McAdams Family Photo

Here's the identification as written on the back of the picture:
Front Row
left to right
Uncle John and Aunt Darkus Patterson
Uncle Andy and Aunt Till Calahan
2nd Row
Uncle Ervin and Aunt Frances McAdams
Uncle Bill and Aunt Ann McAdams
Uncle Billy Williams
3rd Row
Uncle Joe McAdams
               Uncle Amos and Aunt Matt Hawkins
Grandma Calahan (Nancy McAdams Calahan)
Aunt Ellen (wife of Uncle Jim) McAdams
Aunt Eliza Williams
That would be:
Dorcas E. McAdams and John Patterson
America Matilda McAdams and Andrew Leroy Calahan
Ervin Jasper McAdams and Frances A. Barton
William Sherman McAdams and Mary Ann Dyer
William Joseph Williams
Joseph Henry McAdams
Martha E. McAdams and Amos Hawkins
Nancy McAdams Calahan
Ellen McKamie McAdams
Sarah Eliza McAdams Williams

Generously submitted by Linda and Lloyd (Nat) Lang


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