Marshall County, Tennessee
Wills, Vol. C, pp 147-148
transcribed by Barbara Collin and donated to the TNGENWEB for Free Genealogy.

Gideon B. Dysart's Will

State of Tennessee}
Marshall County}
I Gideon B. Dysart do hereby make my last will & testament, in good health & sound mind.
In the first place I will that all my just debts be paid out of the first money that is collected.
In the second place I will my wife Salina H. Dysart the land known as the "Widow Dysart Tract" containing about one hundred
acres, during her life, also the use of one half of the houses we now live in & all the household & kitchen furniture she
had when we were married; also her wardrobe & desk; half dozen chairs also my horse Charlie & buggy & harness; and one cow
& calf & what sheep & hogs that is on hand & if there is money enough after the debts are paid to have the use of Five hundred
dollars her life time & at her death to be divided equally among my children.
In the third place I will my daughter Mary S. Ewing & the heirs of her body the land known as the "D. G. Little Farm"
containing about one hundred & forty acres.
In the fourth place I will my daughter Sarah A. Glenn & the heirs of her body the South west corner of the A. B. Ewing
tract running west with McLary's line to a cedar stump in the W. B. Brown's west boundary line; thence north to the road
that runs by the Wigg's farm; thence west to the line known as the Barret [Barnet?] Ewing west boundary line thence north
with said line to the North East corner of a little field north of my house; thence west to the seven acre field;
thence north to the corner of said field thence west to F. L. Ewing's East boundary line, thence South to the beginning
containing about one hundred and thirty two acres.
In the fifth place I will to my daughter Elizabeth D. B. Thomas & the heirs of her body the balance of my land lying north
of the land that I willed to Sarah A. Glenn containing about one hundred & thirty two acres & if either party or any one
of them is not satisfied & should bring suit, all costs shall be paid out of their part.

I appoint James A. Ewing Robert N. Glenn and William L. Thomas as ececutors of my will.

In witness whereof I set my hand & seal this the 12th day of October 1878.
Gideon B. Dysart

J. T. Wiggs
J. A. Bills

State of Tennessee} Marshall County}
This day personally appeared in open court J. T. Wiggs & J. A. Bills the subscribing witnesse
to the foregoing will who after having been duly sworn proved the due execution of the same by
the testator upon the day & date therein named.
Witness my hand at office in Lewisburg this the 1st day of Aril 1889.
Jo McBride clerk