Tennessee December Whooping Cough 3weeks
11 Shull Margaret 1 F Tennessee July Flux 2weeks
12 Wright Benjamin 73 M W Georgia February Registered Surgeon Dropsy 6months
13 Wisdom Larkin 2 M M S Tennessee July Worms 4weeks
14 Kindle Martha A. 39 F M Tennessee April Tumor 4weeks
15 Hurst Thomas 6/12 M B S Tennessee September Congestive Chill 2hours
16 Harwell Ama 55 F B S Virginia March House Hand Rheumatism 1year
17 Harwell Hennelly 30 F B S Virginia February Cancer of Womb 1year
18 Concluded Purdy * * * * * * * * left blank
19 Jines George W. 2 M Virginia April Inflamation of Brain 8days
20 Wilkerson Mary J. 1 F Virginia July Inflamation of Brain 5weeks
21 Noonen Catherine 22 F M Ireland C.Cork December Child Bed 2days
22 Floyd Infant of F. 1/12 F Tennessee September Inflamed House 9days
23 Floyd Allin P. 12 M Tennessee February Crushed in Machine 2days
24 Dicky Washington 12 M Mississippi March Scarlet Fever 7days
25 Stancil Martha M. 8 F Tennessee January Typhoid Fever 25days
26 Robbins Mary J. 8/12 F Tennessee August Flux 6days
27 Anderson Annette 7 F Tennessee May Typhoid Fever 5weeks
28 Simpson Mary 76 F W North Carolina October Inflamed Rheumatism 9weeks
29 Harris Adeline 23 F B S Tennessee December House Keeper Consumption 8months
30 Plunk Infant 1/12 F Tennessee April Hives 2days
31 Plunk Infant 1/12 F Tennessee January Unknown 2days
32 Jackson Rachael J. 1/12 F Tennessee July Croup 2days
33 Wardlow David 30 M North Carolina February Farmer Consumption 8months
34 Mason Ann 11 F B S Tennessee May Typhoid Fever 4weeks
35 Mason Rich 5 M B S Tennessee April Typhoid Fever 2weeks
5 5 1 Brice Mary J. 1 F Tennessee July Inflamation of Brain 1week District 10-11-12 Enumerator:W.A. Hallmark
2 Green Infant * 1/12 M Tennessee March Inflamation of Brain 2days twins
3 Green infant * 1/12 M Tennessee March Unknown 3days twins
4 Carroll Hannah 35 F North Carolina May Measles 16days
5 Rinehart Mary 13 F Missouri July Inflamation of Brain 5days
6 Dearing Ann 38 F W Virginia March Consumption 8months
7 Sanders B.L. 17 M Tennessee August Farm Laborer Consumption 4months
8 Atkins Rachael J. 9/12 F B S Tennessee September Scarlet Fever 6days
9 Blankenship J.D. 1 M Mississippi June Cholera Infantum 9weeks
10 Preston James W. 1/12 M Mississippi August Unknown 1week
11 Pratt Dinah 1 F M S Tennessee April Inflamation of Brain 4weeks
12 Chambers Samuel 10 M Tennessee October Bronketus 1day
13 Jones W.F. 1day M Tennessee October Unknown 1day
14 Smith Margaret 76 F M Virginia April Dropsy of Hart 10weeks
15 Preston Martha A. 1 F Tennessee February Whooping Cough 3days
16 Moore Newton 1/12 M Tennessee September Hives 3days
17 Henry Perkins 18 M B S Tennessee August Field Hand Consumption 2years
18 Romine Mary T. 57 F Georgia February Intermittent Fever 8weeks
19 Butler H.W. 17 M Tennessee November Farm Laborer Pneumony 8days
20 Irvin Diannah 43 F M Tennessee April Murdered by Negro Instantly
21 Petigren Thomas 6/12 M Tennessee September Cholera Infantum 1week
22 Era James P. 2/12 M Tennessee September Croup 1week
23 Bracken John 80 M B S North Carolina November Field Hand Burned to death 1day
24 Masingale Samuel 7 M M S Tennessee November Scarlet Fever 8days
25 Whorton Elvira J. 9/12 F Tennessee July Inflamation of Brain 3days
26 Riggs John 72 M W North Carolina December Shoe Maker Consumption 4weeks
27 Runnels William O.B. 7 M Tennessee January Scarlet Fever 6days
28 Swain William O. 2 M Tennessee October Liver Disease 5weeks
29 Morris Isaiah 55 M W Tennessee October Farmer Lung Disease 14months
30 Swain Kizziah 4 F Tennessee May Scarlet Fever 6days
31 Swain Rufus W. 2 M Tennessee May Scarlet Fever 6days
32 Swain A.R. 5/12 M Tennessee May Scarlet Fever 10days
33 Dallis Nancy 28 F M Mississippi February Child Bed 3days
34 Dallis Infant 1day M Tennessee * Unknown 1day left blank
35 Swain George E. 9/12 M Tennessee July Hives 6days




Harden Analina 8 F Tennessee March Scarlet Fever 5days District 13-14 Enumerator:W.A. Hallmark


Long Rebecca 1/12 F Tennessee November Unknown 1day


Thomason Harriet 19 F Tennessee March Consumption 7months


McClintick Sarah 28 F M Tennessee March Dropsy 4weeks


Patrick Martha J. 2 F Tennessee May Scarlet Fever 12days


Findley Yancy 10/12 M B S Tennessee March Croup 6days


Patterson Mary 36 F M North Carolina July Consumption 8months


Tidwell Sarah A. 5 F Tennessee September Intermittent Fever 3weeks


Wade Jessee 11/12 M M S Tennessee May Head Disease 3days


Picket Israel F. 3/12 M Tennessee October Hives 4weeks


Harren Nancy 2 F Tennessee May Fitts from worms 1day


Parker E.D. 65 M M Georgia October Farmer Flux 3weeks


Beck Nancy 56 F W Kentucky November Dropsy 1year


Devenport Sarah 1 F Tennessee November *yorhea 4weeks


Smith Edward 1 M B S Tennessee October Accidental Poison 1week


Smith Sarah 1/12 F Tennessee July Hives 2days


Davis William 49 M M Tennessee March Pneumony 6days


Johnson Charley 80 M B S North Carolina December Old Age 1day


Bryant Mary A. 16 F North Carolina July Inflamation of Brain 9days


Brewer Henry 20 M North Carolina May Disease of Hart 3days


Russel Lewis 23 M Tennessee April Unknown 5weeks


Walker A.J. 1 M Tennessee June Flux 3weeks


Nolen Robert 20 M Tennessee April Farm Laborer Pneumony 2weeks


Weaver James 23 M Tennessee July Farm Laborer Pneumony 1week


Weaver John 69 M North Carolina June Farm Laborer Pneumony 2weeks


Tucker J.F. 2 M Tennessee June Inflamation of Brain 1day


Merrel Gilbert 68 M M S North Carolina July Waggoner Consumption 7months


Goad Richard 46 M M Tennessee August Farmer Bilious Fever 12months


Surratt Ann 11/12 F B S Tennessee March Pneumony 2weeks


Brown Infant 1/12 F Tennessee April Unknown 1day


Wynn Agness 24 F B S Tennessee November Typhoid Fever 3months


Combs Infant 1/12 M B S Tennessee May Unknown 5days


Brown James 64 M M North Carolina May Dispepsia and Gravel 5weeks


Hughs Infant 1/20 M Tennessee January Unknown *


Lock George 8/12 M B S Tennessee October Pneumony 1week




Ruins Mary A. 3 F Tennessee August Whooping Cough 6weeks District 15 Enumerator:W.A. Hallmark


Sutrell Infant 1/12 M Tennessee August Whooping Cough 6weeks


Irvin John P. 74 M W North Carolina May Cabinet Old Age 6weeks


Black Wan 1 M B S Tennessee March Head Pleuricy 3weeks


Turner P. 1/12 M Tennessee March Hives 3days


Tully Margaret 9/12 F Tennessee June Inflamation of Stomach 3days


Tully Katy 11 F M S Tennessee July House Girl Consumption 8weeks


Anderson G.A. 4 M Tennessee July Dropsy & Inflamation of Bowels 6weeks


Wilson Thomas 9/12 M Tennessee December Inflamation of Bowels 4weeks


Stanley Joel M. 4 M Tennessee January Jaundice 3months


Carter Josslin 60 F W Virginia April Seamstress Consumption 5months


Pearson Thomas 1week M Virginia August Measles 5days


Pearson Monro 23 F B S Virginia February Typhoid Fever 3weeks