Marshall County, Tennessee
Will Book C, page 2
Transcribed by Barbara Collin and donated to the TNGENWEB for Free Genealogy

William Swinney's Will

I William Swinney do this day make this my last will & testament and do hereby revoke all other wills by me heretofore made.
First I order that my funeral expenses be paid out of any moneys I may die possessed of as soon thereafter as the same may
be collected.
Second I will and bequeath to my daughter Georgia Ann Stallings, and to my grandson John Stanley Stallings son of my
daughter Deonitia Stallings, dec'd the tract of land which I own in Bedford County 19th Civil Dist and known as the
McCutchen place, the same to be equally divided between them. Said land is bordered on the North and East by lands of
H. M. O'Neal dec'd Bethiah Nesbit in the South by the Jones lands, on the West by the Hamilton lands.
Third I will and bequeath to my son Adolphus N. Swinney all of my household and kitchen furniture.
Fourth I order that my home place, consisting of about one hundred & sixty acres be sold by my executor, on a credit
of one and two years, and the proceeds be equally divided among the following named of my children or the heirs thereof:
Eliza E. Cooper, Warren L. Swinney, Martha A. Cooper, A. F. Swinney, W. A. Swinney, and Susan Malvina Crook. Also I will
and bequeath to the above last named six children or the heirs thereof all the proceeds arising from my personal property.
I hereby consistute and appoint R. S. Montgomery to be executor of this will and testament in witness whereof I do hereto
set my han [sic] and seal this day. 1876
I change the above as to the third article -- which I order to be divided among the [sic] all the heirs above mentioned
in the fourth article and A. N. Swinney not to recieve it.
In testimony whereof I hereto set my hand and seal this 25th June 1876.
William Swinney
his X mark

W. G. Hill Jurat August 13, 1877
J.F. Fisher " " " "
R. S. Montgomery " " " "

State of Tennessee} Marshall County} County Court August Term 1877

Personallly appeared here in open court W. G. Hill and R. S. Montgomery
subscribing witnesses to the foregoring will who first being duly sworn
stated that they were personally acquainted with W. Swinney and that he
acknowledged the same to be his last will and testament the day it bears
date. Witness my hand at office, this 13th day of August 1877.
W. P. Bullock, clk