I, Joel Dodd, being of sound mind and disposing memory but feeble from age, realizing the uncertainty of life and the certainty of death, do make and publish this my last will and testament, hereby revoking any and all other wills heretofore by me at any time made, 
1st I desire that as soon as after my death as practicable, That my executors shall sell all of my personal property except my house hold
effects and pay all of my just debts.  and  if I have not sufficient personal property to pay all of my just debts, I desire and direct my executors to sell enough of my land to pay them,
2nd After the payment of all my debts I give to my beloved wife all of my property for and during her natural life and if it is not necessary to sell any of my land to pay my debts, then in that event I desire and direct that my wife Nancy D. Dodd, shall have exclusive controll of all my land during her natural life, and is to manage and controll it as she pleases except she is not to rent it to my Sons in lay to wit  ?Taylor Short and Rans Franklin,

3rd Upon the death of my wife, I desire and do hereby give to my Son J.T. Dodd, all of my real estate for which hi is to pay to my estate the sum of $1800.0

       Out of the $1800.00 to be paid by Son for the land I direct First that the sum of $100.00 each shall be paid to Claudie Dodd, and Minnie
Moore, for services to my wife, the remainder to be equally divided between the following share and share alike, Mrs Bettie Bradford, Mrs Isa Peyton Mrs Minnie Moore, G.W. Dodd, J.T. Dodd, Eady Do dd, H.M. Dodd, and my Grand Son
Dunlat a son of my Daughter Mary Francis Dunlap,

4th, I nominate and appoint as my executors under this will my Sons J.T.
Dodd and G.W. Dodd,

Witness my hand this Oct 6, 1913.        (Signed) Joel Dodd

We the undersigned witness signed the above will at the request of the maker and same was signed by him in our presence 
(Signed) W. P Hastings
(Signed)  W. P . McClure

State of Tennessee,    )            Quorum County Court.
Marshall County,       )             June Term 1923

This day personally came before the court W. P. Hastings and W. P. McClure, the two subscribing witness to the foregoing will, who after being duly sworn proved the due execution of the foregoing will by the testator therein named and upon the date therein mentioned, whereupon the court ordered the same certified and the will recorded.
Witness my hand at office in Lewisburg, Tennessee, this June 30th 1923.
                                                           (Signed) WG

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