Family Record of the Isaac Newton Endsley Family



Isaac Newton Endsley                                          Sarah M. Ladd

Birth date:   2 Dec 1808                                       Birth date:  4 Oct 1824

Birth place:  Stokes County, N. C.                      Birth place:  Williamson Co., TN

Death date:   30 Jan 1882                                     Death date:  16 Aug 1890

Burial place:  Round Hill Cemetery                   Burial place:  Round Hill

                        Belfast, Marshall Co., TN            [she was sometimes referred to as

                                                                                "Sally" or "Sallie"in some records]


Isaac Newton Endsley & Sarah M. Ladd

Were Married 26 Oct 1852

in Williamson County, TN




1.  F.  Nancy E. L. Endsley    __ ___ 1854- __ _?_ __  m. Thomas H. Kennedy


2.  M.  William Hampton Ladd Endsley   12 Sep 1856-29 May 1927

                                                                       m. Narcissa E. Gragg


3.      Martha J. "Matt" Endsley  10 Oct 1859-10 May 1939

m.    James B. Collins



Parents of Isaac Newton Endsley:                Parents of Sarah M. Ladd:

Father:   John Endsley                                  Father:   Unknown

Mother:  Mary Blair                                      Mother:  Unknown      


Notes:  See John Endsley family Bible Record for birth, marriage and death dates

             for Isaac Newton Endsley and Sarah M. Ladd.


             See 1870 Marshall County Census [NA Series M593, Roll 1546, page 58]

             for the correct spelling of Narcissa Gragg's surname.  She was enumerated

             as age 12 in the household of Joseph Gragg and probable wife, Hannah.


             In the 1870 Census [NA Series M593, Roll 1546, page 61] the I. N. Endsley

             household was enumerated as showing him as "Newton," 61, Sarah 45,

             Nancy 15, Wm 13, Mattie 10, and M. B. Ladd, F, 65 [Sarah's Mother?]


             In the 1880 Census [(LDS source) NA T9-1269, page 366C] the "Isaac N.

             Endsley" household enumeration shows:  Isaac N. Endsley 71, Sallie 56,

             William 23, Martha J. 20, Narcissa E. Endsley (daughter-in-law) 19,

             Thomas W. Endsley (grandson).  Nancy is gone from the household

             But, the next census entry shows:  Thomas H. Kennedy 29, Nancy E. L.

             Kennedy 26, Martha S. Kennedy 5. 


             Thomas H. Kennedy posted a marriage bond 16 Sep 1871 to marry

             Nancy E. L. Endsley but the certification of the solemnization of the

             Rite of matrimony is not signed.


             Item from page 4, Marshall Gazette, Lewisburg, Tennessee 15 Jul 1875:

             "Mr. Newt Endsley, near Belfast, had his arm amputated last Saturday.

             For many years he had been suffering from a cancer on his hand.  It

             finally became so painful and offensive that he resolved to resort to the

             knife in order to get rid of it.  Dr. Nowlin, assisted by other physicians,

             performed the operation."


             "Newt" apparently  had begun to put his affairs in order even earlier:


             From the Index to Marshall County Deed Books:


             1873:  Endsley, I. N. to S. M. Endsley  GIFT ( 197 acres)

             1873:  Endsley, I. N. & wife to J. B. Endsley :  4 acres  DB Y, p. 94

             1875:  Endsley, I. N. to Jas. W. Coffey 50 & 56/100 acres

                                                                                                        DB Y, p. 524

             1882:  Endsley, I. N. to N. E. L. Kennedy, 50 acres  DB  B-2, p. 473.

             1882:  Endsley, I. N. to N. J. L. Endsley,  48 acres   DB  B-2, p. 487.

             1882:  Endsley, I. N. to W. H. L. Endsley, 50 acres  DB  B-2, p. 488.


             On 2 Mar 1883 "Nannie" E. L. Kennedy conveyed 50 acres to J. B.

             Endsley.  She was examined by the Court Clerk privately and apart

             from her husband, Thomas H. Kennedy.  Wording of the deed

             confirms that "Nannie" Kennedy was Nancy E. L. Endsley, daughter

             of Isaac Newton Endsley and Sarah M. Ladd.  [Marshall County

             Deed Book C-2, page10].


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