Family Record of the JOHN ENDSLEY Family

Contributed by Dick Wood






Birth place: Rowan County, NC Birth place: Guilford County, NC

Birth date: 13 Aug 1769 Birh date: 17 Aug 1775

Death place: Bedford County, TN Death place: Marshal County, TN

Burial place: Round Hill Cemetery, near Burial place: Round Hill Cemetery, near

Belfast, Marshall Co., TN Belfast, Marshall Co., TN








1. F. Damaris Endsley 05 Mar 1798 - 21 Mar 1838 m. Alfred Anderson


2. M. James Blair Endsley 01 Jun 1800 - 06 Sep 1812 NEVER MARRIED


3. M. John Milton Endsley 19 Mar 1803 - 05 Dec 1884 m. Christiana Burgess


4. F. Cynthia Endsley 10 Feb 1806 - 01 Feb 1877 m. Willis Burgess


5. M. Isaac Newton Endsley 02 Dec 1808 - 30 Jan 1882 m. Sallie M. Ladd


6. M. Sidney Endsley 26 Jan 1812 - 27 Aug 1815 CHILDHOOD DEATH


7. M. Bedford Endsley 03 Jan 1815 - 03 Jun 1895 m. Martha L. (Leeper) Dysart



Parents of John Endsley: Parents of Mary Blair:

Father: James Endsley Father: James Blair

Mother: Jane Blair Mother: Sarah Elizabeth Cunningham


Notes from Dick Wood:


JOHN ENDSLEY was born in ROWAN , There was no Guilford & Surry until 1771.

Jane Blair, Mother of John Endsley, and James Blair, Father of Mary Blair, were both children of Hugh Blair and Mary Dawson. John & Mary Endsley were first cousins.

         ALL THE CHILDREN OF JOHN ENDSLEY AND MARY BLAIR WERE MOST LIKELY BORN IN STOKES COUNTY, N. C. Rowan County, NC was established in 1753. Guilford and Surry Counties were Formed in 1772 from parts of Rowan. The Endsleys lived on the middle Fork of Blews Creek in what became Surry County but only a short distance from the North-South Surry/Guilford county lines. In 1789 Stokes County was established with land taken from Surry. The middle Fork of Blews Creek was within the newly formed Stokes County. The family seems to have remained in the same neighborhood from the time they arrived in NC until moving to Tennessee. Depending upon when they came to NC, that may have been living near the Middle Fork of Blews Creek as long as fifty or sixty years. Sons , James Blair Endsley and Sidney Endsley, are buried in the Endsley-Peagram Cemetery just across the Guilford County line but not far from Blews Creek.