Index to McMinn County, TN
Death Records 1914-1925

Transcribed by:
Connie Bauman & Cuzzie Debi Kinney
Not all names listed in this index are actual death records, many are only listed as parents of the deceased.
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Abbott, Edna Abernathy, Jacob Acker, Frances
Acuff, Joel Acuff, Mabel Acuff, Nelson
Adair, Isaac Adair Levi Adair, Mary
Adair, Sarah Adams, Jas Adams, John
Adams, Laura Adams, Mary Adams, Nellie
Adams, Omia Adams, Reese Adams, Richd
Adams, WM Adar, Sallie Addeburg, A A
Addleberg, Adolphus Addoway, Gus Addoway, Marie
Adgerson, ? Adier, Grace Adkins, Josia
Adkinson, ? Adkinson, Nancy Adway, Albert
Adway, Gus Aikman, Bettie Akens, Cathern
Akens, Charlie Akens, John Akin, Ira
Akin, John Akin, Sallie Akin, W J
Alexander, Delia Alexander, Emma Alexander, Geo
Alexander, J D Alexander, Jeff Alexander, Joe
Aley, Benj Aley, Margarette Aley, Margret
Allen, ? Allen, Catherine Allen, Cindia
Allen, Gray Allen, Lucy Allen, Mat
Allen, NIcholas Allen, Valentine Allen, W
Allen, WM Alley, Anna Allison, ?
Allman, Homer Allman, ?lines Alloway, John
Alloway, Ollie Alloway, Zachariah Alls, Nancy
Aly, Benjamin Aly, Nancy Anderson, ?
Anderson, Callie Anderson, Dovie Anderson, Emma
Anderson, Geo Anderson, J F Anderson, Jesse
Anderson, Robt Andrews, Sarah Archer, Charita
Archer, Jos Archer, Martha Armstrong, Andrew
Armstrong, Charley Armstrong, Chas Armstrong, Dick
Armstrong, Elizabeth Armstrong, Ella Armstrong, J L
Armstrong, Jack Armstrong, Jake Armstrong, Lea
Armstrong, Mandy Armstrong, Mary Armstrong, Mellie
Armstrong, Minnie Armstrong, Rural Armstrong, Sena
Armstrong, Sudie Armstrong, Tim Armstrong, WM
Arnold, Alice Arnold, Delie Arnold, Jesse
Arnold, Louesta Arnold, Lula Arnold, Sarah
Arnwine, Albartus Arnwine, Barty Arnwine, Belle
Arnwine, Emma Arnwine, Frank Arnwine, J L
Arnwine, Malinda Arnwine, Manila Arnwine, Mary
Arnwine, Melvin Arp, Martha Arthur, Chas
Arthur, Felix Arwin, ? Ashley, Annie
Ashworth, Celia Atchison, ? Atchley, Pleas
Atkins, Eliza Atkins, Emmaline Atkins, T J
Atkison, ? Austen, A Austin, Harriett
Auston, S Avans, Isam Axley, Ella
Ayers, Martha Ayers, WM Ayres, Lena
Aytes, Jas Aytes, Richd Aytse, Latisia
Bacon, Arlin Bacon, Elbert Bacon, Myrtle
Bailey, Mary Bain, ? Bain, Mary
Baine, Sallie Baird, ? Baird, Ell
Baird, G W Baker, ? Baker, Annie
Baker, Belle Baker, Cecil Baker, Clark
Baker, Delilah Baker, Elizabeth Baker, Jas F
Baker, Jas H Baker, John Baker, Jos
Baker, Lois Bales, ? Bales, Louisa
Balew, Lee Balew, Polley Balew, WM
Ball, Elizabeth Ball, Emeline Ball, Geo
Ball, Gertie Ball, Hallie Ball, Nancy
Ball, Rebecca Ball, Thos Ball, Tom
Ballard, Callie Ballew, Arch Ballew, D R
Ballew, David Ballew, Geo Ballew, Lula
Ballinger, John Bandy, Lucy Baney, Eliza
Bangle, Elizabeth Banks, Sarah Barb, ?
Barb, Rachel Barb, Sarah Barefield, Amos
Barefield, Martha Barefield, Thos Barger, Knollie
Barker, A A Barker, Alice Barker, B
Barker, Bell Barker, Callie Barker, Ellen
Barker, Florence Barker, Geo Barker, Ida
Barker, John Barker, M Z Barker, Margret
Barker, Rebecca Barker, W G Barnes, Jas
Barnes, John Barnes, Jos Barnet, Ivy
Barnet, Robt Barnett, ? Barnett, Ada
Barnett, Darcus Barnett, David Barnett, Elizabeth
Barnett, Fanny Barnett, Ida Barnett, Lue
Barnett, Margaret Barnett, Mary Barnett, Michel
Barnett, Nannie Barnett, Stephen Barnett, Susie
Barnett, Thos Barnett, WM Barr, Thos
Barrett, Lizabel Barrett, M A Barrnett, Florence
Barton, Annie Basinger, Chas Basinger, Fielding
Basinger, Jane Basinger, Marie Basinger, Mary
Basinger, Ulysses Baskett, John Baskett, Mary
Baskett, WM Bass, ? Bates, ?
Bates, Debbie Bates, Horace Bates, J P
Bates, Jas Bates, Maude Bates, Taylor
Battles, ? Baugard, Chas Baugh, Mary
Baulch, Callie Bavers, Silver Baxter, Ella
Baxter, Mrs. Charly Bayless, ? Bayless, Benj
Bayless, Clifford Bayless, Gilput Bayless, Jas
Bayless, Jesse Bayless, Jim Bayless, John W
Bayless, Martha Bayless, Nina Bayless, Susan
Bayless, Vander Bayless, Walter Bayless, WM
Beadford, ? Beadwell, WM Beal, Bob
Beal, Dessie Beals, ? Beard, Martha
Bearden, Jas Bearis, Nancy Bearous, Dan
Bearous, Jas Beasley, Joe Beasley, John
Beasley, Jos Beasley, Sallie Beasley, Tom
Beasley, WM Beaver, HA Beaver, Hosea
Beaver, Nancy Beavers, ? Beavers, Allie
Beavers, Chas Beavers, Elsie Beavers, Jessie
Becket, Elizabeth Bedwell, Bill Bedwell, Jessie
Bedwell, Jessy Bedwell, Susan Bedwell, WM
Beets, ? Belderback, Mary Belford, Julia
Belk, Henry Belk, Hettie Belk, Nannie
Belk, Ruby Belk, Sara Bell, Jas
Bell, Jos Bell, Saml Belt, Sallie
Benett, Andrew Bennett, E Benitt, West
Benson, Cleo Benson, Florence Benson, Jas
Benson, Jas Benson, John Benson, W A
Benton, Alice Benton, Elijah Benton, Jas
Benton, Leelon Benton, Lizzie Benton, Mary
Benton, Odie Benton, Walter Bergins, Thelma
Berry, Nannie Best, Jennie Bethel, ?
Bevins, Nancy Biddix, D H Biddix, Dallas
Biddle, Ina Biggs, Cathern Biggs, Eunice
Bigham, Angeline Bilderback, Annie Bilderback, Elmyra
Billing, Jasper Billing, John Billings, Bertha
Billings, DE Billings, John Billings, Leonia
Birch, ? Birchfield, Jno Bird, C C
Bird, Elvira Bird, G W Bird, J N
Birdwell, ? Bishop, Bobbie Bishop, Dixie
Bishop, Glennie Bishop, Jas Bishop, M E
Bishop, Mary Bishop, Robt Bishop, Sam
Bishop, Sarah Bishop, Thos Bivens, ?
Bivens, A B Bivens, Anna Bivens, Bettie
Bivens, Joe Bivens, John Bivens, Malinda
Bivens, Mary Bivens, Sarah Bivins, Amanda
Bivins, Nancy Bivins, Rachel Black, Chas
Black, Emly Black, J M Black, Julia
Black, Leila Black, Marsh Black, Sarah
Blackburn, ? Blackburn, Jesse Blackwell, Ada
Blackwell, Cora Blackwell, Lora Blackwell, Martha
Blackwell, W G Blair, Jas Blair, Saml
Blair, Thos Blalock, Chas Blalock, Eliza
Blalock, Joe Blanbecklin, Earnesting Blankenship, Hattie
Blankenship, Mat Blankenship, Sarah Bleavins, ?
Bledsoe, C A Bledsoe, Nellie Bledsoe, Vennella
Bledsoe, WM Blevins, C A Blevins, John
Blevins, Lawrence Blevins, Taylor Blevins, Tomas
Blizard, Arch Blizard, Frank Blizard, Jane
Bloom, Eliza Bloom, Jas Bloom, Martha
Bloom, Newman Bloom, Philip Bodder, ?
Bogess, ? Boggess, Julia Boggess, Martha
Bohanan, ? Bohannon, ? Bohannon, Nancy
Bohannon, Plillian Bohannon, Prescia Bohannon, Robt
Bohannon, Susie Bohannon, Thos Bohanon, Philamon
Boher, Mrs. Bolch, Mollie Bolden, Edd
Bolden, Will Bolen, Virgie Bolton, David
Bolton, Ira Bomgardner, J R Bond, Susan
Bonine, Jacob Bonine, W L Bonner, ?
Bonner, J W Bonner, Jesse Bonner, Magnolia
Bonner, Zinnie Bonnie, John Bookout, Green
Bookout, John Boon, Allen Boon, Thos
Bonne, Allen Boone, Jas Boone, Liberty
Boone, Martha Boren, Nick Boring, Jas
Boring, Lydia Boring, Susie Bowerman, John
Bowers, Ansel Bowers, Geo Bowers, Maggie
Bowling, Elizia Bowman, W R Boyd, Charlie
Boyd, Clarence Boyd, Darris Boyd, David
Boyd, Dennis Boyd, Emma Boyd, Francis
Boyd, Isaac Boyd, Johnson Boyd, Louisa
Boyd, Louise Boyd, Manerva Boyd, Maria
Boyd, Martha Boyd, Mary Boyd, Miss
Boyd, Robt Boyd, Tempy Boyd, Thos
Boyd, Willis Brackett, Adkins Brackett, Mrs. W A
Brackett, WM Bradford, ? Bradford, Henry
Bradford, Mary Bradford, Nancie Bradley, ?
Bradley, Arthur Bradley, Bud Bradley, Isach
Brady, Braxton Brady, J A Brady, Mary
Brady, Verlen Brady, W Tabor Bragg, Bertha
Bragg, W M Branam, Jas Branam, Jas
Brandan, ? Brandon, ? Branham, Mary
Branna, Julian Brannon, ? Brannon, Nancy
Brazelton, ? Breeden, C W Breeden, Dick
Breeden, Mary Brevard, Z B Brewer, Lewis
Brickell, Ara Brickell, Jas Brickell, Joshua
Brickell, Tempy Brickelstuff, Addie Brickey, ?
Brickle, Jas Brickle, John Brickle, Joshua
Brickle, Mary Brickle, Saml Bridgeman, ?
Bridgeman, Martha Bridges, ? Bridges, Andrew
Bridges, Arzada Bridges, Charley Bridges, Gertrude
Bridges, I O Bridges, Mamie Bridges, W H
Bridges, Woodrow Bridgman, Charlotte Bridgman, Jon
Bridwell, Cassandra Brient, Elisha Brient, Mortimer
Briggs, Jim Brigham, C E Brigham, Emile
Brigham, Fred Brigham, Oliver Brigham, Virginia
Bright, John Brinkley, John Brisco, Henry
Britton, Lula Britton, Nancy Brock, ?
Brock, A B Brock, Alford Brock, Catherine
Brock, Dicy Brock, E J Brock, Fred
Brock, Grace Brock, Horace Brock, J B
Brock, Jane Brock, Jordan Brock, Kathern
Brock, Larance Brock, Lawrence Brock, Marcia
Brock, Mary Brock, Matilda Brock, Mrs. R F
Brock, Polly Brock, Sarah Brock, Ted
Brock, Terry Brock, Will Brooks, Bertha
Brooks, Geo Brooks, Jim Brooks, Martha
Brooks, Mary Broune, WM Browder, ?
Browder, Ada Browder, Calvin Browder, Clem
Browder, Jas Browder, Margarette Brown, ?
Brown, Annie Brown, Bettie Brown, Cora
Brown, David Brown, Eleaney Elizabeth
Brown, Ellie Brown, Emma Brown, Fannie
Brown, Hannah Brown, Hugh Brown, J R
Brown, J W Brown, Jane Brown, Jas
Brown, John Brown, Jos Brown, Kate
Brown, Maggie Brown, Mark Brown, Martha
Brown, Mary Brown, Nellie Brown, Pete
Brown, Phebia Brown, Robt Brown, Ruth
Brown, S A Brown, S P Brown, Sallie
Brown, Sarah Brown, Thersa Brown, Ushie
Brown, W W Brown, WM Brownell, Mary
Bruce, WM Bruer, Alfred Bruer, Elmer
Bruer, Josephine Bruer, Will Brumet, Ellen
Brumitt, Mary Bruner, ? Brunson, Fred
Bryan, Clark Bryan, Hester Bryan Ruby
Bryan, Vince Bryan, Virgil Bryant, Eliza
Brymer, Sarah Bryson, Andrew Bryson, Fay
Bryson, J E Bryson, Jeptha Buchanan, Allen
Buchanan, Allen Buchanan, Chester Buchanon, Billie
Buckner, ? Buckner, Allen Buckner, Clementine
Buckner, Donnie Buckner, Ellen Buckner, Elsie
Buckner, Emma Buckner, Floyd Buckner, Geo
Buckner, Harriet Buckner, Ida Buckner, Isacele
Buckner, J W Buckner, Jas Buckner, Joe
Buckner, L P Buckner, Lucy Buckner, Maranda
Buckner, Mary Buckner, Nannie Buckner, Pateheney
Buckner, Peller Buckner, R A Buckner, Sarah
Buckner, Serena Buckner, Shedric Buckner, Washington
Buckner, WM Buffington, ? Bull, Carrie
Bull, N E Bunch, Amelia Bunch, Jos
Bunch Nancie Bunch, Nancy Bunch, Samantha
Burell, ? Burger, ? Burger, Charity
Burger, Euel Burger, Hazel Burger, Jas
Burger, Magnolia Burger, Rachel Burger, Sarah
Burges, Mary Burgess, Altha Burgess, Amanda
Burgess, Bill Burgess, John Burgett, ?
Burgin, A P Burgin, Chas Burgis, Anna
Burk, Elisbet Burk, Hugh Burk, Lee
Burk, R P Burk, Sam Burke, Bill
Burke, Gertrude Burke, WM Burket, Henry
Burkett, Tennie Burn, Harrison Burn, Jas
Burnes, Albert Brunett, ? Burnett, Bertha
Burnett, Jno Burnett, Laura Burnett, Ludora
Burnett, Sarah Burnette, Dora Burnette, Jasper
Burns, Della Burns, Hadie Burns, Jas
Burns, Sarah Burrell, Lillie Burrell, M L
Burrell, Walter Burress, Burt Burress, Eliza
Burress, Willie Burris, ? Burris, Easter
Burris, Joe Burris, John Burris, Margaret
Burten, ? Burton, Jas Burton, Jim
Busell, ? Bush, Mary Bussart, C P
Bussart, Helen Butler, Aalin Butler, Alice
Butler, Josephine Butler, Mary Butler, Rachel
Butler, Tomas Butram, ? Butt, Magie
Buttions, Mosey Button, Stella Buttram, ?
Buttram, Amanda Buttram, Irie Buttram, Jennie
Buttram, John Buttram, Julia Buttram, M K
Buttram, Margarette Buttram, Mary Buttram, Moses
Buttram, Mosey Buttram, Vina Buttram, WM
Bybee, Rollin Byington, ? Byram, ?
Byrd, Eliza Byrd, Grant Byrd, Isaac
Byrd, Lissie Byron, Amos Byron, Amos
Byron, Nathan Byum, Jeff
Cagle, Bessie
Cagle, Elizabeth Cagle, Florence Cagle, Geo
Cagle, Laura Cagle, Loyd Cagle, Nancy
Cain, Amelia Caldwell, ? Caldwell, Andrew
Caldwell, Andros Caldwell, WM Caley, Mary
Calfee, Emma Calhoun, Haney Calhoun, Harvy
Calhoun, John Calhoun, Mable Callahan, Daml
Callahan, Gehn Callahan, Geo Callahan, Nancy
Callahan, Saml Calloway, ? Calloway, Mary
Calloway, Callie Calloway, Susan Camp, Ann
Camp, Blis Camp, J Bliss Camp, Thos
Campbell, Dave Campbell, Henderson Campbell, J S
Campbell, Margrett Campbell, Obadiah Canedeny, ?
Cannon, Clara Cannon, Matthew Cannon, Nancy
Canon, Mary Canter, Sarah Cantrell, ?
Cantrell, Callie Cantrell, Cora Cantrell, Dovie
Cantrell, Jas B Cantrell, Jas T Cantrell, R P
Cantrell, R Pierce Cantrell, Tom Cantrell, Willie
Capers, WM Carand, Mary Carden, EJ
Carden, Elizabeth Carden, Hazel Carden, J T
Carden, John Carden, Jones Carder, America
Carder, Lillie Cardin, ? Cardin, Cora
Cardin, Henry Cardin, Jas Cardin, Jones
Cardin, Larkin Cardin, Larkin Cardin, Mandy
Cardum, Grover Cardum, Larkin Cardwell, Anderson
Carell, ? Carell, Henry Careway, ?
Carlock, ? Carlock, Charlie Carlock, Clara
Carlock, Frank Carlock, John Carlock, Jonas
Carlock, Lillie Carlock, Minnie Carlock, Nellie
Carlock, Rosa Carmack, Bill Carmichael, G P
Carmichael, Jacob Carney, Nancy Carpenter, ?
Carpenter, Cyril Carpenter, J C Carpenter, Lizzie
Carpenter, Margaret Carpenter, Mary Carpenter, Nannie
Carpenter, WF Carpenter, Will Carptner, J C
Carr, Hubert Carr, J M Carr, Jane
Carr, Johnie Carr, Toy Carr, Willis
Carrell, Eliza Carrell, John Carrier, Della
Carroll, Alfred Carroll, Apson, Carroll, Beckie
Carroll, Bertha Carroll, Berzellar Carroll, C C
Carroll, Chris Carroll, Coon Carroll, Eli
Carroll, Frank Carroll, Frankie Carroll, Geo
Carroll, Hill Carroll, Ida Carroll, John
Carroll, Louisa Carroll, Mansel Carroll, Margaret
Carroll, Margret Carroll, Murkey Carroll, Nellie
Carroll, Saml Carroll, Winnie Carruth, Annie
Carruth, Harriette Carruth, John Carruth, Ned
Carruth, Rebecca Carruth, Vesta Carruth, Walter
Carter, ? Carter, Betty Carter, Beulah
Carter, Callie Carter, Chrley Carter, Clem
Carter, Eliza Carter, Fannie Carter, Gabrell
Carter, Heniger Carter, Hiley Carter, Jeff
Carter, John Carter, Kiziah Carter, Marion
Carter, N Carter, Nancy Carter, Selina
Carter, Sue Carter, Thos Carter, W E
Caruth, Della Carver, ? Carver, A J
Carver, Annie Carver, C C Carver, Harry
Carver, Henry Carver, Hettie Carver, Jane
Carver, Mahaly Carver, Mary Carver, Neal
Carver, Washington Cash, Howard Cash, Leeburg
Casiday, Phoebe Caskey, Mary Cass, Edd
Cass, J W Cass, L M Cass, M A
Cass, Susan Cass, Tomas Cass, WM
Cassady, John Casteel, ? Casteel, Alex
Casteel, Amanda Casteel, Bettie Casteel, Edith
Casteel, Geo Casteel, Jas Casteel, Joe
Casteel, John Casteel, Mary Casteel, Mike
Casteel, Minie Casteel, Mossie Casteel, Peggie
Casteel, Sarah Casteel, Walter Castell, Esmond
Castell, Jack Castile, Martha Caston, Janie
Cate, Ada Cate, Annie Cate, Belle
Cate, Elijah Cate, Elizabeth Cate, Fannie
Cate, Harriet Cate, J C Cate, John
Cate, Laura Cate, Nelle Cate, Robt
Cate, Sarah Cate, T J Cate, WM
Cates, David Cates, John Cates, Katherine
Cates, Martha Cates, Mary Cates, Sallie
Cates, Sarah Cates, Will Cathcant, Jas
Caunipp, D A Causler, Ira Cawood, Frances
Cawood, Thos Cecil, ? Cecil, Oscar
Cecil, Roda Cecil, Sherman Cecil, Thos
Cellars, I Center, Harry Center, J L
Center, Peter Center, WM Chablee, Sallie
Chadwick, Henry Chaffin, C Chaffin, Clarence
Chaffin, Ray Chambers, Frony Chandler, J H
Chandler, Jack Chaneble, Isbill Chanley, ?
Chapman, J W Chapman, Mrs. U L Chastain, ?
Chastine, J K Chastine, Jesse Cheack, ?
Cheek, Eliza Chesnutt, Martha Chester, ?
Chestnut, ? Chick, ? Childres, Bettie
Childress, Jacob Childress, Serepta Choat, Julian
Chrisman, Isaac Christenberry, Thos Christian, Ed
Cicle, Sarah Clampett, Louisa Clark, ?
Clark, Anderson Clark, Bessie Clark, Cathrine
Clark, Charity Clark, Chas Clark, David
Clark, Emma Clark, Floyd Clark, Jas
Clark, Mary Clark, Nancy Clark, Rialey
Clark, Stanley Clark, Thos Clark, Wesley
Clarke, Crawford Claton, Rildie Clayton, Amanda
Clayton, Ben Clayton, Cornealis Clayton, Guss
Clayton, Jeff Clayton, John Clayton, Leay
Clayton, Lillie Clayton, Margaret Clayton, Mart
Clayton, Martin Clayton, Marton Clayton, Mattie
Clayton, Millie Clayton, Sena Clayton, Tina
Cleage, ? Cleage, Addie Cleage, Amy
Cleage, Clinton Cleage, David Cleage, Edward
Cleage, Florence Cleage, Hillard Cleage, Jane
Cleage, Jerry Cleage, Joe Cleage, Laura
Cleage, Leah Cleage, Mary Cleage, Sallie
Cleague, Susie Cleavland, ? Clemenson, Mary
Clementson, Mary Clemerson, John Click, WM
Clifford, Hanah Clift, Eliza Clift, Sadie
Clifton, Peter Clifton, Robt Climmer, Anna
Cline, ? Cline, A Cline, Amanda
Cline, Martha Cline, Sena Clines, ?
Cloud, Polly Clouts, Martin Clowers, K J
Clowers, Robt Cobb, ? Cobb, Ben
Cobb, Bettie Cobb, Bonnie
Cobb, Edith Cobb, Ercie Cobb, Essie
Cobb, Henry Cobb, Jackson Cobb, Jane
Cobb, Joe Cobb, John Cobb, Jonas
Cobb, Lewis Cobb, Louella Cobb, Maranda
Cobb, Mary Cobb, Minnie Cobb, Nelson
Cobb, Penelope Cobb, Peter Cobb, Richd
Cobb, Sarah Cobb, Tom Cobble, Granvill
Cobble, John Cobble, Jos Cochran, ?
Cochran, A J Cochran, Allen Cochran, C B
Cochran, C P Cochran, Elizabeth Cochran, Mary
Cochran, R H Cochran, Richd Cochran, Robt
Cochran, Sallie Cochran Sarah Coffee, ?
Coffee, Julia Coffee, Kinner Coffee, Louisa
Coffee, Rebacah Coffey, Ples Coffie, Ples
Coffee, Z Coffman, ? Coffman, Albert
Coffwell, Rebecca Cogle, Geo Cogle, John
Coker, ? Coker, Elizabeth Coker, WM
Colbert, Alfred Colbert, Cora Colbert, Randolph
Coldwell, Anderson Cole, Effie Cole, Ella
Cole, Frankie Cole, Hariet Cole, J M
Cole, Jas Cole, M J Cole, Mary
Cole, Robt Cole, Will Coleman, Ben
Coleman, Blaine Coleman, Flora Coleman, Gay
Coleman, Jim Coleman, Lettie Coleman, Mary
Coleman, WM Coley, Joshua Collins, ?
Collins, Adolphus Collins, Cora Collins, Henry
Collins, Jacob Collins, Jas Collins, Joe
Collins, Jos Collins, Mary Collins, Nora
Collins, W J Collins, WM Collons, Nora
Colman, ? Columns, Dorthy Colville, Ella
Colville, Harriet Colvin, Harriet Colvin, Jas
Colwell, Mary Combs, Fannie Combs, H T
Combs, Osburn Comstock, Addie Conar, Jas
Conar, John Conaster, Pearl Coner, D H
Conley, Easter Conley, Nancy Connar, Georgia
Conner, Ida Conner, L A Cook, ?
Cook, Amanda Cook, Charley Cook, Clarissa
Cook, Emma Cook, J Cook, Jake
Cook, Logan Cook, Maggie Cook, Martha
Cook, Matildy Cook, Nancy Cook, Paris
Cook, Sanford Cook, Susan Cooke, Frances
Cooke, Hettie Cooke, Jake Cooke, Mary
Cooke, Nancy Cooke, Richd Cooke, W L
Cooley, Chapman Cooley, Mary Cooley, Robt
Cooper, Ben Cooper, Celestian Cooper, Charlotte
Cooper, Ellen Cooper, Francis Cooper, J C
Cooper, Jas Cooper, L T Cooper, Lizzie
Cooper, Mary Cooper, Nancy Cooper, Roy
Cooper, Sarah Cooper, Tinie Cooper, Tom
Cooper, WM Copehauer, Francis Copehauer, L A
Copeland, Cythia Copeland, Elizabeth Copland, Garret
Corbin, Harriett Cornet, W M Cornet, Willis
Cornett, Calie Cornett, Dolly Cornett, Elish
Cornett, J H Cornett, John Cornett, Laura
Cornett, Louise Cornett, Martin Cornett, Tom
Cornett, Wales Cornwall, Martha Cosby, Nancy
Cote, Chas Cotes, Edward Cowan, Archie
Cowan, Ellen Cowan, Mary Cox, Alford
Cox, Alfred Cox, Joe Cox, Katie
Cox, Margaret Cox, Mariah Cox, Mose
Crabtree, ? Crabtree, Geo Crabtree, John
Crabtree, Mandy Crabtree, Susan Crabtree, Thos
Crabtree, Tomas Crabtree, WM Craig, Mary
Craig, Polly Crammer, Richd Crane, Nancy
Crane, Sarah Crane, Susie Cranfield, Tishie
Crawford, Artie Crawlie, ? Creasman, Adam
Creasman, Jos Creasman, S D Creech, Charlcie
Crippens, Annie Crippens, Henry Crisenberry, John
Crisenberry, T W Crisman, Martha Crittenden, ?
Crittenden, Adoline Crittenden, Anna Crittenden, C C
Crittenden, Charley Crittenden, Columbus Crittenden, J F
Crittenden, J J Crittenden, Jane Crittenden, Jas
Crittenden, John Crittenden, M A Crittenden, Marcus
Crittenden, Mark Crittenden, Mattie Crittenden, Nancy
Crittenden, Sarah Crittenden, W R
Crittenden, WM Crocket, ? Crocket, Josiah
Crockett, ? Crockett, Easter Crockett, J A
Crockett, Maxie Crockett, Nancy Crockett, R B
Crockett, Saml Crockett, Thos Crockman, Lucindia
Croft, Hazel Croft, Oscar Crofts, Enos
Crofts, Lillie Crofts, Saml Cross, Will
Crow, C A Crow, Jas Crow, WM
Crowden, Effie Crowdin, John Crowdin, Preston
Crowe, Jane Crox, ? Crumpton, Isaac
Crumpton, Marie Crumpton, Vesta Cry, Ed
Cry, Nancy Culberson, Nancy Culberson, Peter
Culpepper, ? Culpepper, Alice Culpepper, Jos
Culpepper, Julia Cummins, Samantha Cunningham, ?
Cunningham, Charlottie Cunningham, D Cunningham, Will
Cupp, Geo Cupp, Jacob Curby, Nancy
Curtin, Louise Curtis, Asbury Curtis, Barbara
Curtis, E L Curtis, Floyd Curtpatron, Phoebe
Custion, Edna Custion, I E Cutcher, Jas
Cutcher, Newel
Dackus, ? Dacus, Eliza
Dacus, Jas Dacus, Sallie Dailey, Sarah
Daniels, John Daniels, Lillie Darnell, Jennie
Daugharty, Marguaret Daugherty, ? Daugherty, Ann
Daugherty, Charlie Daugherty, Chas Daugherty, Ida
Daugherty, John Daugherty, Josie Daugherty, Margarette
Daugherty, Mary Daugherty, Randolph Daugherty, Sallie
Daugherty, Susan Daugherty, WM Davies, Malinda
Davis, ? Davis, Benj Davis, Betsy
Davis, Bettie Davis, David Davis, Dolly
Davis, Elizabeth Davis, Ella Davis, Geo
Davis, Ham Davis, Harrette Davis, Herman
Davis, Jacob Davis, John David, Lillie
Davis, Ludlow Davis, Maggie Davis, Mary
Davis, Nancy Davis, Nanie Davis, Nora
Davis, Ora Davis, Otha Davis, Priscilla
Davis, Rebecca Davis, Robt Davis, Sada
Davis, Sarah Davis, Thos Dawson, Maggie
Day, Martha Deadrick, Edward Deadrick, Robt
Deakins, Lizzie Dean, Eliza Dean, Richd
Deaton, Nancie Decker, David Decker, Flora
Decker, WM Dehart, Maude Delany, ?
Delashmitt, Elbert Delashmitt, W M Delashmitt, WM
Denbow, Elizabeth Denham, Ada Denman, Robt
Dennis, Craytin Dennis, Mark Dennis, Mary
Dennis, Miss Denton, ? Denton, Emma
Denton, Jas Denton, Thos Derrick, Delia
Derrick, J H Derrick, Jessie Derrick, M J
Derrick, Mandy Derrick, Maranda Derrick, Mical
Derrick, Rastus Derrick, Sara Devann, ?
Devaught, ? Dewitt, Sarah Dick, John
Dickerson, Thos Dickey, Alice Dickey, Georgiann
Dickey, J M Dickey, Joe Dickey, Lucy
Dickey Merrie Dickey, Walter Dickson, Eli
Dickson, Hannah Dickson, J C Dickson, Oregon
Dickson, T L Dillingham, Pearl Dithers, Lorinea
Ditmore, Marie Ditmore, Mary Dixon, ?
Dixon, Frank Dixon, Holley Dixon, Jane
Dixon, Jas Dixon, Jessie Dixon, John
Dixon, Mahaley Dixon, Martha Dixon, Mary
Dixon, Maude Dixon, Minie Dixon, Minnie
Dixon, Oregan Dixon, Richd Dixon, Sam
Dixon, Sarah Dixon, Will Dixon, Wince
Dixon, WM Dobbs, Horace Dobson, Cleo
Dobson, Robt Dockery, ? Dockery, E
Dodd, A Dodd, C L Dodd, Jack
Dodd, Nancy Dodd, Walter Dodson, ?
Dodson, Bascun Dodson, Callie Dodson, Charlie
Dodson, Chas Dodson, Docie Dodson, E A
Dodson, Edward Dodson, Eliza Dodson, Henry
Dodson, Jesse Dodson, Jessie Dodson, John
Dodson, Levi Dodson, Mary Dodson, Oliver
Dodson, Sarah Dodson, WM Dodson, Woods
Dolan, Cyrus Dolan, John Dolan, Tina
Doland, Jane Dolles, Wesley Dolles, WM
Dolless, Wesley Donaldson, Nancy Doodesige, WM
Doss, Bill Doss, Fannie
Doss, Nancy Doss, WM Dotson, Flora
Dotson, Jas Dotson, Long Dotson, Lula
Dotson, Majer Dotson, Mary Dotson, Tilda
Dotson, Tom Dotson, WM Dougan, Margaret
Dougan, Sallie Dougherty, Louise Dougless, Luvena
Doutherty, Prisie Dowell, Eliza Doyle, Ada
Drake, Jane Ducan, ? Duckett, Betty
Duckett, Decky Duckett, Elizabeth Duckett, Lenoria
Duckett, Loyd Duckett, Robt Duckworth, Mary
Duckworth, May Duery, Minty Duggan, David
Duggan, Flora Duggan, Hugh Duggan, Jane
Duggan, John Duggan, Margaret Duggan, Matilda
Duggan, Peggy Duggan, Sam Duggan, Sarah
Duggan, Thos Duggan, Tilda Duggan, WM
Dugless, ? Dully, ? Duncan, Dolly
Duncan, Florence Duncan, Geo Duncan, Nanie
Duncan, WM Dunn, Alice Dunn, Ezekiel
Dunn, Henry Dunn, Jas Dunn, L L
Dunn, Malinda Dunn, Mariah Dunn, Napoleon
Dunn, Nettie Durham, David Durham, Mattie
Dye, Arlie Dye, Gennis Dye, Isaac
Dye, Mary Dyer, ? Dyer, A B,
Dyer, AB Dyer, Addey Dyer, Addie
Dyer, Albert Dyer, Annie Dyer, Isaac
Dyer, Minnie Dyer, Sharlotte Delay, Grace
Ealey, ? Ealy, Elizabeth Earley, Augusta
Earley, John Earley, Jones Early, Mattie
Eaton, Clement Eaton, Elbert Eaton, Jas
Eaton, Mary Eaton, Matilda Eaves, B M
Eaves, Burton Eberman, WM Edgeman, Bettie
Edgeman, Margret Edgeman, W S Edgemon, Annie
Edgemon, Martha Edgemon, Saml Edgemon, Thos
Edgemon, WM Edgewaith, Margrett Edgman, ?
Edgmon, Abner Edgmon, Alex Edgmon, T K
Edwards, Amelia Edwards, Carrie Edwards, Frank
Edwards, Mary Elarhart, D Elder, Crumpton
Elder, Gilbert Elder, Martha Elder, Rachel
Elder, Sarah Eldgards, Harden Eldgards, John
Eledge, Laura Eledge, Tom Eliott, Mima
Elkins, W M Ellear, Jas Ellege, Mary
Elliot, John Elliott, Will Elliott, Alfred
Elliott, Arlie Elliott, Bill Elliott, Elizabeth
Elliott, Elmira Elliott, Geo Elliott, J A
Elliott, J J Elliott, J W Elliott, Jack
Elliott, Jesse Elliott, John Elliott, Lucy
Elliott, Maggie Elliott, Mima Elliott, SH
Elliott, Walter Elliott, WM Elliotte, Maggie
Ellis, Annie Ellis, Bertie Embler, Lena
Emerson, ? Emerson, Addie Emerson, Amanda
Emerson, Carl Emerson, Chas Emerson, Jas
Emerson, John Emerson, Margarete Emerson, Mary
Emerson, WM Enderwood, Ellie Endmon, Gertrude
Endmon, John Engle, ? English, Margret
Ensminger, Chas Ensminger, E K Ensminger, Elijah
Ensminger, Mary Ensminger, Sarah Erickson, ?
Erickson, John Erickson, Parthenia Ervin, Ella
Ervin, Lewis Ervin, Marthy Ervins, Jim
Erwin, Alice Erwin, Jas Erwin, Jos
Erwin, Lamanda Erwin, Miles Erwin, Patrick
Erwin, Pearl Ester, ? Estes, Ellen
Estes, Tissue Etter, Nancy Evans, ?
Evans, Bradley Evans, Chas Evans, Ellen
Evans, Fannie Evans, Frank Evans, Isam
Evans, Jas Evans, John Evans, Louis
Evans, Pleasant Evans, Rosa Evens, Chas
Everett, Martha Everett, Nancy Everhart, Eliza
Everhart, Isaac Everhart, Jas Everhart, John
Everhart, Rachel Everhart, Thos Everhart, Tomas
Everhart, WM Evert, Martha Everton, Alec
Everton, Caroline Evins, ? Evins, Harriet
Fagala, G W Fagala, Walter Fain, ?
Fain, Callie Fain, Jas Fain, Lenard
Fair, Emaline Falls, Elizabeth Fannin, WM
Farmer, ? Farmer, C L Farmer, Hassie
Farmer, John Farmer, Margaret Farmer, Mary
Farmer, Sarah Farner, Emaline Farner, Robt
Farr, Cordelia Farrell, D S Farrell, Levina
Farrell, Nannie Farrell, Parlee Farrell, Rena
Farrell, Theophilus Farrington, WM Farrow, Lucy
Faulkner, Jas Faulkner, Minnie Feathers, Martha
Fennel, Danl Fergerson, Jos Dergerson, Mary
Ferguson, Cecil Ferguson, Earl Ferguson, Eliza
Ferguson, Emma Ferguson, J A Ferguson, Jesse
Ferguson, John Ferguson, Margaret Ferguson, Mary
Ferguson, Riley Ferguson, W A Ferguson, WM
Fetser, Pollie Fetzer, G W Fetzer, J R
Fickle, Alice Fields, Erastus Fields, Glenn
Fields, Maria Fields, Rosa Final, Danl
Fine, Della Finley, Anna Finley, Julia
Finley, Lucinda Firestone, Mary Fisher, Ann
Fisher, Eliza Fisher, Ellen Fisher, Emeline
Fisher, Florence Fisher, Geo Fisher, Margaret
Fisher, Mattie Fisher, R M Fisher, Richd
Fisher, W T Fitch, Herbert Fitch, J W
Fite, ? Fite, Henry Fite, Rachel
Fite, Rebeca Fitzsimmons, J C Flanagan, Phillip
Fleming, Cynthia Fleming, Jas Fleming, Robt
Flemming, Martha Flory, Barbara Flory, M F
Flower, Kate Flowers, Andy Flowers, Jim
Flowers, Kate Flowers, Mary Floyd, Henry
Floyd, Jos Floyd, Thos Flud, Mary
Foarster, Polly Foor, Sam Ford, Chas
Ford, Dan Ford, John Ford, Mary
Ford, Saml Fore, Eliza Fore, Laura
Foree, Jas Foree, Lewis Foree, Louis
Foree, T M Foree, W M Foree, WM
Forest, Jack Forest, Rachel Forgey, ?
Forgie, Ellen Forgy, Ellen Forrest, Jas
Forrest, Martha Forrest, Rachel Forrest, W H
Forrester, GL Forrester, Sapas Forster, Benj
Forster, Mary Forster, Nancy Fortener, Henry
Fortner, Arch Fortner, Catherine Fortner, I A
Fortner, Mat Fortner, Mindy Fortner, Robt
Fortner, Will Foster, ? Foster, A Walter
Foster, Charley Foster, Chrisly Foster, Elithe
Foster, Jane Foster, Jessie Foster, John
Foster, Lucinda Foster, M H Foster, Madge
Foster, Mariah Foster, Mary Foster, Minnie
Foster, Ora Foster, Peter Foster, Polly
Foster, R H Foster, Sarah Foster, WM
Four, Jane Four, Mary Foust, Laura
Foust, Saml Fousts, Nancy Fox, Colton
Fox, Esther Fox, G W Fox, Geo
Fox, Hugh Fox, Jas Fox, Jos
Fox, Mary Fox, Nellie Fox, Petty
Fox, WM Fradie, Lizzie Frady, Edgar
Frady, Jas France, J C France, J H
France, Mary France, Nina Francheyer, Andrew
Francheyer, WM Francis, Bass Francis, Effie
Francis, Jas Francis, Logan Francis, Sam
Francisco, Nancy Frank, Estie Frank, Hettie
Frank, Jas, Frank, Linie Frank, Linnie
Frank, Robt Frank, S E Frank, Sterling
Frank, Thos Frank, Wiley Frankland, Zeak
Franklin, Bettie Franklin, Easter Franklin, J
Franklin, J H Franklin, Jas Frazier, Ann
Freeman, John Freeman, Telethia Fricks, Thos
Frisbie, Henry Frix, ? Frody, Cornelia
Frost, ? Fry, Austin Fry, Florence
Fry, Harvey Fry, Martha Fry, Mrs. J C
Fry, WM Frye, Harvy Frye, John
Frye, Laura Frye, Martha Fullen, Hartsell
Fullen, Jas Funderberg, Kate Furgenson, ?
Furgeson, ? Furgson, ? Gailan, ?
Gaithes, Ellen Gallant, Grace Gallant, Polly
Gallant, Sam Gallant, Selena Gallant, Thos
Gallant, Thos Gallant, W A Gallant, Willis
Gallian, Pristine Gallion, Presha Gambill, WM
Gamble, ? Gamble, Delie Gamble, Emeline
Gamble Lydia Gamblin, John Gamblin, Maud
Garber, Anna Garden, Sarah
Gardner, Frances Graner, Margaret Garner, Minerva
Garrette, Delia Garrison, Fletcher Garrison, Jennie
Garrison, John Gass, Geo Gasting, ?
Gaston, Minnie Gauss, Mary Gay, ?
Gay, Elizabeth Gay, Saml Gee, ?
Gee, Margaret Gee, Martha Gennings, ?
Gentry, Chas Gentry, Darcus Gentry, Frances
Gentry, Gilbert Gentry, Katherine Gentry, Laura
Gentry, Loranzy George, Essie George, Fannie
George, J A George, Sarah Gettys, Amelia
Gettys, Ann Gettys, Jas Gettys, Mary
Gettys, Wilberforce Ghormley, Rachel Ghormley, Saml
Gibbie, Texie Gibboney, Mary Gibbony, John
Gibbs, Ruthey Gibson, ? Gibson, A D
Gibson, Elias Gibson, Eliss Gibson, Laura
Gibson, Mary Gibson, Mrs. A A Gibson, Sarah
Gibson, Susie Gibson, T P Gibson, Wesly
Gibson, Willey Gibson, Willie Gilbert, Jim
Gilbert, Margret Gilbert, Matilda Gilbert, Walter
Gilbreath, Sarah Gilenwater, Geo Gilenwater, W M
Giles, Evaline Giles, Mary Giles, WM
Gillespie, Amous Gillespie, Matilda Gillian, Sadie
Girdner, Christina Givins, B A Givins, Eliza
Givins, John Glaspie, Amos Glaspie, Malinda
Glass, ? Glassbuy, ? Glaze, ?
Glaze, B G Glaze, Marion Goans, Shedrick
Goddard, ? Goforth, Emily Goings, Elizabeth
Goings, Sarah Goins, Cornelius Goins, Jane
Goins, Laura Goins, Lize Goins, Robt
Goins, Sarah Golf, Annie Goode, Emma
Goodman, Charley Goodman, Nanna Goodman, Rachel
Goodner, Jacob Gootson, ? Gordon, ?
Gordon, Caroline Gordon, Laura Gordon, Thos
Gorge, Lenie Gossett, Della Gouldy, Alice
Gouldy, John Gowick, ? Grady, John
Graham, ? Graham, Martha Granbille, Charlie
Grant, ? Grant, Ines Grant, Lillie
Grant, Lucy Grant, Ralph Grant, WM
Graves, ? Graves, Biethey Graves, Elizabeth
Graves, Geo Graves, Jake Graves, Jas
Gravson, Sallie Gray, ? Gray, Anna
Gray, Cynthia Gray, Emma Gray, Virginia
Green, ? Green, Albert Green, B J
Green, Betsey Green, Cathern Green, Daisy
Green, Daniel Green, David Green, Emma
Green, Esther Green, Floyd Green, Grant
Green, Jack Green, Jacob Green, Jas
Green, John Green, Katie Green, Lenar
Green, Liza Green, Lottie Green, Loyd
Green, Maggie Green, Mandey Green, Mandy
Green, Martha Green, Mary Green, Naitt
Green, Oregon Green, Organ Green, Perry
Green, Polly Green, Queen Green, R W
Green, Ralph Green, Sam Green, Saml
Green, Thos Green, Vinie Green, Will
Greenelac, ? Greenlee, ? Greenlee, Adaline
Greenwood, Mary Gregg, Elsie Gregg, Jas
Gregg, Joel Gregory, Benj Gregory, Jas
Gregory, Jimmie Gregory, John Gregory, Mary
Gregory, Rhoda Griffey, David Griffin, John
Griffin, Victoria Griffin, W A Griffith, Leander
Griffith, W M Griffiths, Deleany Griffiths, Jas
Griffiths, Margaret Grigg, Bettie Grigg, Joel
Grigg, Sam Grigg, Saml Griggs, Alice
Griggs, Sam Grigsby, Kezzia Grills, WM
Grims, Susan Grisbery, ? Grisby, ?
Grisham, Jas Grisham, Luna Grisham, Rosan
Grisham, Sarah Grisham, Thos Grisham, WM
Grogan, Jane Grogin, Jane Grophan, Elizie
Groves, Biethey Groves, Nancy Grubb, Sarah
Grubb, WM Gudger, Mary Guffey, Frank
Guffey, Jim Guffey, Sarah Guffy, Geo
Guffy, Tom Guinn, Elizabeth Guinn, John
Gurley, Geo Gurley, Manson Guthery, ?
Guthery, Thos Guthrey, C H Guthrey, Chas
Guthrie, Elora Guy, Sam Guyton, ?
Gwinn, Kizar Gwy, Gorg Gwyer, Mearlis
Hacker, Geo Hacker, Marion
Hacker, Saml Hacker, Tenie Hackler, Dowal
Hackler, Geo Hackler, Tomas Hackler, Tomas
Hackler, Velma Hackley, Henry Hadden, Eugene
Hadden, Jeff Hafley, Frank Hafley, Geo
Hailey, ? Haley, Alex Haley, Amy
Haley, C Haley, Chas Haley, David
Haley, Effie Haley, Glenn Haley, Gracie
Haley, Minnie Haley, Smith Haley, Tula
Hall, ? Hall, A P Hall, Alonzo
Hall, Alvin Hall, Billy Hall, Charley
Hall, Charlie Hall, Danl Hall, Ellen
Hall, Henry Hall, Horace Hall, Hulbert
Hall, Ida Hall, Ila Hall, J L
Hall, Jossie Hall, Levi Hall, Lonzo
Hall, Martha Hall, Mary Hall, Ollie
Hall, Peggy Hall, Scott Hall, Tinnie
Hall, WM Halterman, Addie Hambright, ?
Hamby, Adaline Hames, ? Hames, David
Hamich, W C Hamilton, Brad Hamilton, Burl
Hamilton, Harvey Hamilton, Harvy Hamilton, J L
Hamilton, Jas Hamilton, John Hamilton, Sarah
Hamilton, WM Hammonds, C Hammons, Ann
Hammons, Marshall Hammons, W J Hampton, ?
Hampton, Bart Hampton, Burton Hampton, Danl
Hampton, John Hampton, Josie Hampton, Lewis
Hampton, Manervy Hampton, Richd Hampton, Sallie
Hampton, Thos Hampton, Z Taylor Handby, May
Hands, Margarette Hanes, Angeline Haney, ?
Haney, Geo Haney, Henry Haney, Maggie
Haney, Monence Haney, Rebecca Hanger, ?
Hanks, Alford Hanks, John Hanks, Mary
Hannah, Nellie Hanner, Polly Harbison, ?
Harbitt, M Berge Harden, ? Hardey, Ann
Hardin, Amos Hardin, John Hardy, Ann
Hardy, Annie Hardy, Martha Hardy, Sam
Hardy, Sarah Harell, ? Harkins, Evaline
Harkins, Martha Harkride, ? Harkride, Chrisina
Harkride, Christennie Harman, Kathern Harman, W H
Harmon, Catherine Harmon, Essie Harmon, Isrel
Harmon, J H Harmon, Jacob Harmon, Jas
Harmon, Lee Harmon, Polly Harmon, Queen
Harmon, Rebecca Harmon, Sarah Harmon, W T
Harmon, WM Harold, Sallie Harold, Will
Harrell, Elizabeth Harrell, Mary Harrington, Richardson
Harrington, WM Harris, ? Harris, Alfred
Harris, Andrew Harris, Annie Harris, Barbara
Harris, Bart Harris, Bulah Harris, Callie
Harris, Clara Harris, Cora Harris, Dolph
Harris, Eliza Harris, Elizabeth Harris, G F
Harris, Henry Harris, J A Harris, J H
Harris, Jennie Harris, Jesse Harris, Jessey
Harris, Jessie Harris, John Harris, Kennie
Harris, Lorena Harris, Maggie Harris, Mancy
Harris, Margaret Harris, Martha Harris, Mary
Harris, Miles Harris, Mollie Harris, Nancy
Harris, Ona Harris, R G Harris, Rosa
Harris, Ruby Harris, Susan Harris, W T
Harris, Willison Harris, Willson Harris, WM
Harrison, Mattie Harrod, Andy Harrod, W M
Harroll, ? Harshaw, Saml Harshaw, Thos
Hart, Jas Hart, John Hartsell, Amanda
Harvel, Benton Harvel, Tom Harwell, Benton
Harwell, Freddie Harwell, Lillie Harwell, T W
Hasker, Lottie Haskins, David Haskins, John
Hastell, Lillian Hatcher, Horace Hatcher, Mary
Hatfield, H H Haun, Sarah Hawk, ?
Hawk, Madison Hawk, Timothy Hawkins, Bethony
Hawkins, Dan Hawkins, Frank Hawkins, Joe
Hawkins, John Hawkins, Kody Hawkins, Nora
Hawkins, Urial Hawks, Mary Hawshaw, Isabelle
Hawshaw, Lula Hayes, ? Hayes, Apps
Hayes, Henry Hayes, Jas Hayes, Mary
Hayes, Nathaniel Hayes, Sarah Haynes, A J
Haynes, Earl
Haynes, Hattie Haynes, Henry Haynes, J A
Haynes, J Andrew Haynes, Jas Haynes, John
Haynes, Jordan Haynes, Louise Haynes, Margret
Haynes, Nancie Haynes, Thos Haynes, WM
Hays, Ines Hays, Jane Hays, Robt
Head, Sallie Heade, ? Heady, Florine
Hearse, Annie Hearst, ? Hearst, Peter
Heaton, Pollie Heaton, Polly Hedden, Jeffrey
Hedrick, ? Hegden, Chas Hegden, Jos
Heiskell, Dan Heiskell, Kate Heiskell, WM
Hellem, Jas Hellems, Thos Helly, May
Helmans, ? Helms, Elizabeth Helms, Jane
Helten, M H Helten, Matt Hemphill, Dick
Hemphill, Tom Hemphill, WM Henderson, ?
Henderson, Addie Henderson, Anderson Henderson, Carrie
Henderson, Sam Henderson, Susan Henegar, Asmore
Henegar, Elizabeth Henegar, Ella Henegar, Maggie
Henegar, Robt Henegar, Susie Henkins, Jane
Henley, Rhoda Hennegar, Betty Hennegar, Robt
Henry, Caleb Henry, Chas Henry, Clark
Henry, Hugh Henry, Joe Henry, Jos
Henry, Julia Henry, Malissia Henry, Margaret
Henry, Rufus Henry, Sip Hensley, Bass
Hensley, Elland Hensley, Hubert Hensley, J H
Hensley, Jas Hensley, Ludora Hensley, M E
Henson, Mary Herbert, Annie Herbert, General
Herbert, Van Heyett, Iowa Hibberts, Alice
Hickey, Eliza Hickey, Mary Hicks, ?
Hicks, Artie Hicks, Caloway Hicks, Chap
Hicks, Danial Hicks, Ella Hicks, Green
Hicks, Houston Hicks, Jack Hicks, Jane
Hicks, Jas Hicks, Jesse Hicks, L H
Hicks, Leona Hicks, Lissie Hicks, Margaret
Hicks, Martha Hicks, Mary Hicks, Melvin
Hicks, Nancy Hicks, Nash Hicks, Peggie
Hicks, Robt Hicks, Sarah Hicks, Thos
Hicks, W W Hicks, Wiley Hicks, WM
Hightower, Etta Hightower, Rebecca Hilery, Martha
Hill, ? Hill, Bill Hill, Chas
Hill, Eliza Hill, Ellen Hill, Guss
Hill, Jas Hill, Joe Hill, John
Hill, Jos Hill, Julia Hill, Modera
Hill, Russell Hilliard, J H Hilton, Sarah
Hincher, Lucinda Hinshaw, Sarah Hinson, ?
Hitchcock, Charley Hitchcock, Dovie Hitchcock, Jim
Hitchcock, John Hitchcock, Lige Hitchcock, Rufus
Hix, Martha Hoback, Jas Hoback, Mary
Hoback, Nancy Hoback, Saml Hoback, Will
Hoback, WM Hodge, Mary Hodge, Sallie
Hodges, Sarah Hodges, WM Hoge, W N
Hoge, Wallace Holbert, Rhoda Holcom, Ben
Holcomb, Isaac Holden, Jas Holden, Jessie
Holland, Elizabeth Hollingshead, Jas Hollingshead, W T
Hollingshead, WM Hollingsworth, Geo Hollyfield, Sis
Holt, Martha Holt, Sadie Holton, Mrs. J O
Hone, ? Hood, Ezekial Hooks, Cellia
Hooper, Alvin Hooper, Esther Hooper, Evaline
Hooper, G J Hooper, Maggie Hooper, Mary
Hope, Mollie Hopkins, ? Hornsby, Ann
Hornsby, Jas Hornsby, Will Hornsby, WM
Horp, Jos Horton, ? Horton, John
Horton, Mary Horton, WM G Hoskins, ?
Housley, Annie Housley, E G Housely, Everett
Howard, ? Howard, Adeline Howard, Anna
Howard, Charley Howard, Charlie Howard, Chas
Howard, Clarrie Howard, Elizabeth Howard, F J
Howard, J Howard, John Howard, Myrtle
Howard, Nellie Howard, Stella Howard, Susie
Howard, WM Howell, Charlie Howell, Chas
Howell, Emma Howell, Homer Howell, Martha
Howell, Maude Howell, Rebeckey Howell, Susan
Hoyl, Sarah Hoyle, Henderson Hoyle, Jesse
Hoyle, Lauson Huatt, Ruth Huckaby, Annie
Huckeby, ? Huddelston, Letha Hudelson, ?
Hudson, Sarah Hudson, W F Huff, A D
Huff, Allen
Huff, Earnest Huff, Geo Huff, Swan
Huggins, Josie Hughes, ? Hughes, Daisy
Hughes, Eliza Hughes, Elzira Hughes, Hale
Hughes, Harrison Hughes, Maggie Hughes, Sarah
Hugins, Lois Humble, Sam Humphrey, Sarah
Humphreys, Mary Humphreys, WM Hunt, ?
Hunt, David Hunt, Graison Hunt, Ida
Hunt, Jas Hunt, John Hunt, Katie
Hunt, Margaret Hunt, Susan Hunt, T J
Hunt, Thos Hurd, ? Hurst, Abe
Hurst, Emma Hurst, Willie Hurt, John Hurt, ?
Hurt, Martha Hurt, Mary Huse, Margret
Hutchson, A J Hutchson, Joe Huton, Tempie
Hutsell, ? Hutsell, Annie Hutsell, Arabella'
Hutsell, Carrie Hutsell, Chas Hutsell, Claude
Hutsell, Elizabeth Hutsell, Ethel Hutsell, Lottie
Hutsell, Mary Hutsell, Myranda Hutsell, Nannie
Hutsell, Sam Hutsell, Susan Hutsell, WM
Hutson, J A Hutson, Jas Hutson, Jos
Hutson, WM Hyatt, Annie Hyatt, Malissa
Hyde, David Hyde, Ellen Hyde, Geo
Hyde, Helt Hyde, Margret Hyett, Mary
Ingram, ? Ingram, Alfred Ingram, E M
Ingram, Ed Ingram, Geneva Ingram, Geo
Ingram, Marion Inman, Chas Inman, Cythia
Inman, Edith Inman, Sara Inman, Tom
Insmingar, Feb Irons, Fayett Irons, John
Irons, Manda Isabel, Elizabeth Isabel, WM
Isabell, Alfred Isabell, Geo Isabell, John
Isabell, Mary Isbell, Alford Isbell, Alfred
Isbell, Austin Isbell, Henry Isbell, Louise
Isbell, Martin Isbell, Nelson Isbell, Stella
Isbill, Elizabeth Isley, Nora Isom, Alice
Ives, Silas Ivins, Annie Ivins, Irene
Ivins, J J Ivins, Katie Ivins, Roda
Ivins, Sam Ivins, Saml
Jack, Adeline
Jack, Elizabeth Jack, Elmer Jack, Fannie
Jack, Francis Jack, G W Jack, John
Jack, Marguaret Jack, Martha Jack, Mary
Jacks, John Jacks, Saml Jackson, ?
Jackson, Anna Jackson, Charly Jackson, Edna
Jackson, Edward Jackson, J M Jackson, John
Jackson, Louiza Jackson, Lucy Jackson, Mamie
Jackson, Mary Jackson, Montgomery Jackson, Sena
Jackson, Susan Jackson, T J Jackson, Texana
Jacobs, Dave Jamerson, B F Jamerson, Callie
Jamerson, Henry Jamerson, Ila Jamerson, Nora
Jamison, ? Jarnagin, Mary Jarrett, Adaline
Jarvis, Martha Jarvis, Mary Jeffers, Essie
Jeffers, Frank Jefferson, Harry Jenkins, ?
Jenkins, Frank Jenkins, Harris Jenkins, Isaac
Jenkins, J W Jenkins, Jermiah Jenkins, Jerry
Jenkins, Mary Jenkins, Millard Jenkins, Richd
Jenkins, Seary Jenkins, WM Jentry, Katierine
Jerlds, Jas Jerlds, Walter Jerralds, Robt
Jewell, John Jewell, R H Jinkins, Jane
Jinkins, John Jinkins, Semmie Jirlds, John
John, Emily John, Susa John, Thos
Johns, ? Johns, Corneila Johns, Elex
Johns, Francis Johns, Thos Johnson, ?
Johnson, Adline Johnson, Agnes Johnson, Anna
Johnson, Annie Johnson, Belle Johnson, Bertie
Johnson, Cal Johnson, Chas Johnson, Claude
Johnson, D C Johnson, Dan Johnson, Dave
Johnson, David Johnson, E Johnson, Easter
Johnson, Edna Johnson, Eliza Johnson, Ellias
Johnson, Elmore Johnson, Emma Johnson, Frank
Johnson, G W Johnson, H U Johnson, Hannah
Johnson, Harvy Johnson, I M Johnson, Irene
Johnson, Isaac Johnson, Isabell Johnson, J R
Johnson, Jas Johnson, Jimie Johnson, Joe
Johnson, Joel Johnson, John Johnson, Jos
Johnson, Katy Johnson, Lewis Johnson, Liddle
Johnson, Lillie Johnson, Lissie Johnson, Lura
Johnson, Manie Johnson, Margret Johnson, Martha
Johnson, Mary Johnson, Lafferty Johnson, Mima
Johnson, Mitrchel Johnson, Mrs. N A Johnson, Nathaniel
Johnson, Nora Johnson, Orvil Johnson, Riley
Johnson, Roe Johnson, Rosa Johnson, Russell
Johnson, S W Johnson, Saml Johnson, Sarah
Johnson, Stella Johnson, Tenna Johnson, Thelma
Johnson, W S Johnson, WM Johnston, Julia
Johnston, Mack Johnston, Perry Joines, Eliza
Jolly, Isham Jolly, Jno Jolly, Nancy
Jonas, Henry Jonas, Marcus Jones, ?
Jones, Alice Jones, Bill Jones, Charity
Jones, Clara Jones, Crockett Jones, David
Jones, Ellen Jones, Francis Jones, Geo
Jones, H H Jones, Ida Jones, Isabell
Jones, Jane Jones, Jeff Jones, Jesse
Jones, Jim Jones, Johnathon Jones, Julie
Jones, Lillie Jones, Loudella Jones, Ludsky
Jones, Martha Jones, Mary Jones, Millie
Jones, Oscar Jones, Rachel Jones, Robt
Jones, Sallie Jones, Sam Jones, Sarah
Jones, Susanah Jones, Tiny Jones, WM
Jordan, Bayless Jordan, H L Jordan, John
Jordan, Nancy Jordon, Allie Justice, Maude
Kagle, Gussie Kates, ? Kearney, Madison
Kearney, Smith Keasler, Martha Keatin, Riley
Keener, Neppie Keeten, Narsis Keeton, Jacob
Keith, Lula Keith, Mary Keith, Rosa
Keith, Samantha Kell, ? Kelley, Angeline
Kelley, Susan Kelley, Trula Kellogg, A
Kelly, Ethel Kelly, Jim Kelly, Sarah
Kelly, WM Kelsey, Jane Kelsoe, Jas
Kelsoe, Rallie Kemp, Charlotte Kendrick, Saml
Kennedy, Anna Kennedy, Artie Kennedy, Jas
Kennedy, John Kennedy, Mary Kennedy, Naomi
Kennedy, Rebecca Kennedy, Samantha Kennedy, T B
Kennedy, Tom Kenzalain, Therbyan Kercheval, Winfred
Kern, Berlie Ketner, Fannie Key, Chas
Key, Eliza Key, Fannie Key, Georgia
Key, J R Key, Jas Key, Mrs. Louis
Key, Nora Key, WM Keyees, Bill
Keyees, Jas Kibble, Nancy Kilby, Lizzie
Kile, Bruner, Kile, G W Kile, Jake
Kile, John Killgore, Rosy Killgore, Silvester
Kilpatric, Mary Kilpatrick, Josephine Kimbro, Bradley
Kimbro, Elizabeth Kimbrough, Duke Kimsey, Adeline
Kincaid, Arlie Kincaid, Chas Kincaid, WM
King, ? King, Abe King, Arlean
King, Berthie King, C L King, Chas
King, Delia King, Dollie King, E S
King, Edith King, Elisha King, Eliza
King, Ella King, Febea King, J H
King, John, King, Lena King, Levi
King, Levy King, Mary King, Nora
King, Rebecca King, Taylor Kinsalow, J W
Kinsalow, Paul Kinser, ? Kinser, Andy
Kinser, Basheba Kinser, Easter Kinser, Emanuel
Kinser, Francis Kinser, Isaac Kinser, Jacob
Kinser, Jas Kinser, John Kinser, Lula
Kinser, M E Kinser, Marion Kinser, Wesley
Kinser, WM Kinsey, ? Kinzalow, Jas
Kinzalow, WM Kirby, Cal Kirby, Geo
Kirby, J B Kirby, John Kirby, Lilly
Kirkland, Christiana Kirkland, Christine Kirkland, J B
Kirkland, Jemima Kirkland, Martha Kirksey, Eliza
Kirksey, Waney Kiser, Jos Kissell, Susan
Kitchen, ? Kitchens, Mariah Kitchens, Susan
Kit, Bettie Kizer, ? Know, Mary
Knox, G W
Knox, Lela Knox, Loyd Knox, Mary
Knox, Sarah Knox, WM Kohler, Henry
Kramar, Jos Kramar, WM Kratzen, Chas
Kratzen, Saml Kratzer, ? Kurd, ?
Kuton, Tempie Kyker, Jos Kyker, Marquis
Kyker, Martha Kyker, Robt Kyker, Uriah
Kyker, WM Kyle, Nellie Kytle, ?
Kytle, Naomi Kytte, Clearindy
Lacewell, Florence
Lacey, Mahilda Lackey, Tammie Lafferty, Mary
Lain, ? Lake, ? Lamar, Sarah
Lammie, W R Land, ? Land, Alison
Land, Arvil Land, Chas Land, Cordia
Land, Elizie Land, Emily Land, F S
Land, Ida Land, Jas Land, Julian
Land, Marion Land, Moccasin Land, Sulivan
Land, WM Landers, Eliza Landers, Francis
Landers, Luke Landers, Renq Landers, Susan
Landies, ? Landrum, ? Lands, Ed
Lands, W A Lane, ? Lane, Barton
Lane, Chas Lane, Dan Lane, Danl
Lane, Dick Lane, Ellen Lane, Ginie
Lane, Guy Lane, Jas Lane, Jennie
Lane, Julia Lane, Melissie Lane, Mina
Lane, Myria Lane, Nellie Lane, Nora
Lane, Ridhc Lane, Rosa Lane, Sarah
Lane, Susan Lane, Susie Lane, Tennessee
Lane, Tom Lane, WM Langston, ?
Lankford, Caroline Lankford, Rady Lansing, ?
Large, Cordelia Large, Geo Large, Harry
Large, Isa Largent, Eva Larless, Lizzie
Lasater, T L Lassater, Gussie Latemore, Anna
Lathage, Tom Hatham, Henry Lathem, J L
Lathem, Joe Lathem, John Lathem, R D
Latimore, Addie Latimore, Jane Latimore, Jas
Latimore, Mattie Latimore, Organ Latimore, Thos
Lattamore, Preshie Lattamore, WM Lattimore, WM
Lauson, Jim Lauson, WM Lawrence, W
Laws, Roy Laws, W T Lawson, ?
Lawson, Berry Lawson, Sarah Laycock, Emma
Laycock, Geo Laycock, WM Layne, Sarah
Leadbetter, ? Leadford, John Leadford, WM
Leaman, Maud Leaman, Thos Leamon, Ellen
Leatherwood, Columbus Leatherwood, L A Leatherwood, Sallie
Leatherwood, Sarah Leatherwood, Thos Ledbetter, Tempa
Ledford, ? Ledford, E D Ledford, Eli
Ledford, Geo Ledford, J M Ledford, Jason
Ledford, Manerva Ledford, Mary Ledford, Theodosia
Ledford, WM Lee, ? Lee, Albert
Lee, Alex Lee, Amanda Lee, Benjamin
Lee, Bertie Lee, Clement Lee, Emma
Lee, Jas Lee, Jas E Lee, John
Lee, Louise Lee, Maxie Lee, NIcholes
Lee, Ralph, Lee, Tom Lee, WM
Legon, Lockety Legon, Tomas Lemmons, Allie
Lemons, Frank Lemons, John Lemons, Loy
Lemons, Martha Lemons, Toy Lemons, W R
Lenoir, Chanie Lenoir, Scruggs Lenoir, Susie
Leslie, Jas Lewis, Ada Lewis, Anderson
Lewis, Annalowe Lewis, David Lewis, Edna
Lewis, Emily Lewis, Emma Lewis, Ezekiel
Lewis, H A Lewis, Iona Lewis, Isaiah
Lewis, J B Lewis, Lurinda Lewis, Mary
Lewis, Pantha Lewis, Ruby Lewis, Sterling
Lewis, W G Lewis, Zollie Lebey, ?
Liles, Mrs. G W Lillard, H Lillard, Hearshill
Lillard, Hershell Lillard, Inez Lillard, Maud
Lillard, Newt Liner, Elmyra Liner, Emma
Liner, Jerry Liner, Martha Liner, Rachel
Linette, Josephine Lingerfeld, Jacob Lingerfeld, Jess
Lingerfeld, Mattie Lingerfelt, Mary Link, Jack
Lippford, Sarah Little, Ira Lockhart, A B
Lockhart, H Lockhart, Harrison Lockmiller, Elizabeth
Lockmiller, N Lockmiller, Neania Loftis, John
Loftis, T H Logan, ? Logan, Albert
Logan, Mary Logan, Ora Lonas, Harry
Lonas, J W Lonas, Saml Lonas, W Guy
Lones, Sallie Loney, Catherine Long, ?
Long, Albert Long, Anna Long, C C
Long, Carroll Long, Charlie Long, Crawford
Long, Della Long, Dora Long, Elizabeth
Long, Ella Long, Eugene Long, Geo
Long, H D Long, Hiram Long, Isaac
Long, Jimmie Long, John Long, Joshua
Long, Lester Long, Lydia Long, Margaret
Long, Martha Long, Mose Long, Pleas
Long, Pleasant Long, Port Long, R A
Long, Rhoda Long, Sarah Long, Virginia
Long, W H Long, Wesley Longacre, Rachel
Looney, ? Looney, Nancy Loudy, ?
Love, ? Love, Bob Love, Ida
Love, Jas Love, Joe Love, Robt
Love, WM Loveday, Dave Loveday, Geo
Lovelace, Anna Lovelace, Jesse Lovelace, Noran
Lovelace, WM Lovingood, ? Lovingood, Jennie
Lowe, ? Lowe, Jas Lowe, Kizar
Lowe, Robt Lowery, ? Lowery, Bob
Lowery, Cecil Lowery, Dan Lowery, Jane
Lowery, Jesse Lowery, Jessie Lowery, Nancy
Lowery, Robt Lowery, Sallie Lowery, T J
Lowry, ? Lowry, Mary Loyd, Plesent
Lucas, Georgie Lunsford, Cynda Lunsford, Litha
Lunsford, Louena Lunsford, Nimmie Lunsford, Tom
Lunsford, Will Lush, Elizabeth Luther, M D
Luther, Martin Lutterow, Mary Luttrell, Mary
Luttrell, Nettie Lutts, Jane Jyde, Sallie
Lynch, Lockey Lynes, Almira LeVeck, Artie
Mackadoo, Julia Mackelhaney, Ross Mackelhaney, Sam
Madden, Mary Maddin, Elizabeth Maddin, John
Maddux, Edith Maddux, Richd Magill, Fannie
Magill, Geo Magill, Mimie Magill, Rolling
Mahoney, Dora Mahoney, Lomer Malchaney, Jennie
Malone, C Malone, Charlie Malone, Joe
Malone, John Malone, Jos Malone, Lancey
Malone, Lou Malone, Margaret Malone, Mary
Malone, Matie Malone, Vinia Malone, Vinie
Mames, ? Mance, Lissie Mancell, ?
Maneer, ? Manery, Boz Manery, Frank
Manery, Roy Manery, Sallie Manery, WM
Manis, Annie Manis, Ephram Manis, Geo
Manis, Jas Manis, John Manis, Josephine
Manley, Martha Mansel, Alice Mansell, ?
Mansell, Julia Maples, Harriet Mapples, Stella
Marney, Mary Marris, ? Marris, Isaac
Marris, Jessie Marshall, ? Marshall, Elizabeth
Marshell, ? Marston, Sarah Martin, ?
Martin, Ablert Martin, Anna Martin, Ben
Martin, David Martin, Geo Martin, Henry
Martin, Jane Martin, Jas Martin, John
Martin, Joshiah Martin, Kathrine Martin, Lucy
Martin, Malinda Martin, Mary Martin, Maud
Martin, Mollie Martin, Rachel Martin, Ruth
Martin, Sam Martin, Vina Martin, W F
Martin, Will Masden, Elizabeth Masden, W T
Masengill, Hughiston Masengill, Jas Masengill, Sallie
Mashburn, Logan Mashburn, Mahaley Mashburn, Sallie
Mashburn, WM Masnow, Alford Mason, Ben
Mason, Ella Mason, Ellen Mason, Fannie
Mason, Ida Mason, Jane Mason, John
Mason, Mat Mason, Pollie Mason, Sarah
Massay, ? Massie, Nancy Massingale, Nell
Maston, Huldah Matheson, Truden Mathess, Matilda
Mathews, Aaron, Mathews, Edna Mathews, Jake
Mathews, Louise Mathis, Elizabeth Mathis, Fannie
Mathis, Ludinca Matlock, ? Matlock, Alex
Matlock, Bud Matlock, Chas Matlock, Clark
Matlock, Ellen Matlock, G W Matlock, Geo
Matlock, Georgie Matlock, H M Matlock, Henry
Matlock, Ike Matlock, Jake Matlock, John
Matlock, Laura Matlock, Martha Matlock, Mary
Matlock, Mattie Matlock, Rosa Matlock, Sallie
Matlock, Saml Matlock, Sarah Matlock, Susan
Matlock, Vina Matlock, Will Maton, Chlora
Matthews, ? Matthews, Dtalton Matthews, Lindsey
Maupin, ? Mawns, ? Maxwell, ?
Maxwell, David Maxwell, Jas Maxwell, Robt
May, Eliza Mayes, Cordelia Mayfield, Claria
Mayfield, Dug Mayfield, Elizabeth Mayfield, Ella
Mayfield, Jim Mayfield, Lidia Mayfield, Margrette
Mayfield, Martha Mayfield, Mose Mayfield, Will
Mayfield, Willie Mayness, Eula Mayson, Eugene
Mayson, Jas Mearey, ? Meek, Annie
Meigs, Elizabeth Meler, Avalin Melton, Aaron
Melton, Alice Melton, Bertha Melton, Chas
Melton, Elish Melton, Elisha Melton, Eliza
Melton, Gracie Melton, Haskell Melton, Hattie
Melton, I W Melton, J C Melton, Jake
Melton, John Melton, Jos Melton, Katie
Melton, Kitty Melton, Lula Melton, Martha
Melton, Marthy Melton, Minerva Melton, Minnie
Melton, Moses Melton, Robt Melton, Rosa
Melton, Sarah Melton, WM Melton, Wrile
Mercer, J S Mercer, John Merell, Martha
Merrill, Silas Merson, Sarah Metlan, Addie
Meyres, M G Michel, Mattie Middleton, Andrew
Middleton, Caroline Middleton, Jack Mill, Levina
Millard, ? Millard, Elizabeth Millard, Thos
Miller, ? Miller, Ada Miller, Angeline
Miller, Ann Miller, Barbra Miller, Bertie
Miller, Caroline Miller, Charity Miller, Charley
Miller, Chris Miller, Cordelia Miller, Danl
Miller, Delia Miller, E Miller, E Daniel
Miller, Earl Miller, Edward Miller, Elizabeth
Miller, Ellie Miller, Enoch Miller, H
Miller, J N Miller, Jas Miller, Joe
Miller, John Miller, Julia Miller, Lou
Miller, Mary Miller, Minnie Miller, Mollie
Miller, Moody Miller, Nancie Miller, Nancy
Miller, Pollie Miller, Polly Miller, Sarah
Miller, T C Miller, Vinnie Miller, W N
Milligan, Geo Milligan, John Milligan, Martha
Millions, Mrs M L Millsaps, Lydia Mimisfold, ?
Mince, Mary Mincy, Margarette Minge, Gertrude
Mingee, Elizabeth Minger, Jas Minton, ?
Mitchel, Haynes Mitchel, John Mitchell, ?
Mitchell, Henry Mitchell, Josie Monday, J M C
Monery, Alice Monier, Robt Monroe, Annie
Monroe, Bettie Monroe, Charley Monroe, Emma
Monroe, Eula Monroe, Grace Monroe, H L
Monroe, Harriet Monroe, Ida Monroe, Jos
Monroe, Lettie Monroe, Margaret Monroe, Mary
Monroe, Rosco Montgomery, Margaret Moody, Pollie
Moody, Thos Moon, Frona Mooney, Margaret
Mooneyham, Dyke Mooneyham, J D Moore, ?
Moore, Anderson Moore, Annie Moore, Bertha
Moore, Danl Moore, Denize Moore, Geo
Moore, Geo Moore, Gladis Moore, J S
Moore, Jas Moore, Jim Moore, John
Moore, L Moore, Lafayette Moore, Margaret
Moore, Mary Moore, Minnie Moore, Phoebe
Moore, S H Moore, Susan Moore, Susie
Moore, WM More, Manda More, Martha
More, Richd Moreland, John Moreland, Margaret
Moreland, Martha Moreland, Tomas Morell, C
Morell, John Morgan, Burrel Morgan, Ella
Morgan, Ellen Morgan, Frank Morgan, Ida
Morgan, John Morgan, Lila Morgan, Nancy
Morgan, R A Morgan, Rebecah Morgan, Sarah
Morgan, Silas Morgan, Taylor Morgan, Willard
Morgin, ? Morris, ? Morris, Billie
Morris, Geo Morris, Georgia Morris, Manda
Morris, Melvina Morris, Minerva Morris, Robt
Morris, Sam Morris, Savannah Morris, Susie
Morris, W J Morrison, Jas Morrison, Malinda
Morrison, Nat Morrison, WM Morrow, ?
Morrow, Addie Morrow, B Morrow, Jacob
Morrow, Oneta Morrow, Pearl Morrow, Rachael
Morrow, Walter Morrow, WM Morton, Geo
Morton, John Morton, Nora Mose, Martha
Moses, Abraham Moses, Cleo Moses, Doak
Moses, Gladys Moses, Henry Moses, Irene
Moses, Joe Moses, Lucretia Moses, Martha
Moses, Sam Moses, Sarah Moss, ?
Moss, Amos Moss, Bettie Moss, Chas
Moss, Eli Moss, Henry Moss, Hulda
Moss, Jess
Moss, Jonas Moss, Lizzie Moss, Martha
Moss, Mary Moss, Myrom Moss, Pheba
Moss, Quinton Moss, Reed Moss, Rondol
Moss, Rosa Moss, W R Mosses, Lucie
Mount, Elizabeth Moxey, Emmeline Mulkey, ?
Mulkey, Armelia Mulkey, Barsheba Mulkey, Mary
Mulky, ? Mullins, Ella Mullis, D H
Mullis, G W Murks, Geo Murphy, Ann
Murphy, Dora Murphy, Jas Murphy, John
Murphy, Mary Murray, besia Murray, Gilbert
Murray, J D Murray, John Murray, May
Murray, Myrtle Murray, Saml Murrell, Sarah
Murrey, Rebecca Murry, John Murry, Julia
Murry, Sallie Myers, Cathrine Myres, John
Myres, Menerbey McAdoo, Rachel McAfee, Sarah
McAlester, Greaf McAlfee, Minnie McAlfee, WM
McAlister, Callie McAlister, Cassie McAlister, Frank
McAlister, Jas McAlister, Mell McAlister, Perry
McAlister, S C McAlister, Sarah McAlister, Susie
McBride, Etta McBrien, Thuria McBroom, ?
McBroom, Alex McBroom, Ella McBroom, Jack
McBroom, Jas McBroom, John McBrown, WM
McCalesly, Mary McCam, Wesley McCammens, ?
McCammon, Lythe McCammon, Sally McCamons, Louis
McCamons, Telitha McCamy, Robt McCamy, S R
McCamy, Thos McCamy, W R McCann, Mary
McCann, Wesley McCann, Westley McCarrol, Martha
McCarroll, Nancy McCarron, Geo McCarron, Wilbur
McCarter, Blain McCarter, Ruby McCarty, Elizabeth
McCarty, John McCarty, Mahala McCarty, Mary
McCash, Harry McCash, W A McCaslin, ?
McCaslin, John McChristian, David McChristian, John
McClain, ? McClanahan, B F McClary, Homart
McClary, Joe McClatchey, John McClatchey, Louis
McClatchey, Major McClatchey, Nancy McClean, W M
McClelan, Annie McClung, Cornelia McClure, Clara
McClure, Jos McClure, Margarette McConkey, Mary
McConkey, Menervey McConkey, Nellie McConky, Nettie
McConnell, E McConnell, Margarette McCorkle, A M
McCorkle, Geo McCorkle, Jennie McCormack, John
McCormack, Jos McCormack, Margret McCormack, Robt
McCormack, Sallie McCowan, Annie McCracken, Amanda
McCracken, John McCracken, Robt McCracken, Thos
McCrackin, Iva McCrackin, Will McCray, Serelza
McCree, Margarett McCroskey, Ellen McCuestion, J J
McCuestion, Lilly McDaniel, Margrett McDaniel, Martin
McDaniel, Mrs. J D McDaniel, Richd McDaniel, WM
McDaris, Hiram McDaris, J L McDarris, Sarah
McDermitt, Helphia McDermitt, Nettie McDermott, Hattie
McDermott, J W McDermott, Joel McDermott, Uriel
McDonald, Allen McDonald, Annie McDonald, D W
McDonald, Hattie McDonald, Mannie McDonald, Robt
McDonald, W R McDowell, Martha McElnee, Hugh
McElnee, Thos McElrath, Katie McElrath, L E
McElrath, Lewis McElroy, Agnes McElroy, Delia
McElroy, Ida McElroy, John McElwee, Elizabeth
McElwee, Julia McElwee, Mary McElwin, Julia
McFail, Martha McGaha, Eliza McGaha, WM
McGahhey, Jas McGaughey, Carmeal McGaughey, John
McGee, ? McGee, Bertie McGee, King
McGee, Lizzie McGee, Middleton McGhee, Alfred
McGhee, Luch McGhee, M McGhee, Newton
McGill, ? McGill, Argile McGill, Charlie
McGill, Emma McGill, Jane McGill, Leslie
McGill, Lula McGill, Roland McGrew, Plumly
McGuire, Della McGuire, Eliza McGuire, J A
McGuire, Susan McGuire, T J McGuire, Thos
McGuire, W H McGuire, WM McGull, chat
McHaney, Leoma McInturf, John McInturf, Thos
McKay, ? McKay, Sophronia McKeaman, Mary
McKean, Permila McKeehan, Alfred McKeehan, Geo
McKeehan, Jane McKeehan, John McKeehan, Saml
McKeehan, Sarah McKeehen, Sam MCkeever, Dovie
McKeldin, ? McKeldin, Mary McKeldin, Sallie
McKenney, Henry McKenney, Nancy McKenney, Robt
McKensey, Elizabeth
McKenzie, Alex McKenzie, Charlie McKenzie, David
McKenzie, Hubert McKenzie, Norcas McKenzie, Penelope
McKenzie, W M McKhaen, Nancy McKhean, ?
McKhearn, Geo McKhearn, Harde McKiney, R P
McKiney, Viola McKinly, Susan McKinney, Anna
McKinney, Anvilean McKinney, Jane McKinney, Martha
McKinney, Mary McKinney, Susan McKinny, Jos
McKinny, R F McKinsey, Sarah McKinzey, WM
McKinzie, Ida McKinzy, A McKnight, Eliza
McKnight, Sarah McKnight, Thos McMahan, A J
McMahan, Henry McMahan, Lethie McMahan, Mary
McMahan, Nancy McMillan, Thos McMillan, Winston
McMillen, Sol McMillian, ? McMinn, Jas
McMinn, Thos McNabb, ? McNabb, Alice
McNabb, Elizabeth McNabb, Henry McNabb, Ida
McNabb, Mary McNabb, Sina McNabb, Taylor
McNeil, ? McNutt, Lucinda McNutt, Mary
McNutt, Ula McPeak, Danl McPeak, Delia
McPeak, Ephram McPhail, Albert McPhail, Glaphray
McPhail, John McPhail, WM McPherson, Eliza
McPherson, Margaret McPherson, Sarah McReynolds, Coleman
McRoberts, Andy McSpadden, Jas McSpadden, Sam
McTeer, Georgia McTier, Ellen
Nagle, John
Nail, Charly Nance, Ann Nance, Annie
Narwood, D B Neal, ? Neal, Delie
Neal, John Neese, Carrie Neese, D F
Neil, ? Neil, Eliza Neil, John
Neil, Jos Neil, Lee Neil, Mary
Neil, Nancy Nelson, J M Nelson, Rosa
Nelson, Sarah Nelson, WM Nesbitt, Eveline
Netherland, Virginia Newton, ? Neuton, Sarah
Newberry, Carl Newberry, Tom Newman, Addie
Newman, Alexandria Newman, Ann Newman, Belva
Newman, Bessie Newman, Byrd Newman, Christiana
Newman, Dave Newman, Elbert Newman, Elica
Newman, Emily Newman, Grant Newman, Hunter
Newman, J C Newman, Jane Newman, Jas
Newman, John Newman, Mahala Newman, Martha
Newman, Mayme Newman, Molecca Newman, Nellie
Newman, Rebecca Newman, Roy Newman, S H
Newman, Sitha Newman, Susie Newman, Tisha
Newman, Tom Newman, WM Newton, Sarah
Newton, Thursday Nichols, ? Nichols, Ellen
Nichols, Geo Nichols, Hester Nichols, Jas
Nichols, Nancy Nichols, Pierce Nichols, W A
Nichols, Willa Nicholson, Claud Nicholson, Jas
Nicholson, Laura Nicholson, Mollie Nicholson, W H
Niman, Polly Nipper, Emma Nipper, Frank
Nipper, Minnie Nipper, Mrs F B Nolen, Thos
Norris, Curtis Norris, Frank Norris, Mary
Norwood, B M Norwood, David Norwood, Leola
Numan, sarah Numon, Cariold Numon, John
Nunar, Sarah
O'Daniel, Tootsey O'Daniel, Will
Odanial, Mandy Odaniel, ? Odum, S
Oliphant, Annie Oliphant, C W Oliver, Sabra
Oliver, Thos Oney, Anna Only, Levi
Only, Malissa Oric, Elizabeth Oric, Josephine
Oric, Laura Orick, Lyde Orr, Delila
Orr, Horace Orr, Idaac Orr, John
Orr, Lake Orr, Newton Orr, Ralph
Orton, Rispie Osborne, Jane Owen, Allie
Owen, D U Owen, Geo Owen, Jas
Owen, John Owen, Margret Owen, Nancy
Owen, Thos Owen, Virginia Owenby, ?
Owenby, Tom Owens, ? Owens, Ollie
Owens, Robt Owens, W T Owens, WM
Owensby, Melissa Owings, Mary Ownsby, Joe
Ownsby, Tom
Padgett, ? Padgett, A B
Padgett, Shannon Page, Mary Paine, ?
Paine, Susan Pair, Jane Pally, Susan
Palmer, ? Palmer, Angil Palmer, Nancy
Pangle, ? Pangle, C F Pangle, E S
Pangle, Jobe Pangle, Martha Pangle, Nora
Panky, Margarette Panore, Manerva Pardue, Henry
Pardue, Ida Pardue, Jas Pardue, Pete
Paris, Addie
Paris, Mable Paris, Realie Parish, Millie
Parker, Ben Parker, Eliza Parker, Jasper
Parker, Mollie Parkinson, Jas Parkinson, John
Parkinson, L K Parkinson, Margarett Parkinson, Sallie
Parkison, C C Parkison, Chas Parkison, Jas
Parkison, Maggie Parkison, Susie Parks, Lee
Parks, Paul Parks, W A Parmer, Jim
Parris, Bolden Parris, Cora Parris, Darkis
Parris, Dave Parris, Della Parris, Etter
Parris, Fennie Parris, Geo Parris, Helen
Parris, Hubert Parris, J Parris, Jamy
Parris, Jas Parris, John Parris, Lizzie
Parris, Lucy Parris, Martin Parris, Mary
Parris, Nathaniel Parris, Phenny Parris, Port
Parris, Riley Parris, Robt Parris, Tennie
Parrott, Jos Parrott, Thos Parsell, Jas
Parshell, Elizabeth Parsley, WM Partin, Rosana
Parton, Sara Passman, J C Pate, C B
Pate, Chas Pate, Geo Pate, Jack
Pate, Jas Pate, Jessie Paterson, Unice
Patrick, Geo Patterson, ? Patterson, Abe
Patterson, Chas Patterson, Emma Patterson, Geo
Patterson, Jane Patterson, John Patterson, Johnathan
Patterson, Lillian Patterson, Minford Patterson, Minnie
Patterson, Mrs M S Patterson, Nanie Patterson, Noah
Patterson, S L Patterson, Tenie Patterson, Thos
Patton, ? Patton, Ella Patton, Mary .. Patty, ?
Patty, Addie Patty, Ellen Patty, Margaret
Patty, Mary Patty, Susan Payne, Bernice
Payne, Ella Payne, Jas Payne, Katherine
Payne, Lottie Payne, Nancy Payne, Urrah
Payne, Urriah Payne, W C Pearce, Dave
Pearce, David Pearce, Geo Pearce, John
Pearce, Robt Pearman, Addie Pearman, Esly
Pearman, Jas Pearman, Sarah Pearmon, Addie
Pearse, Polly Pearson, Margrett Pearson, Mary
Pebley, Summer Peck, W N Peddit, Frank
Peeler, Emma Pendland, Elland Pennington, ?
Pennington, Finus Pennington, Margaret Perkerison, L K
Perkerison, W J Perkins, Alice Perkins, Betty
Perkins, Catherine Perkins, Chas Perkins, David
Perkins, Horace Perkins, Jane Perkins, Jas
Perkins, Julina Perkins, Kissia Perkins, Make
Perkins, Mintie Perkins, R E Perkins, S H
Perkins, Saml Perkins, Steve Perkinson, Gossie
Perkinson, Jos Perkinson, L K Perkinson, Oliver
Perry, Bob Perry, Ela Perry, John
Perry, Mammie Perry, Mary Persell, WM
Pertean, Martha Pervin, Margaret Peryman, Emily
Pesterfield, Dallas Pesterfield, Geo Pesterfield, Jacob
Peters, ? Peters, Eliza Petet, Dan
Petet, John Petit, Danl Petit, WM
Pettett, B M Pettett, Ella Pettit, Jane
Pettit, Mary Pettitt, Alonis Pettitt, Forest
Pettitt, Rosie Petty, ? Pewitt, Minnie
Phenix, Annie Phibbs, ? Phillips, Jas
Phillips, Jewell Phillips, Laura Phillips, Matilda
Phillips, Parris Phillips, Wash Philpot, Boston
Philpot, Edward Philpot, Jas Philpot, Lillie
Philpot, Nancy Philpot, WM Philpott, John
Philpott, Robt Pickel, Alf Pickel, Robt
Pickelsimer, Elizabeth Pickens, Lillie Pickersin, Mary
Pickersin, Willbar Pickins, Opal Pickle, ?
Pickle, Alford Pickle, Alfred Pickle, Cloid
Pickle, Glennie Pickle, Henry Pickle, Lula
Pickle, Mary Pickle, Minnie Pickle, Nellie
Pickle, Will Picklesimer, Frances Picklesimer, J A
Picklesimer, Luther Picklesimer, Mattie Pierce, Alice
Pierce, Blanch Pierce, Chester Pierce, Danl
Pierce, David Pierce, Elizabeth Pierce, Eveline
Pierce, Geo Pierce, Isaac Pierce, John
Pierce, Lennie Pierce, Peggie Pierce, Ray
Pierce, Sarah Pierce, Tiny Pinington, Henry
Pitts, Victoria Plank, Jas Plank, WM
Pledger, Elizabeth Plemens, Annie
Plemmins, Amanda Plemons, Rhoda Poe, Mary
Porter, ? Porter, Aleck Porter, Cornelia
Porter, Dent Porter, H C Porter, Lucinda
Porter, Mandy Porter, Mary Porter, Mat
Porter, Sarah Porter, Thompsie Porter, WM B
Porter, WM P Posey, Ben Posey, Eva
Posey, W W Postell, Jas Poteet, ?
Poteet, Katherine Potter, Nancy Powell, Anna
Powell, Susan Powers, Hartha Powers, Pearn
Powers, Rebecca Powers, Sitha Powers, WM
Prater, Docus Prater, Nellie Prather, Culvin
Prather, Emma Prather, Orlinda Prather, Sally
Pratt, Margaret Pratt, Nancy Presnal, ?
Pressley, John Pressnell, ? Presswood, David
Presswood, Josiah Price, Mamie Price, Nellie
Price, Phillip Price, Riley Price, Robt
Price, WM Prichard, Bob Prichard, Delia
Prichard, Effie Prichard, Horace Prichard, Lissie
Prichard, Mary Prichard, Nancy Prichrd, Rubin
Prigmore, Atline Prigmore, Billie Prigmore, Joe
Prigmore, Jula Prigmore, Katie Prigmore, Lena
Prigmore, Lonie Prigmore, Maggie Prigmore, Tom
Prince, Mammie Proffitt, Vaneita Pruett, Ida
Pruitt, WM Pryor, Harriet Puett, Alberton,
Puett, John Pugh, Eliza Pullam, ?
Pullium, Avery Purcell, Queen Pyatt, Carrie
Pyott, J I Pyron, J C
Queener, Martha Queener, Mose
Raburn, C C Raburn, Lucinda
Raburn, Sallie Raines, John Raines, WM
Rainey, Sarah Ralen, Sarah Ramay, C W
Ramay, Claiborn Ramay, John Ramay, Sally
Ramay, Susan Ramey, Claborn Ramey, J W
Ramey, Nannie Ramey, Nervia Ramsey, Dorothy
Ramsey, Dorthea Ramsey, Elizabeth Ramsey, Nora
Randell, J C Randolph, ? Randolph, S F
Randolph, A A Randolph, Hulda Randolph, Jas
Randolph, Lucindy Randolph, Maranda Randolph, Mary
Randolph, Melissa Randolph, Thos Randolph, WM
Rankins, David Rankins, Peter Ransin, Polly
Ransom, Katherine Raper, Cordie Raper, John
Raper, Mammie Raper, Nannie Raper, Odis
Rasar, Dan Rasar, Martha Rasar, Matilda
Rasar, Sherman Rasar, Vaught Rasor, Geo
Rasor, Luther Rasor, Matilda Ratcliff, Dossie
Ratladge, Bingim Ratladge, WM Ratledge, Catherine
Ratledge, Natha Ratliff, Sarah Ray, ?
Ray, Sarah Rayburn, Charley Rayburn, John
Rayl, Elizabeth Reader, Matilda Reagan, Allie
Reagan, Dave Reagan, Geo Reagan, Henry
Reagan, Jeff Reagan, Julia Reagan, Martha
Reagan, Mollie Reagon, ? Reason, Bettie
Reasoner, Sarah Rector, Eliza Redding, D
Redding, Jason Reddle, ? Redman, ?
Redman, Jane Redman, WM Redmond, WM
Redwine, Georgie Redwine, Sarah Ree, Martha
Reed, ? Reed, Angeline Reed, Catharine
Reed, Christina Reed, Fleming Reed, Jane
Reed, John Reed, Jos Reed, Minnie
Reed, Sarah Regland, Martha Reid, Clyde
Reid, Julius Reider, Anny Reltner, Drusilla
Renegar, Mary Renfro, Sara Reno, Martha
Rentfro, Henderson Rentfro, Lewis Rentfro, Louis
Rentfro, Lydia Reynals, Charley Reynals, Henry
Reynals, Mollie Reynolds, ? Reynolds, Charley
Reynolds, Charlie Reynolds, Chas Reynolds, Delia
Reynolds, Emeline Reynolds, Humphrey Reynolds, Ida
Reynolds, Jane Reynolds, John Reynolds, Josie
Reynolds, Lucy Reynolds, Malinda Reynolds, Mary
Reynolds, Mollie Reynolds, Robt Reynolds, Spencer
Reynolds, Willis Reynolds, WM Rhea, John
Rhea, Josephine Rhinehart, Tempy Rhymer, ?
Rice, Anderson Rice, Andrew Rice, Annie
Rice, John Rice, Latisha Rice, Letitia
Rice, Louise Rice, Lue Rice, Lula
Rice, Lulu Rice, Mary Rice, Nancy
Rice, Sam Rice, Tennie Rice, Vernell
Richards, ? Richards, Cynthia Richards, Loucinda
Richards, Lucy Richardson, C G Richardson, Claude
Richardson, J W Richardson, N S Richardson, Rachel
Richardson, S Ethel Richerson, ? Richerson, Geo
Richerson, J W Richerson, Myria Richesin, Green
Richesin, Jessee Richey, Jas Richey, John
Richey, Lucy Richey, WM Richie, Chas
Richie, Nellie Richie, WM Richison, ?
Rickette, Polly Riddle, Will Riddle, WM
Riden, Nep Riden, Sam Rider, Henry
Ridheson, Archie Ridheson, Emmett Riggins, ?
Riggins, Bettie Riggins, Chas Riggins, Rebecca
Riggins, Rhoda Riggins, Ridhc Riggins, Sarah
Riggins, Thos Riggs, Claude Riggs, Martin
Riggs, Thos Riles, Delia Rine, Lonn
Ritchie, Frances Ritchie, Mary Roach, John
Roach, Lilly Roaderick, Thos Roark, Timothy
Robbinson, Harm Robbinson, Vina Robenson, Caroline
Roberson, Charley Roberson, Elizabeth Roberson, Hazel
Roberson, J R Roberson, Jas Roberson, Neddie
Roberson, Noah Roberson, Robt Roberts, ?
Roberts, Benj Roberts, E A Roberts, Earnest
Roberts, Edd Roberts, G W Roberts, Hannah
Roberts, Henry Roberts, Jas Roberts, John
Roberts, Lizzie Roberts, Manavie Roberts, Martha
Roberts, Mary Roberts, Milly Roberts, Noah
Roberts, Rella Roberts, Timothy Robertson, Edd
Robeson, Phillis Robeson, Sue Robinette, Sallie
Robinson, ? Robinson, Charley Robinson, Hellen
Robinson, Hettie Robinson, Horam Robinson, J A
Robinson, Jas Robinson, John Robinson, Lizzie
Robinson, Margaret Robinson, Moore Robinson, Pintie
Robinson, WM Robison, ? Robison, Frank
Robison, Hiram Robson, ? Rockholt, Anna
Rockholt, Eli Rockholt, Elie Roderic, Susan
Roderick, Anna Roderick, Montie Rodgers, Homer
Rodgers, Jane Rogers, ? Rogers, Archable
Rogers, Bertha Rogers, Betty Rogers, Farraba
Rogers, Isaac Rogers, Jas Rogers, Jesse
Rogers, John Rogers, Lissie Rogers, Lucreary
Rogers, Martha Rogers, Mary Rogers, Newton
Rogers, Thos Rogers, Vira Rogers, Walton
Rolland, Kattie Rollen, Jas Rollen, Sarah
Rolling, Amanda Rollins, M E Rollins, Raymond
Rooderick, Elijah Rooker, Joe Rooker, Robt
Roper, Jossie Rorex, J M Rose, ?
Rose, Daisy Rose, Geo Rose, Jas
Rose, Jno Rose, John Rose, Lula
Rothwell, Verranda Rothwell, Welington Rowden, Harry
Rowden, Jack Rowden, Nancy Rowden, WM
Rowland, Adam Rowland, Andy Rowland, Eliza
Rowland, J H Rowland, Joe Rowland, Martha
Rowland, Nellie Rowland, Sarah Roy, Angeline
Roy, Margaret Roy, Maston Royal, E B
Royston, Saml Rucker, ? Rucker, Edith
Rucker, Ethel Rucker, Jas Rucker, Jos
Rucker, Lillie Rucker, Will Rucker, WM
Rudd, John Rudd, Park Rudd, Susan
Rudder, Alic Rudder, Bruce Rudder, Mary
Rudder, WM Rudds, Frona Rue, Andy
Rue, Calvin Rue, John Rue, Sam
Rue, Sarah Rue, Will Ruggles, Sallie
Rule, Eliza Rumfells, Sallie Ruions, Mary
Runions, Reuben Runyan, John Rups, U R
Russell, ? Russell, Dasie Russell, Elizabeth
Russell, F M Russell, Isaac Russell, Jas
Russell, Maggie Russell, Mary Russell, Rebecca
Russell, Roxane Russell, Saml Russell, Sarah
Russell, W N Russell, WM Rutherford, ?
Rutherford, Calvin Rutherford, John Rutherford, Robt
Ryden, ? Rymer, Arther Rymer, Florence
Rymer, Mary Rymer, W H
Sahro, ? Sample, John Samples, ?
Samples, Tennie Sanders, Betsy Sanders, Jas
Sanders, Mary Sanders, Nancy Sanders, Sallie
Sanders, Sima Sanderson, John B Sanderson, John P
Saterfield, Jess Satterfield, Sam Satterfield, Saml
Satterwhite, Frank Satterwhite, Robt Satterwhite, Virginia
Satterwhite, Walter Saxton, Anna Saylor, rebeca
Scarbrough, Susan Schoats, ? Schoats, Jim
Schoats, Nancy Schoats, WM Schoolfield, Estell
Scisher, Martha Scoggins, Martha Scott, ?
Scott, Callie Scott, Christian Scott, Edward
Scott, Jane Scott, Jas Scott, Lydia
Scott, Mintie Scott, Simon Scroggins, Amos
Scroggins, Will Scruggs, Lena Scruggs, Will
Scybert, John Scybert, WM Sea, Betsey
Seaton, J N Seaton, Janie Seaton, John
Seaton, Mollie Seborn, John Secrest, E J
Selby, Maria Self, Ben Self, Charley
Sellers, ? Sellers, E L Sellers, Marion
Sellers, Mary Sellers, S E Sellers, Samantha
Selves, Nell Senter, Allie Sentles, Mary
Setser, Ida Setser, John Setser, Tom
Settlemyer, Fred Settlemyer, N E Settlemyer, Nelson
Sewall, Archie Sewall, Chas Sewell, Alvin
Sewell, Francis Sewell, Jencie Sewell, Joshua
Sewell, Mary Shadden, Charley Shadden, Fred
Shadden, WM Shall, Annie Shall, H B
Shamblin, Jas Shamblin, Jesse Shamblin, Jessie
Shamblin, WM Shapard, Nancie Sharits, D L
Sharits, Horace Sharits, Mary Sharits, Ollie
Sharp, ? Sharp, Amanda Sharp, Betsy
Sharp, Ednie Sharp, Geo Sharp, Isaac
Sharp, Jerry Sharp, Julia Sharp, Nettie
Sharp, Ruth Sharp, Sallie Sharp, Saml
Sharpe, John Sharrets, J W Sharrets, Steven
Shaw, Frank Shaw, Jas Shaw, Jas K
Shaw, Jas P Shaw Martha Shearer, Eva
Shearer, WM Shearis, ? Shearles, Horace
Shearles, John Shearman, Mary Sheddan, Fred
Sheddan, WM Sheehan, Elizabeth Sheets, John
Sheets, Nancy Shefflitt, Nellie Sheler, Laura
Shell, ? Shell, Dolly Shell, Frances
Shell, Jas Shell, Jessie Shell, Lula
Shell, Ruthie Shell, Thos Shell, WM
Shelton, ? Shelton, Allike Shelton, Bill
Shelton, Diatha Shelton, Elcie Shelton, Jasper
Shelton, Jim Shelton, Louise Shelton, Mary
Shelton, Roy Shelton, Sam Shelton, Tom
Shelton, W M Shelton, WM Shepard, Nancy
Shepard, P Shephard, Martha Shephard, Philis
Shephard, Sarah Shepherd, Elizabeth Shepherd, WM
Sherels, S C Sherlin, Geo Sherlin, Richd
Sherman, Addie Sherman, David Sherman, Edd
Sherman, WM Sherrell, Benj Sherriell, Bedford
Sherriell, L L Sherrill, ? Sherrill, Martha
Sherrill, Tina Shetters, Catheran Shields, ?
Shields, Jos Shields, Margaret Shilines, Willie
Shipley, ? Shipley, Elbert Shipley, Gustave
Shipley, WM Shoat, Edith Shoemake, Scina
Shoemaker, Annie Shoemaker, Cynthann Shoemaker, Edith
Shoemaker, Jas Shoemaker, Margaret Shoemaker, Noah
Shoemaker, Ross Shoffiet, Mamie Shofitt, Bertha
Shoughnessy, Jas Shoughnessy, Pat Showton, Eliza
Showton, Ruth Shruggs, Maggie Shugart, Carl
Shugart, Earl Shugart, WM Shults, Paul
Shults, Sarah Shultz, Mary Shutters, Katie
Silvey, Calvin Silvey, Jessie Simmons, Lillie
Simpson, ? Simpson, Abner Simpson, Adaline
Simpson, Adam Simpson, Alberta Simpson, Allen
Simpson, Cora Simpson, Dave Simpson, Dina
Simpson, Elizah Simpson, Hanah Simpson, Henry
Simpson, Joe Simpson, John Simpson, Lena
Simpson, Lewis Simpson, Liza Simpson, Maggie
Simpson, Marcha Sims, Billie Sims, Robt
Singleton, F M Singleton, WM Sipe, Jennie
Sisson, Jesse Sites, Windle Sithy, Bettie
Sivils, Vida Slack, ? Slack, A E
Slack, Chas Slack, Fannie Slack, Ira
Slack, Jas Slack, Lissie Slack, Mrs N J
Slack, S W Slack, Sam Slack, Saml
Slanton, ? Slaughter, ? Slaughter, Jake
Sliger, Franklin Sligar, Frankn Sligar, Jacob
Sligar, John Sligar, Rebecca Sliger, Adam
Sliger, Chris Sliger, Elizabeth Sliger, Evelen
Sliger, Hester Sliger, Jacob Sliger, John
Sliger, Linda Sliger, Margrett Sliger, Mary
Sliger, Peggy Sliger, Peter Sliger, Rebecca
Sliger, Vinnie Sloap, Lilla Sloop, Willia
Slover, Horace Slover, John Slyger, Hester
Small, Annie Small, Chas Small, H L
Small, Harriette Small, Henderson Small, John
Small, Stella Smalley, Edith Smalley, S R
Smiley, Sarah Smith, ? Smith, Absolom
Smith, Albert Smith, Alex Smith, Almeda
Smith, Andrew Smith, Arthur Smith, Bettie
Smith, Carlis Smith, Cordie Smith, Danl
Smith, David Smith, Elender Smith, Eliza
Smith, Elizabeth Smith, Emaline Smith, Emily
Smith, Fannie Smith, Florence Smith, Frances
Smith, Hardy Smith, Hattie Smith, Horice
Smith, Isaha Smith, Jane Smith, Jas
Smith, Jerry Smith, Joe Smith, John
Smith, Jos Smith, Leona Smith, Lucinda
Smith, M J Smith, Margarete Smith, Martha
Smith, Mary Smith, Mary J Smith, Missouri
Smith, Mitchell Smith, Nancy Smith, Nancy J
Smith, Nannie Smith, Rachael Smith, Rachel
Smith, Richd Smith, Robt Smith, S Wade
Smith, Saml Smith, Sarah Smith, Tleitha
Smith, Tobe Smith, Vallie Smith, W R
Smith, Zella Smole, Lizzie Sneed, America
Sneed, Americus Sneed, Frank Sneed, Fred
Sneed, Marion Sneed, Mary Sneed, Texana
Sneed, WM Snelson, Jeanette Snelson, Oela
Snider, Berton Snider, Minnie Snow, ?
Snow, Sally Snowton, Frida Snowton, Laura
Snowton, Mary Snowton, Ruff Snyder, Burten
Snyder, Chas Snyder, Geo Snyder, Lucia
Snyder, Mary Snyder, R Y Snyder, Robt
Snyder, Sarah Snyder, WM Sonders, Elizabeth
Southers, Clara Soward, Edith Soward, G F
Soward, Wilma Spencer, WM Sperling, J D
Spradling, ? Spradling, Elyie Spradling, Jas
Spradling, W S Spradling, WM Spriggs, Anderson
Spriggs, Elbert Stafford, ? Stafford, Jane
Stafford, Thos Stafford, W H Stagel, Frances
Stakley, Callia Stalcup, C C Stalcup, Dora
Stalcup, G H Stalcup, Moses Stalcup, WM
Staley, Hugh Staley, J D Stalings, Joe
Stallcup, Jayson Stamey, Rendea Standifer, Fannie
Standifer, Mattie Standridge, Elmyre Standridge, Harry
Standridge, W L Stanfield, Delphia Stanfield, John
Stanley, Nancy Stansberry, Luke Stansberry, WM
Stansbery, ? Stansbury, ? Stanton, Ada
Stanton, Auther Stanton, G W Stanton, Geo
Stanton, John Stanton, Solomon Stanton, WM
Stapp, Nervie Star, G W Starkery, Bettie
Starkey, Chop Starkey, Emaline Starkey, Henry
Starkey, John Starkey, Nellie Starkey, Thenia
Starkey, Walter Starnes, O P Starnes, Thos
Starr, Charley Starr, Frances Starr, Geo
Starr, Russell Star, Sallie Starrett, Katherine
Starretts, Jos Staton, John Staton, Lucynda
Staton, Margaret Staton, Mary Staton, Saml
Steed, ? Steed, B S Steed, Benj
Steed, Elizabeth Steed, Jas Steed, Jim
Steed, John Steed, Phoebe Steele, Jas
Stein, ? Stephens, Cintha Stephens, Eliza
Stephens, Elizzie Stephens, Ethel Stephens, Isabella
Stephens, Mary Stephens, Mell Stephens, Millie
Stephens, Minnie Stephenson, ? Stephenson, Bettie
Stephenson, Jennie Stephenson, Jos Stephenson, Martha
Stephenson, Tina Stephenson, WM Stepp, Rebecca
Stetson, Anna Stevens, Abb Stevens, Claudie
Stevens, Elizabeth Stevens, Margaret Stevens, Mary
Stevens, Robt Stevens, Sudie Stewart, ?
Stewart, Belle Stewart, Cordia Stewart, Hanna
Stewart, Ida Stewart, Martha Stewart, Mary
Stewart, S D Stewart, Sarah Stewart, Tempie
Stiles, Andy Stiles, Arkie Stiles, Churly
Stiles, Flora Stiles, harriet Stewart, Harrison
Stewart, L T Stewart, Maggie Stewart, Nellie
Stewart, Virginia Stewart, W P Stillwell, Jennie
Stinnette, Ellen Stinson, Manatha Stokeley, Sarah
Stoker, G W Stone, ? Stone, Ethel
Stone, Levy Stone, M M Stone, Mansell
Stone, Matilda Stone, W T Stone, WM
Stout, Luise Stovall, Annie
Stovall, Arlie Stovall, Estell Stovall, Lissie
Stovall, Sam Strickland, Margret Stricklin, Geo
Stricklin, Mary Stricklin, Tom Stroud, Minnie
Stroud, Obeda Studards, Jane Studdard, John
Stuffard, Nettie Sudderth, Ada Sudderth, M F
Suddeth, Clara Suddith, Al Suffers, Emaline
Summers, ? Summers, Elenor Summers, Geo
Sunderland, A B Sunderland, Anna Sunderland, Virgil
Suton, ? Sutton, ? Sutton, E M
Sutton, Emilie Sutton, Geo Sutton, Louise
Sutton, Martha Sutton, Mary Sutton, Nannie
Sutton, WM Swafford, ? Swafford, Albert
Swafford, Alfred Swafford, Bettie Swafford, Hessie
Swafford, Hezzie Swafford, John Swafford, Lenda
Swafford, Malinda Swafford, Marie Swafford, Marion
Swafford, Martha Swafford, Richd Swafford, Sarah
Swafford, Thos Swafford, W J Swafford, WM
Swain, Matilda Swans, John Swanson, Frank
Swanson, J B Swanson, R R Swanson, W A
Sweeney, Elizabeth Sweeney, S C Sweeney, Tennie
Sweeny, Bertie Sweeny, Mose Sweetman, ?
Swisher, J G Swofford, Sarah Swofford, Thos
Sylvester, J W Sylvester, Mable
Talbert, Ben
Talbert, Milton Tallant, Fannie Tallant, John
Tallent, ? Tallent, Charley Tallent, E E
Tallent, J Tallent, Jas Tallent, Linda
Tallent, Lizzie Tallent, Mary Tallent, Matt
Tallent, Noah Tallent, Tray Talmage, Ellen
Tarbett, Mary Tate, Geo Tate, Martha
Taylor, ? Taylor, Crawford Taylor, Elizabeth
Taylor, Fred Taylor, Hugh Taylor, I N
Taylor, Jas Taylor, Jim Taylor, John
Taylor, John F Taylor, John N Taylor, Lillie
Taylor, Martha Taylor, Mary Taylor, Nancie
Taylor, Nancy Taylor, R J Taylor, Sarah
Taylor, Tomas Taylor, Will Taylor, WM
Teague, Ida Teffertaller, Enoch Teffertaller, Henry
Tefferteller, Henry Tenyson, W P Terrell, ?
Terry, Amanda Terry, Jas Terry, Mary
Terry, Royland Terry, Ruth Terry, Sarah
Thearp, Mary Thomas, ? Thomas, Earl
Thomas, Elizabeth Thomas, Frank Thomas, Jacob
Thomas, Jas Thomas, John W Thomas, Laura
Thomas, Lee Thomas, Margrett Thomas, Martha
Thomas, Mary Thomas, Nancy Thomas, Nellie
Thomas, Robt Thomas, Saml Thomas, Sarah
Thomas, Susan Thomas, Walter Thomas, Will
Thompson, ? Thompson, Adeline Thompson, Allen
Thompson, Alverline Thompson, Analo Thompson, Annie
Thompson, Bill Thompson, Britiapansy Thompson, C C
Thompson, Carrie Thompson, Clide Thompson, E
Thompson, Easter Thompson, Edgar Thompson, Elex
Thompson, Emely Thompson, Emily Thompson, Freelove
Thompson, Gideon Thompson, Ida Thompson, Isaac
Thompson, J H Thompson, J P Thompson, Jas
Thompson, John Thompson, Johny Thompson, Lillie
Thompson, Maggie Thompson, Martha Thompson, Mary
Thompson, Melvina Thompson, Mima Thompson, Mollie
Thompson, N Thompson, N H Thompson, Nancy
Thompson, Riley Thompson, Sallie Thompson, Samaria
Thompson, Saml
Thompson, Sefronie Thompson, Sibbie Thompson, Tom
Thompson, U G Thompson, Waddie Thompson, WM
Thompson, Zack Thompson, Zeke Thomson, Billie
Thomson, John Thomson, S R Thomson, W M
Thornburgh, Nora Thrasher, Mary Thwarser, ?
Tibbs, Frona Tilden, ? Tillery, E A
Tilley, Jas Tippens, Eliza Tipton, Eliza
Tipton, J C Tipton, Wallas Tolan, Thos
Toliver, Eliza Tomlinson, John Tomlinson, WM
Tonlinson, Alberty Toomey, ? Toomey, Aileen
Toomey, W A Torbett, ? Townell, ?
Townsend, Carrel Townsend, WM Tracy, Ellen
Tracy, Evans Tramell, John Treadway, Kate
Treet, ? Trent, Mary Trent, Ollie
Triplet, Elizabeth Triplet, Hiram Triplet, Perry
Triplett, Beckie Triplett, Elizabeth Triplett, Frank
Triplett, Hiram Trotter, Minnie Trotter, Nancy
Trotter, W T True, Geo Trull, ?
Tucker, ? Tucker, Green Tucker, Jarrott
Tucker, Jessie Tucker, Joe Tucker, Polly
Tucker, Sarah Tucker, Sibaline Tumblin, Henry
Tumblin, Martha Tumblin, Saml Tunnel, Mary
Turbyfill, Sidney Turbyfill, T P Turk, Isaac
Turk, Isick Turk, Laura Turk, Mathue
Turk, Steve Turner, ? Turner, Angelina
Turner, Elizabeth Turner, Evaline Turner, J D
Turner, Thos Tuter, ? Tutterow, Jas
Tutterow, Wiley Tutterrow, Nicholas Tutterrow, Wiley
Ulery, Mrs David Ulrey, David Ulrey, John
Ulrich, David Umphrey, Mary Umphreys, WM
Underdown, ? Underdown, J W Underdown, Lois
Underdown, Margret Underdown, Marie Underdown, Nancy
Underwood, Billie Underwood, Cordelia Underwood, Ella
Underwood, Frances Underwood, Jas Underwood, John
Underwood, Jos Underwood, Seborn Underwood, WM
Upchurch, Harrison Upchurch, Silas Upshaw, Elizabeth
Upshaw, Thos Upshaw, W T Upton, Bob
Upton, Catherine Upton, Emeline Upton, Hattie
Upton, Loise Upton, Lou Upton, Lula
Upton, Robt
Van Natter, C A Van Natter, Esther
Vancroft, Grace Vanore, Earl Vanore, K H
Varnell, David Varnell, Jas Vaughn, ?
Vaughn, Alice Vaughn, Archie Vaughn, Cordelia
Vaughn, David Vaughn, Earby Vaughn, Earley
Vaughn, Eligah Vaughn, Ellie Vaughn, Eugene
Vaughn, Foley Vaughn, Henry Vaughn, Ida
Vaughn, Jane Vaughn, Jas Vaughn, Joe
Vaughn, Jos Vaughn, Linda Vaughn, Mart
Vaughn, Nancy Vaughn, Rachel Vaughn, Sarah
Vaughn, WM Vaught, WM Veal, Carline
Veil, Susie Vestel, David Vican, Jacob
Vicans, Jas Vicars, Jacob Vicars, Jos
Vicars, Matilda Vicars, Mattie Vicars, Thos
Vill, Revic Vincent, G W Vincent, J C
Vincent, Louisiana Vincent, Mary Vincent, Minnie
Vincent, Saml Vincent, WM Vineyard, Rachael
Visage, Martha
Waddell, Angeline Wade, Amanda
Wade, Bonnie Wade, Edward Wade, Elizabeth
Wade, Ernest Wade, Lillie Wade, Louisa
Wade, Sally Wade, W D Wade, WM A
Wade, WM D Wadee, ? Wadkins, Martha
Wadsworth, Amanda Waggener, Allie Walace, Amanda
Walace, Barlow Walace, Bettie Walace, Chas
Walace, J W Walace, John Walace, Major
Walace, Mary Walace, Vera Walace, W Chapman
Walden, Louisa Walden, Pollie Waldroop, Iva
Waldrop, H Waldrop, Hiram Waldrop, J E
Waldrop, Jessie Waldrop, WM Waldroup, Ed
Waldroup, Lola Walker Walker, B F
Walker, Carrie Walker, Catherine Walker, E J
Walker, Earnest Walker, F B Walker, Geo
Walker, Glapha Walker, H I Walker, J H
Walker, J S Walker, Jas Walker, Jos
Walker, L C Walker, Loyd Walker, Lydia
Walker, Martha Walker, Mavin Walker, Minnie
Walker, Pearl Walker, Perry Walker, Robt
Walker, Sarah Walker, Sis Walker, Susan
Walker, Susannah Walker, T W Walker, W H
Walker, Willie Walker, WM Wallace, Artie
Wallace, Jas Wallace, Jesse Wallace, John
Wallace, Jos Wallace, Martha Wallace, Mary
Wallace, Oliver Wallace, Rubie Wallace, Silvester
Wallace, Wiley Wallas, Elizabeth Waller, Grace
Waller, Nan Waller, Sorena Wallice, Robt
Wallis, W C Wallis, WM Walls, Hattie
Walsh, Columbus Walsh, Lillie Walsh, Willis
Walters, Caroline Walters, Caze Walters, Charly
Walton, C L Walton, Mary Walton, Nellie
Wamac, J W Wampler, ? Wampler, Solomon
Ward, Adam Ward, Jas Ward, Mary
Ward, Nancy Ward, Racie Ward, Taft
Ward, Wallace Ward, WM Ware, ?
Ware, A C Ware, Addie Ware, Artie
Ware, Austin Ware, Jas Ware, Lizzie
Ware, Paul Warren, Alf Wartenbarger, Hester
Wartenbarger, John Wartenbarger, Mary
Wartenberger, Eliza Warthough, ? Washington, Lucinda
Watenbarger, ? Waterhouse, Emma Waterhouse, Sue
Waterhouse, Tom Watkins, Geo Watkins, John
Watkins, M C Watkins, Martha Watkins, Oland
Watkins, WM Watson, Betsy Watson, Callie
Watson, Ely Watson, Frances Watson, Francis
Watson, Geo Watson, H K Watson, Hattie
Watson, Jane Watson, Lizzie Watson, Lucinda
Watson, Martha Watson, Mary Watson, Nancy
Watson, Sallie Watson, Thos Watson, Viola
Wattenbarger, ? Wattenbarger, A Wattenbarger, Ananias
Wattenbarger, Geo Wattenbarger, Margaret Wattenbarger, Mike
Wattenbarger, Nancy Wattenbarger, Peter Wattenbarger, Sallie
Wattenbarger, Sam Wattenbarger, Sarah Watts, ?
Watts, Lee Watts, Mandy Watts, Phillip
Watts, Susie Watts, Todd Watts, W A
Watts, WM Wayman, Jane Wear, Geneva
Wear, J M Weaver, Hattie Weaver, Katie
Weaver, Mancy Webb, ? Webb, Anna
Webb, Dechia Webb, Dellie Webb, Dosia
Webb, F N Webb, Fannie Webb, Henry
Webb, Hoyatt Webb, J R Webb, Jas
Webb, Jas M Webb, Jas R Webb, Jessie
Webb, Jim Webb, John Webb, Johnnie
Webb, Julius Webb, M C Webb, Mamie
Webb, Mattie Webb, Mazor Webb, Nancy
Webb, Newton Webb, Sarah Webb, Thos
Webb, V Webster, David Webster, Kate
Webster, Lula Weeks, Anderson Weeks, David
Weeks, Etta Weir, Jas Weiss, John
Welch, Betsie Welch, Henry Welch, Hunt
Weldon, Emeline Weldon, Emma Wellar, Martha
Wells, Magnolia Wells, Martha Wells, Texie
Wesse, Febie West, ? West, Art
West, Callie West, Enoch West, Jas
West, Martha West, Mary West, Sam
West, Saml West, Tomas Wester, Maggie
Wester, Maggie Wester, Margrett Westfield, Ella
Westfield, Henry Whaley, Elizabeth Whaley, John
Whaley, Kenneth Whaley, Martha Whistler, Susan
Whit, Nina White, ? White, Becka
White, Betty White, Callie White, D C
White, Eviline White, Geo White, Hilard
White, Hugh White, Ida White, J J
White, Jas White, Jesse White, John
White, Jonious White, Jos White, July
White, Lizzie White, Lucinda White, Manda
White, Martha White, Mary White, Maud
White, Sally White, Willey White, Willis
White, WM J Whiteside, John Whitmire, Green
Whitner, Alice Whitner, Etta Whitner, Noah
Whitson, ? Whittenburg, WM Whorley, Bradford
Whorley, John Wicker, Ambros Wicker, Thos
Wiggins, John Wilborn, Martha Wilcox, Danl
Wilcox, Minda Wilcox, Sarah
Wildman, Emma Wilds, Peter Wiley, Florence
Wiley, Jim Wilkerson, ? Wilkey, Narcissis
Wilkie, Sarah Wilkins, Mattie Wilkinson, Joe
Wilkinson, Stella Williams, ? Williams, A H
Williams, Andrew Williams, Anna Williams, Bessie
Williams, Billie Williams, Callie Williams, Charley
Williams, Christian Williams, Effie Williams, Eligah
Williams, Elijah Williams, Emaline Williams, Floyd
Williams, G R Williams, Geo Williams, Harrison
Williams, Henry Williams, Jane Williams, Jas
Williams, John Williams, Lize Williams, Lizzie
Williams, Malissa Williams, Mary Williams, Minnie
Williams, Muncy Williams, Nancy Williams, Polly
Williams, Russell WIlliams, Salestine Williams, Sarah
Williams, Sillistine Williams, T E Williams, Texas
Williams, Thos Williams, Tom Williams, Will
Williams, Winnie Williams, Wm Willis, Patsey
Willis, Vallie Willison, ? Willison, David
Willison, Joe Willison, Rebecca Wills, Ruth
Willson, Martha Willson, Ola Willson, Sarah
Willson, W P Willson, Wm Wilson, Abe
Wilson, Ada Wilson, Adaline Wilson, Adeline
Wilson, Britton Wilson, Cyntha Wilson, Cynthia
Wilson, David Wilson, Eliza Wilson, Ellen
Wilson, Emilyne Wilson, Etta Wilson, Etter
Wilson, F M Wilson, Francis Wilson, Genette
Wilson, Geo Wilson, Henry Wilson, Herbert
Wilson, I L Wilson, Ida Wilson, Indiana
Wilson, Isaac Wilson, JB Wilson, JC
Wilson, Jack Wilson, Jeptha Wilson, John
Wilson, Lucy Wilson, Malissa Wilson, Oda
Wilson, Omega Wilson, Rosa Wilson, Rose
Wilson, Sinthy Wilson, Tiresa Wilson, Violey
Wilson, WH Wilson, WM Wilson, Zillah
Wimberly, Della Wimberly, Jno Wimberly, John
Wimberly, Lou Wimberly, Rosa Wimberly, Seary
Winder, Josephine Winder, Will Winder, Wm
Wingham, Jack Wingo, John Wingo, WM
Winters, Mary Wise, Jas Wise, Leah
Witherspoon, Sallie Withrow, Callie Withrow, J
Withrow, JB Withrow, Jas Withrow, TM
Witmire, Martha Witt, Adeline Witt, CC
Witt, Harriett Witt, Harvey Witt, Henry
Witt, Ida Witt, John Witt, Maggie
Witt, Mariah Witt, Parthenia Witt, Polk
Witt, Tom Woffard, Kempie Wolf, Amanda
Wolf, Martha Womac, Alex Womac, Malesy
Womac, Margaret Womac, Narcissus Womac, Odie
Womac, TM Womack, Addie Womack, JT
Womack, Jacob Womack, Jake Womack, John
Womack, Martha Womack, Mary Womack, Parthene
Womack, Rosa Womack, Seraphia Womas, Ida
Womas, Ida Womple, ? Wood, Clercie
Wood, John Wood, Mary Wood, Permelia
Woodard, ? Woodard, Elizabeth Woods, Carrie
Woods, Elizabeth Woods, Haral Woods,Hattie
Woods, JK Woods, Jim Woods, John
Woods, Margaret Woods, Martha Woods, Mattie
Woods, Missouri Woods, Zeb Woody, Harvey
Woody, Mahaley Woody, WN Woolsey, Sallie
Workman, Mary Worley, Sallie Worley, Sarah
Wright, ? Wright, ES Wright, Elford
Wright, Emma Wright, Ethel Wright, JC
Wright, Jas Wright, Lizzie Wright, Minnie
Wright, Nancy Wright, Tom, Wright, Wm
Wyatt, ? Wyatt, DG Wyatt, Malie
Wyatt, Mollie Wytt, Jas Wytt, Manda
Yance, Lenard Yance, Phillipp Yarber, Jasper
Yarber, John Yarberry, WR Yarbrough, Robt
Yarwood, Ostell Yarwood, Walter Yearwood, Dick
Yearwood, Hester Yearwood, Hobert Yearwood, Hugh
Yearwood, Rachel Yearwood, Walter Yong, ?
York, Carline York, Polly
Young, ? Young, E J Young, Sarah
Zegler, Elizabeth Zeigler, Tuble Ziegler, Annabella
Ziegler, Easter Ziegler, Jacob Ziegler, Joram
Zimmerman, Carl Zimmerman, Elsie Zimmerman, WM
Zimmian, W H

Transcribed by:
Connie Bauman 
Cuzzie Debi Kinney
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