The Higgs Family


Pictured in the photo (circa 1915) are the family of Thomas Franklin Higgs
of Anes Station, Marshall County, Tennessee. Thomas was the fourth child
of John Higgs (1832-1902) and Susie Thompson(1840-1869).  Thomas had a
brother named Robert Monroe (1862-1900) who married Josie Rutledge
(1870-1900).  Robert and Josie died of typhoid fever in 1900.  Thomas
Franklin Higgs (1868-1930) and his wife Anes Edith Cheatham (1872-1936)
raised his brother's four children (Revis, Elvie Mae, Robert Roy, and Emily
Lena) and six of their own (Robert Lee, John Curtis, Katherine Edith, Lura
Edna, Alfred Cheatham, and Thomas Franklin) toadulthood.  The picture
contains both sets of children (some spouses)and Thomas's half sister Hollie.

(Back Row) Edith Katherine Higgs,  RobertRoy Higgs, Eunice Bell, John
Curtis Higgs, Elvie Mae Higgs, Robert Lee Higgs,Hollie Higgs, Revis
Higgs, William Saxon

(Front Row)  Thomas Franklin Higgs Alfred Cheatham Higgs, Anes Edith
Cheatham Higgs, Thomas Franklin Higgs (on mother'slap), Lura Edna Higgs,
Annie Mae Higgs, Revis D. Higgs (on mother'slap), Emily Lena Higgs Saxon,
and Robert Benjamin Saxon (on mother's lap)

Surnames:  Higgs, Bell, Saxon (Annie Mae'smaiden name unknown)
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