John Blair Cummings (2nd marriage)

 & Eunice Hunter



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John Blair Cummings                                             Eunice Hunter

Born ca. 1790                                                                              Born 25 Jul 1796

Birth place:  Stokes Co., NC                                                   Birth place:  South Carolina

Death place:  Marshall County TN                                        Death Place:  Dyer, Gibson Co TN

Death date:  Unknown but after 16 Apr 1861                     Death date:  19 Feb 1867

Burial place:  Unknown                                                           Burial place:  Bobbit Cemetery

                                                                                                                                  Gibson Co, TN


John Blair Cummings and Eunice Hunter

were married date unknown but probably 1827

in Bedford County Tennessee


1.  M.  Thomas Ebaneezer Cummings   7 Jan 1828-1 Sep 1864 m. Narcissa Smiley



John Blair Cummings                                          Eunice Hunter

         Father:  John C. Cummings                             Father:  Robert Hunter

         Mother: Jane Blair                                              Mother:  Rebecca McNickle 


Notes:  John Blair Cummings & Eunice Cummings separated when son, Thomas,

             was 3 or 4 years old.  Neither ever remarried.  Eunice was a school teacher

             who taught classics such as Greek and Latin.



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