Marshall County
Wills, Vol C, p553
transcribed by Barbara Collin, donated to the TNGENWEB/Marshall County for Free Genealogy.

Mary Cook

I Mary Cook make this my last will & testament. That after my death I want all of my debts paid as soon as possible.
I want my husband Mat Cook provided for as the law directs during his life time.
If there should be any personal property after the said provision for my husaband Mat Cook & debts paid, to be disposed of as herinafter described.
First I will and direct after the death of my husband Mat Cook that all of my realty be sold and the proceeds be divided as follows:
I want my bro. George Smiley to have one hundred dollars, my brother Alf Smiley to have to thirds of the remaining balance
& my niece Blance Perdy to have the remaining one third, during her life time and if she should die leaving no bodily heirs then
for her shair [sic] to come back to the said Alf Smiley of if he be dead to his lawful heirs.
If there should be any personally[?] after the law has provided for my husband Mat Cook I want it soled [sic] & the proceeds divided equally between Alfred Smiley & Blanche Perdy.

This Sept. the 16, 1909.
Mary Cook

N. S. C. Sanders Jurat February 27, 1911
Sallie Sanders

State of Tennessee} Marshall County} County Court February Term 1911
This day personally came S. S. C. Sanders and Sallie Sanders the two subscribing witnesses to the foregoing will
who after first being duly sworn proved the due execution of the same by the Testator therein named and upon
the day and date mentioned. Whereupon the court ordered the same certified and the will recorded.
Witness my hand at office in Lewisburg Tennessee. This Februaru 27th, 1911.
Ern Miller, clerk