Amos LONDON Sr. Codicil dated May 24th 1805


Transcription by Jack London, 25 Mar 2004 and contributed to the TNGENWEB Marshall County for Free Genealogy


To my friends and acquaintances of Surry County


I am in the 68th year of my age and the forepart of my life was agreeable and pleasant and as on did I live in my family with utmost content and satisfaction until about twenty years ago my old woman began to incur my displeasure and she together with her friends and children, to wit, my two sons and some of the BILLS has in hundreds of ways too tedious and too delicate to describe has impaired my feelings and fretted me to distraction. I am left without consort, I am reduced to almost poverty, and in particular abused and beaten by Amos, spit upon, frowned upon by him and his family and treated in the most ungrateful manner almost unheard of by a son to his father, so much repeated illusage that my poor old gray hairs are almost brought down with sorrow to the ground


I know my friends I am _____ and always was as all men are to human frailties from impulse of passion which has been in a great manner occasioned by the illtreatment of my two sons and their mother continually joining together to disturb my peace and happiness at home, and as my intentions were always for to support of my children by my industry and labor in a decent manner and receiving nothing in turn but abuse ridicule that would irritate any man of spirit this as I before mentioned being the desires of my heart such as the great and good will known to contribute to my familys welfare and not being received with kindness and tenderness that a father has a right to expect from his sons has made such a deep impression on my heart as to crave death rather than to live in a world where I no more expect any content, I therefore bid farewell to my aquaintences and in particular to my children and their mother with a request that Amos deliver to his sister Sally SUMMERS all my moveable effects, I shall endeavor to travel to some distant part where I hope receive happiness in and thus a blessed return to Jesus Christ.


Test Jesse LESTER } Jurat Amos LONDON




Will and Codicil Recorded and Examined Surry County, NC Will Book 3, Page 77