Goodspeed Biographical Appendix- Marshall County
The Goodspeed History of Maury, Williamson, Rutherford, Wilson, Bedford, Marshall Counties of Tennessee.
The Goodspeeds History of Tennessee, 1886.

LAMBERT C. NEIL, horse trainer, of Marshall County, was born March 28, 1839, in this county. He was reared by his grandmother and received a limited education. At the age of fifteen he went to Texas and engaged as an overseer of a cotton plantation. In 1859 he went to California, and, after residing there three years, returned with a single companion on pack-horses. In 1862 he went out as an independent soldier in Capt. Carter's company, and later acted under Forrest. While transmitting an order from one fort to another he was captured and taken to Nashville, then to Louisville, and while being transported in a box car to Camp Chase, he cut out two planks and made his escape. In 1867 he married Letitia Talley, and to this union was born one child, Edgar. Mr. Neil is a Democrat and his wife is a member of the Christian Church. He has a good farm of 121 acres, and his principal business since the war has been training horses for the turf. He owns some well bred racers and trains for others on a fine half-mile track on his farm. He has trained of his own a pacing stallion, "Bay Tom" that makes his mile in 2:23; sold him for $1,500. Mr. Nell has also a trotting gelding "Blue Jay" that makes the distance in 2:29¼; sold for $1,430. "Sumicks," trial in 2:32, a bay gelding, "Fred. Neil" makes the mile in 2:29¼. Our subject has also trained for others a bay stallion, "Nettle Keyman," that makes the mile in 2:26½, trial 2:21; sold for $1,500. Mr. Neil has a wide reputation as a horse trainer.

DAVID NIX is one of fourteen children born to the marriage of Robin and Fannie (Arnold) Nix. The father was born in Georgia, and was married to Miss Arnold in Marshall County. He was a Democrat and farmer, and after his wife's death he married Vicey Cheak. He died in 1880, lacking sixteen days of being one hundred years old. David inherits English blood from both parents. He was born in what is now Marshall County, April 20, 1818. He was allowed to have his own way in regard to attending school, and not knowing the value of an education he preferred working in the cotton fields to attending school, consequently, his education is none of the best. He began earning his own living at the age of eighteen. and after working as a farm laborer five years he purchased 100 acres of land largely on credit, which he paid for and increased to 500 acres. In 1843 he wedded Fannie Glenn, by whom he had ten children. Mr. and Mrs. Nix are members of the Christian Church, and in polities he is a Democrat.

WILLIAM H. OGILVIE. Richard Ogilvie, father of William H., was born in North Carolina, and came to Tennessee about 1796, locating in Williamson County, where he farmed and eventually became the owner of 500 acres of land. He married Cynthia M. Wilson, a native of Georgia, and became the father of seven children. Williamson County was almost an unbroken canebrake at the time of his settlement, so that he had great difficulty in clearing his farm. He died in 1822 and the mother resided with her youngest son on the old homestead until her death. William H. Ogilvie was born in Williamson County December 17, 1818, and in his youth attended the old-time subscription schools, his studies extending to geography and grammar. At the age of twenty be married Elizabeth N. Demumbrane, born in Williamson County December 29, 1820. To them were born eight children, only two of whom are living. In 1853 Mrs. Ogilvie died, and the following year he was united in marriage to Mary R. Gentry, also a native of Williamson County, born December 16, 1825. They are the parents of three daughters. Mr. Ogilvie was a Whig until the war. Since that time has been a supporter of Democratic principles. He is a Royal Arch Mason and owns 700 acres of land.

HON. J. L. ORR is the son of John and Emily (Bagley) Orr, both natives of Marshall County (then called Bedford and Lincoln Counties); the former was born in 1811 and the latter in 1813. They were married in 1830 and were the parents of three children -two girls and one boy. The father followed the occupation of a farmer and served as colonel in the State militia. He was a Democrat in politics. His death occurred April, 1849. The mother died January, 1886. Our subject was born November 9. 1836, in Marshall County, and passed his early life in assisting on the farm and in attending the public school. He completed his education in Erskin College, graduating from that institution in August, 1860. January 29, 1874, he wedded Sally S. Williams, and this union resulted in the birth of four children: Julia, Daisy, Sallie and Robert Williams. In 1861 Mr. Orr enlisted in Company A, Fourth Tennessee Cavalry, commanded by Col. Baxter Smith, and was all through the war. He surrendered at Charlotte, N. C., May 4, 1863, and returned home. He held the rank of first lieutenant and was wounded slightly. He was in all the principal engagements of the southwestern army (except Shiloh). He served two terms in the State Legislature and is a Democrat in polities. He is a self-made man, and at one time taught in the common schools and worked for his father-in-law ten years. He is now doing business for himself as merchant and grain dealer, stock raiser, grain farmer, and is doing a successful business.

ROBERT J. ORR is a son of Robert and Leah (Polk) Orr. The father was born in Maryland, May, 1765, was married in 1790 and immigrated to Williamson County, Tenn., 1806. In 1808 he moved to Marshall County, then known as Bedford County. The mother was of English descent and was born in 1768 and died in 1830. The father died January 5, 1855, and was of Irish lineage. The subject of this sketch was born February 11, 1813, at the old homestead. He worked on the farm until the death of his father, after which he worked for himself. He received a rather limited education in the district schools, and September 25, 1849, he was married to Sarah E. Laws. This union has been blessed by the birth of eight children: David L., Leah C., John M. (deceased), Martha M., Catherine O., Alfred D., Nellie M. and Robert J. Mr. Orr served as captain and colonel in the Tennessee militia until the Rebellion, but did not take an active part in the war. He held the office of magistrate for eighteen years to the entire satisfaction of the people. He is a Republican and a member of the Presbyterian Church and is a strong advocate of the cause of temperance. Mrs. Orr is a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church. Her father advocated the cause of the South, serving in the State Legislature before and after the war.

THOMAS A. ORR, farmer, was born February 9, 1827, in Williamson County, Tenn., and is a son of Robert and Mary A. (Cummins) Orr, natives of Williamson County, Tenn. In 1835 they moved to Giles County and five years later to Marshall, and here spent the remainder of their days. They were both members of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church. Our subject was reared on the farm and received a practical education in the common schools. Like a dutiful son he remained at home until he was twenty-two years of age. In 1848 he led to the hymeneal altar Minerva Vincent, a native of Marshall County, born July 17,1830. The fruits of this union were twelve children, eight of whom are living. The eldest son, Joseph C. is a stock trader. The second, Robert A., is a rising young physician of Mooresville; William R., is a practicing physician at home. The rest of the boys are at home farming. Our subject has a fine farm of 500 acres and has been a resident of this county for a period of forty-seven years. Mr. Orr is a Democrat in politics and a member of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church.