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1826 teacher contract - David Bruton
DAVID BRUTON b 1790 Greenville SC, who married Nancy Langford, lived in McNairy Co TN from about mid-1820s until abt 1835, when he & nearly his whole family moved to Tishomingo Co MS. In 1845-46 David Bruton & nearly his whole family moved again to Greene Co MO.

DAVID BRUTON b 1790 is present in the 1830 McNairy Co TN census, page 138, living near Thomas Scott Sr and James Scott his son.

THOMAS BRUTON b 1811 Greenville SC, eldest son of DAVID BRUTON (and my gg grandfather) is present in the 1840 McNairy Co TN. He married Lavina Scott, daughter of Thomas Scott Sr, sister to James Scott and Thomas Scott Jr, who are also listed in the 1840 McNairy Co TN census. Thomas Bruton & Lavina Scott moved to Greene/Christian Co MO in about 1845-46, and were some of the pioneer settlers of that area.
Here is the transcribed copy of the 1826 teacher contract:


McNairy County

Article of Argeement

Made and agreed upon between David Bruton of the one part, and we the undersigned employers, witnesseth that the said Bruton doth obligate himself to an English School, the term of three months, and pay due attention five days in every week, keep good order in said school and learn the children put under him to read, write and the use of arithmetic if capable to receive the same, and any young man entering or entered to said school and refusing to submit to the rules of the school shall quit the school and pay for the time entered. And we, the subscribed employers, on our parts do promis to pay the said Bruton two dollars and twenty five cents per scholar for his services, board the said Bruton during the three months, one half to be paid in good seed cotton at the market price, and the other part to be paid in good pork at the market price, to be paid by the 25th of December next, to be delivered at Charles Spencer's. In witness thereof, we have set our hands and annexed the number of scholars each July 5, 1826.

Charles S. Spencer 2

Mikeil R. Boolt 2

George Reaves 1

James Colly 1

Joseph Clark 3

Samuel Redden 1

James Stewart 1

Wm Smith 1

Josiah Courtice 1

(The original copy of this contract is in the possession of H.P. Bruton, Fordland, MO)

Source: 1911 Bruton Family Reunion booklet, by Dr Jesse Thompson Bruton of Missouri

Yours, Betty Tartas

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