Family Record of the Enoch C. London Family



Enoch C. London                                                Sallie Collins

Birth date:  3 Feb 1835 [see notes below]         Birth date:  17 Dec 1886

Birth place:  Marshall Co., TN                          Birth place:  Marshall Co., TN       

Death date:  24 Dec 1914                                   Death Date:  21 Mar 1967

Burial place:  Round Hill Cemetery                 Burial place: Round Hill

Military Service:  Co H, 17th Tenn.

                                Inf., (CSA)


Enoch C. London & Sallie Collins

were married 9 Sep 1903 at Beech Hill Cumberland Presbyterian Church

By A. D. Armstrong, J. P.

[ Certificate recorded in Marshall Co. MB, Vol.  6, page 194]




1.  F.  Vetron London        _?_  _?_ 1904-_?_  _?_ 1905   buried at Round Hill


2.  F.  Zeda London           14 Apr 1907- 26 May 1978  m. ___?___Mark

                                                                            Zeda is buried at Round Hill


3.  M.  Jewell London  3 Jul 1909-25 Nov 1941   m.  Mary Lou __?__

                                                                            Jewell is buried at Round Hill



4.  F.  Georgia Kate London  _?_  _?_ 1912     Still living in 1920; nothing

                                                                              further is known.


5.      M.  Enoch C. London, Jr.  12 Jul 1913-28 Jul 1917

                                                                      Enoch, Jr. is buried at Round Hill



Parents of Enoch C. London:                       Parents of Sallie Collins:

Father:   Nathan London                              Father:    James B.  Collins

Mother:  Nellie London                                 Mother:  Martha J. Endsley


Notes:  Enoch C. London made an application for a Tennessee Confederate

             Veteran's pension on 8 May 1911 (S13145).  Sallie applied for a widow's

             Pension in 1931 (W10210).  She may have applied earlier.  There are a

             lot of fragments of correspondence in Enoch's file that look like they

             were correspondence from Sallie as early as 1919.


             In his 1911 application, Enoch stated that he was born in Marshall Co.,

             Tenn. in 1843.  In her 1931 widow's pension application, Sallie stated

             that she was born 17 Dec 1886, Enoch was born 3 Feb 1839.  She

             enclosed a copy of their marriage certificate (dated 9 Sep 1903).

             Her surname on the marriage certificate was "Collins."


             There is an Enoch C. London enumerated as a boarder in the Geo.

             Montgomery household in Dist. 21 of Bedford County in 1900.

             [NA Series T623, Roll 1558, page 183].  His age was given as 65,

             born Feb 1835 in TN.  His occupation was Veterniary Surgeon.


             Also in the 1900 Census [NA T623, Roll 1587, page 48] in the 5th

             District of Marshall County, Sallie was enumerated in her mother's

             [Mattie Endsley] household.  She was b. Dec 1886, her surname was

             given as "Endsley." 


             In the 1910 Census of Marshall County [NA Series T624, Roll 1512,

             page 71, Enoch London is shown as age 70, married a second time

             for 6 years, farming.  Sallie is shown as wife, age 23, first marriage,

             6 years, mother of 2 children, 2 children living.  Daughter, Zetta,

             was shown as age 3 and a son, Jebba??, [legibility, spelling?] was

             shown as age 1. 


             Enoch C. London died 24 Dec 1914.  His Marshall Co., Tenn.

             Death Certificate # 561 reported he was born 3 Feb 1845, son of

             Nathan London who was born in TN & Nellie London, born VA,

             The informant was W. H. L. Endsley, Belfast, Sallie's uncle.


             Enoch C. London, Jr. died 28 June 1917 and was buried at Round

             Hill.  His Marshall Co., TN Death Certificate # 552 gave the

             following information:   Birth date:  12 Jul 1913.

                                                      Parents:  Enoch Cantral London

                                                                       Sarah M???? Endsley

                                                      Informant:  Mrs. Mattie Endsley

                                                        Buried at:  Round Hill


             Jewell London died 25 Nov 1941 and was buried at Round Hill.

             His Tennessee Death Certificate # 25166 reported that he was

             born 3 Jul 1909.  Parents were reported as Enoch Cantrell

             London and Sarah Collins.  He operated a road grader for the

             county.  Informant was "Miss Zadie London (sister)".  His wife

             was Mary Lou London.




             Enoch London's CSA tombstone marker was very near the tombstone

             of Mattie Endsley (his mother-in-law) at Round Hill.  I noticed it

             and several other London markers close by and wondered why the

             London markers were so near Matties, but did not copy any of them

             in my 2001 visit to the cemetery.  The Marsh, Marsh & Whitesell


             TENNESSEE shows on page 177 stones for

                             Enoch C. London    Co H  17th Tenn Inf

                             Vetron London 1904-1905

                             E. C. London, Jr. 1913-1917

                             Jewell London   Jul 3, 1909-Nov 25, 1941

             The Cemetery record book indicates that the cemetery stones were

             copied April 24, 1958 by Ralph D. Whitesell & Lounora Pickins and

             re-checked 1979 by Helen & Tim Marsh.


             I have listed Vetron London as a child of Enoch & Sallie London because

             of the close proximity of the stone to the other London family stones and

             because of the known 9 Sep 1903 marriage date for Enoch & Sallie.  In

             his 1911 pension application Enoch stated that he had had three

             children; two girls and a boy.  Looking at the 1910 Census and the family

             group page, I conclude that Jewell (male) and Zeda (female) were the only

             other two children known to have been born to Enoch & Sallie by 1911,

             and, therefore, Vetron must have been the third child Enoch referred to

             in the 1911 application and she must have been female.  The Tennessee

            Confederate pension application did not ask if the children were living.


            Submitted by Dick Wood, December 2004             



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