Descendants of Henry Beatty



Generation No. 1


1.  HENRY1 BEATTY was born in Northern Ireland.  He married ISABELLA. 


Children of HENRY BEATTY and ISABELLA are:

2.                i.       JAMES2 BEATTY, b. 1784, Ireland.

                  ii.       CATHERINE BEATTY.



Generation No. 2


2.  JAMES2 BEATTY (HENRY1) was born 1784 in Ireland.  He married FRANCES PRIEST October 16, 1813. 



3.                i.       ABRAHAM BEATTY AKA3 ABRAM, b. 1828; d. 1907, Hohenwald, Tn..

                  ii.       JOHN BEATTY.

                 iii.       DAVE BEATTY.

                 iv.       JIM BEATTY.

                  v.       WILL BEATTY.

                 vi.       HOYLE BEATTY.

                vii.       JOSHUA BEATTY.

               viii.       ISABELLA BEATTY.

                  ix.      CATHERINE BEATTY.

                   x.      MARTHA BEATTY.

                  xi.      NANCY BEATTY.

                 xii.      MARY BEATTY.

                xiii.      TOM BEATTY.

                xiv.      SAMUEL BEATTY, b. December 26, 1837.



Generation No. 3


3.  ABRAHAM BEATTY AKA3 ABRAM (JAMES2 BEATTY, HENRY1) was born 1828, and died 1907 in Hohenwald, Tn..  He married MARY CULVER. 


Children of ABRAHAM ABRAM and MARY CULVER are:

4.                i.       TOM S.4 BEATTY, b. July 28, 1854; d. May 08, 1927, South Berlin, Marshall County, Tenn..

                  ii.       MARY A. BEATTY, b. 1857.



Generation No. 4


4.  TOM S.4 BEATTY (ABRAHAM BEATTY AKA3 ABRAM, JAMES2 BEATTY, HENRY1) was born July 28, 1854, and died May 08, 1927 in South Berlin, Marshall County, Tenn..  He married (1) MAHALEY JANE FISHER, daughter of TURNER FISHER and ANGELINA GARRETT.  She was born 1858, and died 1931.  He married (2) NAME UNKNOWN. 


Children of TOM BEATTY and MAHALEY FISHER are:

5.                i.       UTERRY5 BEATTY, b. May 09, 1885; d. February 01, 1935, South Berlin, Marshall County, Tenn..

                  ii.       MATTIE PEARL BEATTY, b. 1900; d. 1965, Marshall Co. Tenn.; m. R. C. RONE.

                 iii.       GERTIE BEATTY, b. 1894; d. 1960, Marshall Co. Tenn.; m. MITT HILLIARD; b. 1878; d. 1936,      Marshall   Co. Tenn..

6.              iv.       JOHN D. BEATTY, b. 1888; d. 1951, Marshall Co. Tenn..

7.               v.       GEORGE BEATTY.

                 vi.       ERVIN BEATTY, b. 1891.



Children of TOM BEATTY and NAME UNKNOWN are:

                vii.        DAVE5 BEATTY, b. March 13, 1875.

               viii.        ABE BEATTY.

                  ix.       VENE BEATTY.

                   x.       NAN BEATTY.

                  xi.       FRONE BEATTY.



Generation No. 5


5.  UTERRY5 BEATTY (TOM S.4, ABRAHAM BEATTY AKA3 ABRAM, JAMES2 BEATTY, HENRY1) was born May 09, 1885, and died February 01, 1935 in South Berlin, Marshall County, Tenn..  He married MARTHA ANNE WEBB May 23, 1915 in Marshall Co. Tn., daughter of JIM WEBB and MARY TUCKER.  She was born November 05, 1898, and died March 28, 1963 in Leonard Hospital, Lewisburg, Tenn.


Children of UTERRY BEATTY and MARTHA WEBB are:

                   i.       MINERVA JANE6 BEATTY, b. March 14, 1920; d. October 1972, Lewisburg, Tn.; m. ODELL HENSON, 1937; d. 1973, Lewisburg, Tn..

                  ii.       MARY PEARL BEATTY, b. March 25, 1918; d. Nashville, Tn.; m. HUME DARK, 1935; d. Nashville, Tn..

                 iii.       JAMES ERNEST BEATTY, b. November 13, 1927, Marshall Co. Tenn.; d. August 17, 1985, Marshall Co. Tenn.; m. SALENE PHILLIPS; b. January 17, 1928, Marshall Co. Tenn.; d. August 31, 1986, Marshall Co. Tenn..

                 iv.       CLINTON MAXWELL BEATTY, b. January 13, 1930, Old Berlin, Marshall County, Tenn.; d. December 14, 2004, Belfast,Tn; m. MARTHA GERALDINE MANSELL, August 29, 1953, Tupelo, Missippi; b. February 14, 1937, Clarksville, Montgomery County, Tenn..



6.  JOHN D.5 BEATTY (TOM S.4, ABRAHAM BEATTY AKA3 ABRAM, JAMES2 BEATTY, HENRY1) was born 1888, and died 1951 in Marshall Co. Tenn..  He married EMMA LOU TINNELL.  She was born 1903, and died 1986 in Marshall Co. Tenn..


Children of JOHN BEATTY and EMMA TINNELL are:

                   i.        JOHNNIE6 BEATTY.

                  ii.        GLADYS BEATTY.

                 iii.        BETSY BEATTY.






                   i.       LILLIE MAE6 BEATTY, m. JOE CHEATHAM.


Submitted by Geraldine Beatty, December 2004

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