John L. Lowry & Sarah Cunningham


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John L. Lowry                                                    Sarah Cunningham

Birthplace:     Unknown                                       Birthplace:  Unknown

Birth date:     Unknown                                       Birthdate:    7 Feb 1750

Death date:     ca. 1808                                       Death date:  10 Nov 1837

Burial place:  Rock River Church                         Burial place:  Round Hill

                        Abbeville Dist. SC                                                Cemetery,

                                                                                                       Marshall Co., TN


Marriage place & date unknown

Sarah Cunningham had previously been

Married to James Blair who d. about 1776 and was brother of Jane Blair




1.  F.    Jane Lowry              3 Aug 1779-23 Apr 1822    m. J. C. Caldwell

                                               Jane Caldwell was buried at Round Hill Cemetery

2.  F.    Isabel Lowry           11 Nov 1782-3 Sep 1859     m. Thomas Cummings

3.  F.    Sarah E. Lowry        7 Dec 1786-23 May 1878  m.  1st  Andrew Endsley

                                                                                              2nd Hugh Barnett Smiley

4.  M.  David Lowry             22 Feb 1792-24 May 1814  m.  Elizabeth ___?____

5.  M.  James B. Lowry        1793-             1864   m. Elizabeth____?____


John L. Lowry parents                                   Sarah Cunningham parents

    Unknown                                                             Unknown  


Jane Caldwell was buried at Round Hill Cemetery.

Isabel Lowry & husband, Thomas Cummings, are buried at Round Hill Cemetery.

David Lowry is buried at Round Hill Cemetery.

James B. Lowry & wife, Elizabeth, are buried at Old Bear Creek Cumberland

                Church Cemetery, Marshall County TN.                                                



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