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Funeral Home Directory

Anderson Funeral Home
825 Wakefield St, Lewisburg, TN  37091
(931) 359-2414


755 Yell Rd, Lewisburg, TN  37091
(931) 359-2521
Christopher Taylor, owner/mgr   e-mail  website


Lavendar  Funeral Home
No longer in business.

Lawrence Brothers Funeral Home
201 S Horton Pkwy, Chapel Hill, TN

London Funeral Home.
Oct 1937 by Gaston London.
324 W Church St,  Lewisburg, TN

Mayberry, J.B. & Son's Funeral Home
929 Park Ave, Lewisburg, TN 37091
(931) 359-4988

McDaniel Funeral Home
c/o Cornersville Funeral Home
310 N Main St., Cornersville, TN 37047