Victoria Swinney Will

Marshall County, Tennessee
Wills, Vol C, pp 376-378
Transcribed by Barbara Collin and contributed to the TNGENWEB for Marshall County for Free Genealogy.

Know all men by these presents that I Victoria Swinney being of sound mind and fully competent to dispose of
my property, and knowing the uncertainty of life, and wishing to provide for the future of my daughter
N. A. V. Swinney I make this my last will. Whereas my daughter N.A. V. Swinney is not competent to manage her own affairs,
I hereby appoint my nephew E. J. Willis my agent who shall upon my decease take my daughter N. A. V. Swinney to his
house, and furnish her with food, clothing, lodging and protection during all her natural life. And if the said
E. J. Willis should die before my daughter N. A. V. Swinney the wife of E. J. Willis if living shall care for my
daughter N. A. V. Swinney, upon the same terms I shall designate for E. J. Willis. Also if E. J. Willis & wife both
die before my daughter N. A. V. Swinney the children of E. J. Willis shall care for the said N. A. V. Swinney upon
the same terms. I further provide that my nephew E. J. Willis shall upon my decease have my house and land which is
in Cornersville Marshall Co. Tenn where I am now living and the same shall be his own property. He shall also pay all
my debts and burial expenses. I furthermore give to my nephew E. J. Willis all my personal property household & kitchen
furniture exept my musical organ, one bed and bed clothing, and my dresser which I give to my grand-daughter Lela Stegall.
But the said E. J. Willis shall take the organ, bed & bed clothing and Dresser into his care until my grand-daughter
Lela Stegall shall have attained the age of 16 years or shall have married at which time my grand-daughter shall take
them unto her own possession. The said E. J. Willis shall also pay to the said Lela Stegall two hundred dollars when
she is married or when she is 21 years old. But if the said Lela Stegall dies before she is married and before she
shall attain the age of 21 years the said E. J. Willis shall not pay the two hundred dollars to any one claiming to
be heirs to the said Lela Stegall. I give my daughter N. A. V. Swinney my farm which contains about one hundred and
twenty seven acres and lies in the 6th civil district of Marshall Co. Tenn. and about two miles South East of
Farmington and said land is to remain N. A. V. Swinney's during her natural life. But no deed which she may execute
or contract she may make shall be valid. But the said E. J. Willis shall have all the proceeds of said farm during
the life of the said N. A. V. Swinney and at the death of N. A. V. Swinney the said farm shall belong to the said
E. J. Willis heirs or asignees forever. I claim to be lawfully seized & possessed of all the aforesaid property
and have a right to dispose of the same. In witness whereof I subscribe my name.

Victoria Swinney

This May 17th in the year of our Lord nineteen hundred.
J.J. Collins
J. Worth Rosson

State of Tennessee}
Marshall County}
This day personall appeared in open court J. J. Collins and J. Worth Rosson
the two subscribing witnesses to the foregoing will of Victoria Swinney who
after first being duly sworn proved the due execution of the same by the
Testator upont he day and date therein named; whereupon the court ordered
the same certified and the will recorded.
Witness my hand at office this January 30th, 1902.

O. H. Orr, clerk