John C. Cummings & Jane Blair



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John C. Cummings                                                            Jane Blair

Born ca. 1742                                                                    Born 20 Aug 1746

Birthplace:  Probably PA                                                   Birthplace:  At Sea

Death date:     Unknown ca. 1800-1816                           Death Date:  21 Apr 1839

Burial place:  Unknown, NC                                               Burial Place:  Round Hill Cemetery

Military Service:  RW CPT, NC Milita,                                                      near Belfast, Marshall Co TN 



John C. Cummings & Jane Blair Were Married after Aug 1778

But before 9 Feb 1779

Probably in Surry Co. NC



1.  M.  Hugh Cummings*                    ca. 1779-before 4 Jan 1847

2.  M.  George Cummings*                 ca. 1780-before 6 Feb 1843

3   M,  Thomas Cummings        15 May 1781-18 Oct 1868 m. Isabel Lowry

4.      F.   Sarah Cummings            1 Oct 1782-21 Sep1853  m. Samuel McCuiston

5.      M.  John Blair Cummings    ca. 1790-after 16 Mar 1861 m. 1st Martha Miller

                                                                                                           2nd Eunice Hunter


Parents of John C. Cummings:                           Parents of Jane Blair:

    Father:  John Cummings                                    Father:  Hugh Blair

    Mother: Unknown                                              Mother:  Mary Dawson


        The placement of Hugh and George Cummings is not proved, but highly likely.

The genealogical record of their Mother, Jane Blair (Endsley) Cummings is well known

And so is that of her Cummings children, Thomas, Sarah and John Blair Cummings.  That there was a son, George Cummings, is proved by his being named a

co-executor of Andrew Endsley's will in Stokes County, NC in 1816 and by his being

referred to as "my brother, George Cummings" in Andrew Endsley's will.  What is not

generally known is what became of George Cummings after he completed his duties

as co-executor of the will in Stokes County, NC.

Hugh Cummings has never been mentioned in any Family Group Record of the John C.

Cummings & Jane Blair known to date, yet close study of the 1830 Bedford and 1840

Marshall County Censuses, coupled with land plat maps of the area settled by other

members of the extended Cummings/Endsley/Lowry families present an overwhelming

amount of circumstantial or indirect evidence supporting the inclusion of Hugh Cummings within this Family Group Record.

An article researched and written by Donald C. Jeter with an accompanying land plat map also prepared by Mr. Jeter was especially helpful in understanding the relationships, both proved and probable among these extended families.  The article is "Land Between Head Springs and Petty's Cave - Mt. Zion," beginning on page 36 of the Summer 1986 issue (Vol. XVII, NO. II) of the MARSHALL COUNTY HISTORICAL QUARTERLY Published by Marshall County Historical Society, Lewisburg, TN  37091.

Hugh, George and John Blair Cummings all died in Marshall County TN.  Their exact death dates and burial places are not known.  There are records of estate

settlements for Hugh and George Cummings in Marshall Co, TN.  There are

deed records of two deeds of gift from John B. Cummings to his sons in Marshall

County TN deed records.

Thomas Cummings and his wife, Isabel,  were buried at Round Hill Cemetery.

Sarah (Cummings) McCuistion and her husband, Samuel,  migrated from Bedford Co TN to Ray Co, MO.


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